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When you wish upon a star, Palladium style! And sneaky peeks

Yes, it was that time of year again. Oh no it wasn’t, oh yes it was! We went to the panto at the Palladium, this time Peter Pan. With lots of fellow presenters and guests from QVC. What a lovely time we had. This time there were 25 of us in total! Can you spot the familiar faces!?

So lovely to go ‘out out’ with everybody to brighten up the dismal first week in January that was made worse by some awful weather, wasn’t it!

There was a tree down in our lane blocking completely the exit in one direction; it actually came down on top of a car, which fortunately missed the driver! And it’s done nothing but pour down with rain hasn’t it? Let’s hope we get some bright sunshine soon.

The panto was good but I have to admit Jennifer Saunders was not a patch on Dawn French from last year. Still it was a wonderful spectacle with some gorgeous staging, effects, and costumes, the set pieces were excellent, the acrobats superb, the singing pretty good, and the fairy Tink was funny! Once again, with Julian Clary playing a main role it wasn’t really that suitable for children… if you know what I mean! But a good time was definitely had by all.

Just got to work out what we all want to go and see next!


Dinner at mine

(I resisted putting the title as Debbie does dinner!) LOL. I actually cooked Sunday roast and my mum and sis and their partners came over, it was really nice to open up the table and serve properly! Trying to keep the place tidy after the big New Year clear up! Actually at least it was tidy for Thursday night when I had a big board meeting at my place, the big one discussing property managing agents (regulars will realise why this is significant for me after so long! As a director of my flats I have spent many hours necessarily, and unnecessarily, dealing with issues!) Watch this space…

New Year’s ‘Eventually… ‘

At long last it came, it went, and it was great fun. I had such a good crew on the night and we enjoyed bringing you the clips (see below in Vlog), and the final countdown, and then a silent night bedding show! I liked this Frank Usher sparkly outfit. Altho’ I was going to wear a sequinned, slinky little black number – nb subscribers to my newsletter, that’s your exclusive on this week’s email! (See below on how to subscribe and get the weekly email into your inbox which gives the link to the latest blog as soon as it’s out!) 

Jigsaw Jumble

Okay so what if it’s taken me about 20 hours to get this far! I’ve been watching the telly whilst I was doing it! (As detailed in “watch” below!) my son saw how I enjoyed doing one of Blake’s jigsaws so he got me this one… The trouble is not only is it 1000 pieces, it’s also got lots of snow, lots of bricks, and lots of branches! Maybe I’ll just finish the middle bits and then give up! Or maybe I’ll stay up till 3 am every night doing jigsaws and watching catch up TV, who knows! LOL. 

I hope whatever you’re doing with any of your Christmas presents, you’re getting as much joy out of it as I am! It’s really quite compulsive and relaxing!

Watch – Loving ‘The Night Agent’. Netflix action drama: Part conspiracy, part assassin-Chase, part romance! 

– Really looking forward to ‘Mr Bates Versus The Post Office’, everyone’s talking about it! 

– And definitely going to be watching ‘The Traitors’, the new series just started! 

– So much to see, also saw ‘David Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster,’  based on fossils found in the cliffs in Dorset (I’m going there again with my friend Gill in March). 

– Plus ‘fool me once’ with Michelle Keegan as the X squaddy struggling to settle into civilian life following murders… . Will report back as and when I finish watching them! But I’ve been staying up late doing that jigsaw watching catch up TV, so seen a bit more than I would have done otherwise LOL!

Several at the cinema I’d like to see, too, but I haven’t been for ages, just not had time. I’m off for three days next week and will definitely go on one of the nights! I fancy One Life, Ferrari and Priscilla… maybe I will have a film fest and treat myself to 3 on one of the days! 

Blooper – another Charlie Brook funny! A couple of minutes of jollity on QVC over Christmas and New Year. This time with Leanne Stott our 6’ Christmas elf!


Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This Monday it is the turn of Jo Fuller, founder of The Merry Menopause website and resource for women wanting to get through it in the best way possible, especially at this time of year!

