Debbie Flint

The most wonderful time of the year

Debbie and Brad

First, just to say it’s been another wonderful Christmas so far, as yet another year finally goes by. It’s now more than 13 years since I returned to QVC, plus the first six years after launch in 1994. Have enjoyed every moment. Hope you have too.

This week I met up for my annual ‘Brad n Mum‘ Christmas shopping expedition with my boy. Just him, and me. We had a lovely lunch in Sticks n Sushi – expensive but utterly delicious, I even had a (bit of a) green cocktail with pear and ginger and Japanese whiskey!

It was followed by a really productive session of Christmas shopping in Westfield mall in Shepherd’s Bush. The lights were amazing as usual, and it was absolutely heaving. I think the threat of postal problems has created a tidal wave of people returning to retail stores, which must be good news for the stores.

(We had to change our Xmas delivery deadline too, it ended on Saturday 17th, hope you got what you wanted.) 

Brad and I got lots of clothes, mostly for the children. Gorgeous little tops and trousers for Kaleb, and jumpers and tights et cetera for Blake. A couple of things for Jasper n Phoebe too, before going home to Brad’s for tea, playtime with the toddler, and wrapping up whilst watching films – obviously! A great time was had by all. I loved how people commented on my boy’s pics on Facebook afterwards! Bless. Yes he is very handsome… You know the joke, I married their father for his DNA! LOL.

I have been invited over to theirs for Christmas Eve in the afternoon, I’ll be taking all the presents and will be doing our little family Christmas then, as it saves them having to cart a load of stuff back from mine the next afternoon! And I get some precious time with the kiddies and with my boy, before the big event. Can’t wait. I love spending time with them and had fun with just Kaleb, the little one-year-old, chasing him round and round the kitchen island. He’s getting very nimble on his feet… Almost! 


See what happened, in the little video I am emailing out, specially for the people who get my newsletter. (If you don’t yet, would you please subscribe on the newsletter button at the bottom of this webpage? And see below for a special message about email addresses not receiving Newsletters.**) This year will be his third Christmas, but the first where he really knows what’s going on! Really looking forward to it all, after my last tsv launch before Crimbo, tonight! Make sure you don’t miss it if you want to save money on radiator heating in your home, see below.


Santa postbox

How super! A lovely festive pic: this postbox decoration was knitted by a clever lady called Diana, seen in Cobham and posted on social media. I love seeing these little tableaux on the tops of postboxes, don’t you!

Christmas tree

Tree of the week

My sister’s Christmas tree has to be the final one before the big day, doesn’t it, obviously! It has always been this impressive, and the way she does the parcels as well, all uniform in the same wrapping and style, underneath – just shows you how many people she needs to buy for! We will be unwrapping some of them ourselves when we get over there on Christmas afternoon. Brad is coming to me and we are going across to Linda’s, on the other side of our development in Banstead, with mum and brother Glen who has arrived from Sweden and more – Christmas dinner with 13! I have been put in charge of buying expensive desserts! It will be fabulous. I hope you have a great day too. 

Glenn is Home!

Glenny and his family returned for Christmas, and we all promptly went out for a carvery. Lovely food at the Toby in Worcester Park. The girls are now 16 and 13, proper young ladies, and it’s really funny hearing the banter with them and their dad. Regulars to my blogs will have seen the posts about the girls since they were virtually babies, and they are the most amazing nieces. It will be lovely to have everybody there on Christmas day in the afternoon 🙂


Baking in Wales

Next week, after a shift on boxing day, I will then – for the first time at Xmas – be winging my way to Wales to see my lovely daughter and her family. Look at this fabulous little picture montage of them getting the mince pies ready for Christmas. Phoebe loves all that. I absolutely can’t wait. I do however need to be back at work by the 29th which is a shame, but at least I get two nights down there. Hope you keep safe if you are travelling this Christmas!

Watch – The Traitors

Okay I know it’s not Christmassy, but I don’t care. I am absolutely hooked on ‘The Traitors’! I watched up to episode nine within about three days. Talk about binge watching! It was recommended to me by several friends including Jill at work, and someone at my hairdressers. Now I’m doing the same and telling everybody else about it! Absolutely wonderful. Think Cluedo crossed with Big Brother, crossed with The Crystal Maze. Just genius. I know who I wanted to win but it would be a spoiler if I said who, so enjoy it, you can watch it on catch up right the way through to the final as it finished this week, and let me know what you think!

