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Xmas in July! Jody Comer, and sneaky QVC peeks…

Oh my goodness look at this mock up of one of my favourite Christmassy films ever. I said Christmassy, not Christmas. Well if diehard can be included why not this! And obviously I would have preferred not to have the cigarette in the shot but anyway… Yes Bridget Jones diary has a big Christmas scene or two, So that is good enough for me, and my favourite film ever, one of the top five anyway. What’s yours? Colin Firth in this film, is my top romantic hero in any film ever.

How lovely that Qvc behind-the-scenes people managed to mock up these film posters – all in aid of our Christmas in July weekend, which starts on Friday the 22nd at 9 pm and across the weekend (that’s “tonight “if you’re reading this on time!

We always have some amazing bargains and deals and wonderful Christmas trees, and lots of people get in the mood and love having a cracker or two if you know what I mean. so do enjoy the weekend and don’t forget if you missed it there will be lots on catch up on our website. You can check out all of the Christmassy items by going here on our website.


Wildlife Reserve
Still on my long summer hols, at the Amchara health retreat, obviously, in Taunton in Somerset. I’ve been on lots of lovely long walks, this one took us through the Langford Heathfield nature reserve. Then the leader took us past this group of ponies and they came trotting over – apparently he always gives them carrots! Bless. So friendly… Ben AND the horses! How lovely.

Pool Paradise
I’m setting a record for myself, I have swum every single day since getting here! And sometimes twice a day when it was really hot. Hope you survived the heat wave last week okay. The pool is not huge but it is really warm and lovely. I listen to my audiobooks when I’m in there and it is heaven, I mean absolute blissful heaven. I hope I can find somewhere to carry on when I get back after August 12!

As you may know, I have been juice fasting, like the ones on this table behind me. But after a week or so I went back to meals and this was the first time I’ve got salmon. On my day out so I looked a bit more Glam! They gave me a big juice to take with me as well. And some activated walnuts (soaked in water then dehydrated) which tasted creamy and delicious, to eat when I was at the cinema in the evening. Very happy bunny, having someone else make me delicious food, well who wouldn’t be!

Boomerang Funny
Here’s a little blooper/boomerang funny for you, when we were in the middle of a crop that made it feel like we were in one of those American films with something jumps out at you! Didn’t quite work on a boomerang but you get my drift! LOL

Vlog of the week – go here to my social media where I always do lots of lovely updates, this one was from the day I went back to my house in Sheepwash, faced by gorgeous flowers and blooms galore. Also talked about what I was going to do that night for entertainment! Do listen then read about it below!

Also did my Thursday night live, #ThursdayBantz from there, check out my Facebook page and you will see it! Links below. (Or just search Debbie Flint QVCTV on whatever platform you are on – I should come up!)

Book of the Week
I’m into my second book now by Lucy Score, having loved ‘things we never got over’, recently. Forever Never, is along the same lines, A hot romance, with exciting characters – featuring a similar tale of rescue and redemption in America, but this time with a very exciting subplot about blackmail and overcoming bullies! A really fascinating main character and obviously her hunky boyfriend. Highly recommended!

It’s a bit too steamy, however, which after the first few scenes, didn’t really float my boat. It gave rise to me posting on social media – “you know you’re past the menopause when you get to the tenth steamy scene of an audiobook and find yourself losing interest wondering what’s on Facebook, till it gets back to the actual story! “LOL . Know what I mean?!

I’ve also downloaded some other interesting books including one called “glucose Revolution”, about how to stop sugar spikes by combining different foods and eating things in a different order.

And a fascinating one called “the seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo “which I saw had good right ups online. I will keep you informed…

Watch – Prima Facie with Jodie Comer. A national theatre live production from London, simulcast into cinemas around the country. I went to Okehampton to see this and was so glad I did. I and my friend Sheena absolutely loved it . Jodie Comer is awesome. She’s probably one of the top actresses of our time.

It’s a one woman performance incorporating different accents and voices as she tells a tale of a top barrister wronged by a colleague and how the legal system challenges her getting justice. If you can go and see it please do, either live at the theatre or on a repeat at the cinema. Intense, powerful, awesome. I will definitely see it live again in the theatre if I could. 10 out of ten.


Friday (today) – don’t forget it’s our big Christmas in July weekend! Do go see and buy what’s left of the Hotel Chocolat All Your Favourite Things Hamper!

Saturday – our top tech team returns with a fab laptop from Lenovo. The ideapad3 15.6” full HD windows 10 laptop w i3 4GB Ram, 128GB SSD harddrive for storage. On EZ pays!

Sunday – Elemis return and keeley is super excited about brand new products within this five piece dynamic and resurfacing face and body collection! Already online go check it out

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night! Launching this weekend:

  • Sea salt short sleeve printed line/dress
    – lock and lock set of two Metro two-way insulated water bottles
    – Elizabeth Arden green tea EDT and body trio
    – Kim and co Brazil Jersey three-quarter sleeve zip neckline tunic

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – if anyone has loved the ‘women with control’ tummy control prime stretch denim slim fit ankle length trousers with front pocket they are back with to 3 different lengths! Don’t miss.

Tuesday – K by Kelly Hoppen Gatsby 100% Cotton 6pc Duvet set – posh bedding time and the best way to buy it!

Wednesday – DIY is back and it’s the Wolf Super blast of pressure washer with outdoor and car accessories, a really good price as well!

Thursday – A bit late for the heat wave but it’s the long-awaited return of the ninja ice cream maker NC300UK with two additional tubs! Sold out early last time so don’t leave it too long

Friday – Korres Bring us their two piece white pine firming and nourishing skincare set

Friday 9 pm – sneaking into this weeks’s look ahead, it’s the phone I will be launching at 9 pm with Lee Hohbein, the Oppo A94 6.4” 5G 128GB SIM Free Android Smart Phone.

Next week – well first of all I will be back on here as above, 29th, 30th and 31st. Meanwhile I will be going to see ‘where the crawdads sing‘ at the cinema on Tuesday night, look out for the update next week!

And in the meantime if you want to see what I’m getting up to here at the health retreat in Somerset on my long summer holiday, do follow my social media, I’m even on TikTok now!

Best wishes


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