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Oh Yes We Did! Panto fun with 20 QVC faces! And sneaky peeks!

Look at this trouble! Can you spot the QVC faces? They were about 20 in the group at the pub before the London Palladium panto last week – QVC guests mostly. It was a super trip, we had a right laugh, and it was so good to see people outside of work. Just before we went in, we went out to Carnaby Street where the lights are still in full blast.

Panto group

When we got inside, lovely Gill Gauntlet was waiting, fresh from finishing the spectacles today’s special value! James Murden was the one who arranged it all, and here we are in the interval with the most enormous panto beanstalk in the background! Julian Clary was a masterclass in smutty humour, and the regulars for the annual London Palladium panto include Gary Wilmot (he was a Dame), Nigel Havers (the king), and Paul Zerdin, (idle Jack the ventriloquist). This year they were joined by Dawn French who was great. Anakin sat next to me and did nothing but laugh all the way through! I really enjoyed it too and we are all going again next year. Oh yes we are!




Oooooh Deer!

So lovely to have some sunshine this week and the deer are in full flow, holding up the traffic in Richmond Park. I love it when I take my afternoon drive to work when I’m on early enough, diverting through the park when it’s sunny. Back to nature, beautiful.


Patrons get together

Last weekend I had a nice little get together at the local MP’s house, of patrons of my Surrey Association. I know most of them quite well now, and it was really nice to have a little catch up. The MP is stepping down and I’m hopeful my friend Rebecca will get a chance, she would be great. I’m pulling back from being so involved because I have so much else I need to do this year including seeing the grandchildren more! You have to get your priorities right don’t you! But events like this are real fun and it’s nice to catch up with people. I also saw a couple of the others for a coffee and a catch up in the week. Great group

Woods walk with mum

Walk in woods with mum

Talking of priorities, I managed to get out for a walk with my mum this week as well. It was only a 20 minute walk in our adjacent Banstead Woods, but after her health scare in October, it’s good to get out in the fresh air. And my goodness was it lovely and fresh this week. I even took this picture from my balcony – remember my regular feature, view from my coffee cup? Well this one was amazing this week – with frost still on the ground.

Pretty view

Watch – soooooopah series of ‘Dead to Me’. Loved it!! So emotional. I have my eye on ‘Valhalla Vikings’, I must admit, having seen the teaser on Netflix. I did enjoy the original ‘Vikings’ but I didn’t finish watching it yet (loads of series!). People have also been recommending cop series ‘Happy Valley’, which has just had its third season after a seven-year break, starring Sarah Lancashire. I’ve always wanted to watch it, and series one and two have returned to BBC iPlayer… so I must try to get time for that one too. Definitely also need to get to the cinema at some point… Let’s see how we go over the next few weeks :-); at least I’m going to a panto while I’m down in Devon on Wednesday night! 

Meanwhile here’s something to watch. If you love Happy Valley, check out Sarah Lancashire and her voice! That girl can sing!

Funny – Saw this online along with the heading “be a rebel!“ (Get it…?!)


And talking of funnies, I found a really good one of me and Mally from eight years ago! Gosh I looked so slim. It’s my exclusive content on my newsletter this week. (See below and make sure you sign up for it if you haven’t already, an email I send out every Friday so you never miss out on my news on the new blog and the sneaky peeks… and exclusive content I don’t put on here!) Plus I include news of a very interesting Thursday Facebook live which I did from QVC this week with a very special unexpected guest. Two of them in fact! I hope you have signed up to the newsletters…

Podcast – Will talks to scientist and founder of nourish London skincare, Dr Pauline Hili. It’s a new skincare brand being launched on QVC soon.

Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on too!

Vlog – Couldn’t resist this little video (here) I posted this week. Given to me by one of my neighbours who had treated the Banstead Wood bird life to the grumpy gardener fat balls. Just check out what happens in the background with the acrobatic parakeet in the second half of the video! Enjoy 🙂 X

Book of the Week

Well, ‘The Bullet That Missed’, third in the Thursday Murder Club series, was absolutely fabulous. No wonder it has been commissioned to be made into a TV series! Can’t wait to see who they cast. Can’t wait for book 4. In book 3, Ron gets several moments in the spotlight, Ibrahim comes into his own, and outside relationships develop. Really super writing and funny quirks plus familiar turns of phrase many writers don’t use, that make me smile. Richard Osman is a genius. Good narration too from a different narrator. I highly recommend this book series but start with ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ if you haven’t read it already!

I’ve also just downloaded the latest Joy Ellis, Jackman and Marie book 9, ‘Solace House’… will report back next week!


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see what’s on offer at the moment. I doubt there will be very much left of the prime stretch boot cut jeans from women with control! We had the launch last night and it went outstandingly well with most of the stock gone before 9 am! You can look anyway though. 

Saturday – Davina is back with her fitness folding magnetic exercise bike on five easy pay payments, currently online – don’t miss it! And I’m looking forward to my 9 pm and midnight when I launch…


…This, the new Square cooks essentials 5.8 L air fryer, it’s really much bigger than the originals, with a different insert to cook on, maximising the space. It has an easy to use touch control panel. Here’s a little video with a taster for you, come up and join me on Saturday night and it should be on through Sunday.

Big deals ending Sunday night

Go to this section of our website each week to discover the current ones which often end on Sunday nights if there are any stocks left!

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. Occasionally they last a couple of weeks but there are new ones every Sunday night so come back again and see them on the link above. 

Next week should include:

– style – Centigrade lightweight quilted jacket, very affordable.

– extra- the ninja foodi Nutri max blender is back for those healthy spring smoothies.

– beauty – the Gale Hayman three-piece ultimate lip lift collection is here, such incredible value and don’t forget this is my number one product that I’ve ever bought from QVC, in 29 years… why? Buy this to find out. And hopefully you will agree with me. I just can’t do without it.

– main – the Big Deal is the Elvie Kegel pelvic floor trainer.

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – the CurrentBody Skin LED light therapy neck and dec mask is the today’s special value.

Tuesday – Centigrade also bring us a today’s special value on Tuesday which is the faux leather trenchcoat, very unusual. I will be in Devon running a retreat but I will look on with interest.

Wednesday – Periea bring us organisation in the form of the assorted collapsible storage boxes, three of them, a good way to stock up and get organised.

Thursday – Alpha H returns with a super-size liquid Gold collection that goes on sale earlier in the week, for reliably smooth skin, containing their famous glycolics.

Friday – My top shoe brand, Vionic, are here next Fri (27th) with a zip trainer called the agile Cassis. I cannot do without the orthotic insoles in this range, makes all the difference in the world to my knees & hips. I did a show with Keith this week and he said that he would send me a picture of the new season’s range, when he finds out more. Come back here if the picture is not yet posted, hopefully it will be added soon!

Friday 9 pm – Tweak’d are back with a cleansing hair treatment supersize duo, and look out for Mally with a four piece make up collection on Sunday.

Next week, my granddaughter is five! Her party is actually this Saturday, so I will report back next week, plus there will be news from the start of my latest writing retreat at my guesthouse in Devon. Have a great week!

Best wishes



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