If that amount of screen time doesn’t appeal, have a look at this tweet here (even if you’re not on Twitter you should be able to watch it.) How fascinating! I love sharing posts like this! #freezingbubble

Obviously I intend to be watching several more Christmas movies over the next few days! On the list are my usual favourites, regulars will know by now! Including –

– Bridget Jones’s Diary

– Groundhog Day

– Trading Places

– Love Actually

– The Holiday

– It’s a Wonderful Life

– White Christmas (the second one)

Plus National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and that makes up most of my regular list I love to watch every year! Brad and I chose that film for our wrapping up session and I loved every minute.

Hope you enjoy the viewing this Christmas! The most choices ever and maybe you will be watching it on one of the wonderful televisions we have sold you!

Blooper – take a look at this! How funny. In the old days of doing touch lamps, I mean old days!, I decided to do a physics experiment… Enjoy!

Podcast – in the new one coming out this Monday, Will Gowing speaks to actor, presenter, model and artist, Samantha Ovens. Sam tells Will about her early career as a teacher, moving into the world of modelling and now presenting all things fashion and style on QVC TV.

Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive backlist to catch up on too!

Vlog – how lovely was this one from a garden centre in lower Morden when we went to sort out dad’s grave! I have just picked up Glen and the family from the airport and we swung by lower Morden and bought some baubles to decorate the rose bushes in the cemetery on his plot and on other relations’ plots nearby. Gone but not forgotten. Always. Anyway this is what happened in the garden centre, don’t you just love it! (See it here).

Book of the Week

Well the latest from Joy Ellis in the Jackman and Evans series, ‘Solace House’ has been added to my audible library, but I’ll start it in the New Year because I wanted something a bit Christmassy. 

So I have downloaded ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ by Emily Bell, chosen partly because it’s got a really good narrator, fluent and articulate, great variation of tone, good dialogue… I know what I’m looking for now having downloaded more than 500 books in my time! 10 years ago Nora and her then boyfriend made a promise, if they’re both single in a decade, they will meet once more. Has he remembered… Looks good and sounds good. Worth a try 🙂 


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the Silentnight all seasons 3-in-1 duvet in different tog ratings. 

Saturday – Join me at 9 pm tonight (23rd, for the Christmas Eve today’s special value extending through Sunday. It’s the Aqara set of two radiator thermostats with the E1 smart hub. It means that it all becomes easier to control how much money you’re spending on heating your house, giving individual control remotely, and thermostatically, rather than from a central position. Looking forward to launching this with Lee on Friday night (tonight if you’re reading this on the 23rd!) Watch his video (here) about it here and then join us! 

Sunday 24th – Carol Hochman time with a funnel neck shop at lounge set in different lengths

Big deals ending Sunday night

Go to this section of our website each week to discover the current ones which often end on Sunday nights if there are any stocks left!

This week it includes-

Big deals

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. Occasionally they last a couple of weeks but there are new ones every Sunday night so come back again and see them on the link above. 

Next week should include:

– a warm Denim & Co marl knit zip front hooded cardi w pockets on Style channel

– main channel has Bell & Howell Bionic set of 5 lights

– ready for New Year, new you, the Hometrack Deluxe total body exerciser on Extra channel

– and on Beauty, Skinsense’s fabulously priced five step day routine.

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday, Xmas Day – time for an Emu water resistant suede boot at a really good price, called the Merak.

Tuesday – Cubii Jnr 2 bring us the seated smooth action elliptical trainer with a floor mat, perfect for beginners.

Wednesday – more footwear, this time waterproof from Skechers — Trego Alpine Trail design

Thursday 29th – the AeroPilates 4 cord reformer 435 with DVD library is back! Don’t miss it!

Friday – sorting skin from the inside out with the ‘collagen Zooki beauty and health supplements’, a four week supply – available on auto delivery as well, snap it up.

Friday 9 pm – another chance to buy the WandVac two in one lightweight vacuum cleaner from shark, and I will be on with it after the cozee home 9 pm hour (the launch with micro fresh pillows). The Shark is on the end of year sale show at 10 pm, after which I hope I will go to my friends to see in the New Year. It’s a very big day of sales on the 31st.

Next week – I look back at 2022 and a big review of the year! And a little update as to what we all got up to over the festive period. Have a lovely time, look forward to chatting with you this time next week and don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter right at the bottom of this page.

Best wishes


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