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You’re hired! And wonders of Wales

The apprentice is back! On Monday I went with lovely friend, former QVC presenter, Alison Keenan, my old mate Andrew Collins, QVC producer; and the lovely Patrick Hoy, QVC Guest, to see The Apprentice: You’re Fired being recorded. Riverside studios in Hammersmith is where lots of these programs are recorded and the program company that does it is called “Lost In TV“. For those who say how did you get tickets for that!

We had to wait for ages before we went in, then we waited a bit longer to be introduced to the host, Tom Allen. A consultant professional, very funny, a really nice guy as well, he banded with the audience for a bit. Then the recording began. We were able to watch the whole show just before that, so we knew who went out long before the program hit the airwaves on Thursday!

Here are some of us in the audience taking a behind-the-scenes picture, holding those famous hired or fired cards! I must say I said hired, to the losing candidate who was being interviewed on the after – show called The Apprentice: Your Fired, (which is what I was attending in case you didn’t realise!) because I thought the project manager should definitely have gone.

We all enjoyed the recording, then had the most lovely catch up, and a coffee afterwards, and then I went off for my second jaunt of the day to somewhere famous. More here.

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Had the most wonderful time with my family last weekend in Wales. On one of the days we had a packed agenda including going to an iron age tourist attraction, which was really educational!

Then we had lunch and went off to the beach, taking nets so the kids could go rock pooling and catch some crabs. Then movie night when I finally got to see Wonka in full as it has just been released on Amazon Prime. (Regulars will remember I fell asleep when we took Blake just before Christmas LOL). A lovely, lovely time including spending lots of playing moments with little Jasper. He is two years old on the 12th and I’ll be popping down to Wales midweek next week to see him and say happy birthday. Such a lovely age. And such a lovely weekend.

Ear ear!

Had my hearing test this week as well, as it’s two years since the last one, and fortunately not much has changed. I still have mild to moderate hearing loss in certain higher frequencies that correspond to female voices, particularly annoying when there’s lots of background noise. So I’ve decided to do something about it for those moments when I need it. All those years of wearing an earpiece at QVC haven’t helped apparently, as the right is worse than the left, so I’ve been told to use my left hand earpiece a bit more. But I’m also going to invest in a tiny little hearing aid that I can put in when I’m in a crowd situation so I don’t have to stand there like a nitwit cupping my ears forwards, trying to get more sound into my lug holes! I will keep you informed how it goes…

Beautiful sunset over Banstead

What a lovely sky! I just had to include this. It reminded me of the latest colour jacket I’ve bought in the famous Denim and Co design 177 300. Not only the orchid but the lilac (which has now sold out). If you’re quick you might even be able to get the white!

Book of the week – Well, I’m romping through the Patricia Cornwell novels featuring Kay Scarpetta, and the third one, ‘All That Remains,’ is just as good as the rest. I’ve also just downloaded my latest Joy Ellis book, a standalone (she was the one who wrote about Jackman and Marie, the detectives.)  But I’d also like to point out that my lovely friend, writer and Retreats for You guest, Katie Brent, has her new book out as well. ‘The Murder After the Night Before’ – really looking forward to reading this one as well. Give it a go and see what you think! Finally must mention another of my favourite authors, Lucy Dillon, as I saw her book it’s just been released in Swedish which reminded me I need to get it in English! It’s called “Irresponsible Adult“!

Watch – obviously watch The Apprentice!

Vlog – a little windy tourist attraction in Wales! Isn’t it wonderful! (See it here).

Podcast – Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too! This week it’s the turn of my lovely colleague Eilidh Nairn to tell Will all about her special cooking shows! Bless her!

Blooper– well, this funny has been sent to me a couple of times, since being featured on one of those clips programs on Channel 5 last week! 


But you must watch this hilarious funny doing the rounds and making everyone laugh. A woman climbing through a window with an unexpected outcome. Just genius. (See it here).


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of what’s left of the skin sense 4 pc advanced treatment collection, super skin care at brilliant prices.

Saturday – Skechers slip-ins return, this time the ultra flex 3.0 in lots of different colours.

Sunday – we have a big gardening special right the way through until at least 5 pm, with the Richard Jackson 2 kg flower power premium plant food with growth booster!

Plus I am back after my mini break to Plymouth, with an 8 pm show featuring Frank Usher and my lovely friend June, I love these fashions and I can’t wait to do this show! Plus there’s a look good feel good at 11 pm, join me!

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Next week – more about my weekend in Plymouth! And a week of walking… Watch this space 🙂

Have a great week

Best wishes


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