Vlog – there could only be one post this week that I wanted to link to! Go here on Facebook (you can watch it without signing in, just close the signing in pop up box first), and you should be able to see every single one of the 37 videos I was sent from my lovely friends – presenters, guests and colleagues – at QVC, to mark the New Year. Enjoy!

Book of the Week – I’ve been reading another political memoir which got a bit boring to be honest, and restarted my lovely writing friend Katy Brent and her super book ‘How to Kill Men and Get Away with It,’ previously reviewed. Then this one caught my eye…

‘Love Me Do’ by Lindsay Kelk. Thinking about holidays and stuff, this is set in LA, one of my favourite places in the world, (and the one that I spent the most time in abroad – there and San Diego. Apart from Bordeaux, obviously!) Anyway…

Still number 43 in women’s popular fiction charts on Amazon, and because it was so, so highly reviewed, I chose this one; and I quite fancy the premise of a copywriter writing a perfect romance for someone else but not for herself, but potentially falling for the guy next door, (and they are in Los Angeles don’t forget), I thought I’d get this! I’ll report back next week! (Or it could’ve been a highly reviewed one from Jane Lovering, another of my favourite authors)!


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the SKINN five-pc cleanse and treat collection, featuring several different cleansers so you can make up your mind about which one you like best.

And at 9 pm I’m launching a way of stretching out your back after all that hunching up watching telly or wrapping presents over Christmas…

Saturday – … it’s here, the amazing Homedics Stetch Mat Plus! All on three easy pays, as everything is in January don’t forget, your chance to try it for 60 days. Use it every day to see what a difference it can make to how you feel as we continue our refresh and reset theme on QVC. Which incorporates sleep… I will be launching at 9pm Sat, the…

Sunday – … new Sealy bed TSV!! Sort out the guest bed? Sort out the kids’ rooms? What a great way to do it. Time for the new TSV, online now – in a choice of four colours (did you get your swatch colour sample through?), in four sizes, the top of the range Sealy ‘advantage deluxe gel memory pillow top’ mattress, or you can choose the mattress and the bed base (divan) with drawers, or you can choose the mattress with the bed base that lifts up for storage, called the Ottoman, (no single option in this one) – much more premium in price, but such a lot of storage! 

It is already online, go to our website and order 830666, 830682, or 830668 and make massive savings! Get yourself a new bed, they will take away your old mattress and your bed and all the packaging, and you get a 60 day chance to trial it and they will come and get it if you’re not completely happy (don’t give away the old one if you want it back). It’s a really, really, really good price and no postage to pay and easy pay instalments! And again, huge, huge savings compared to what it normally would be. And again I cannot believe the saving!

Such a superb night’s sleep it really is, plus every ceiling mattresses hand made in Britain, every mattress is tested up to 32 stone, and you get 60 days trial! (You need to buy your own headboard) delivered direct from Sealy, please allow 35 days. But you get your two hour window as well.

I’ve been thinking that it is the gentle pressure relief with advanced GelTex properties which work to distribute weight evenly, helping to prevent pressure points, that really make a difference. Plus improving spinal alignment with the spring system. You really get a cocooning feeling and a sumptuous restful sleep. I absolutely love my Sealy mattresses. It’s the one I would recommend especially because they take all the rubbish away afterwards. Well worth a try, right?

I love the depth of the top layer, really cuddles your contours and makes you feel comfortable in bed!

Pay the first easy pay instalment, even if it’s just the mattress itself, for instance the double, you just have to part with £151.20. They’ll do all the hard work you just have to put the bedding on. And then sleeeeeeeep…

Find out about the price savings on my Facebook post here.

Big deals ending Sunday night

Go to this section of our website each week to discover the current ones which often end on Sunday nights if there are any stocks left!

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. Occasionally they last a couple of weeks but there are new ones every Sunday night so come back again and see them on the link above. 

Next week should include:

– style – Adesso are back this time with the leather high top trainer boot and considering it’s leather, this British brand is super affordable!

– extra – Cook essentials bring us a multi cooker with 18 programmable functions (but look out for the dual air fryer if that’s all you need, in a few days time).

– digital only – check out the 1.75 L soup maker and blender, very affordable since it’s our own brand.

– beauty – Margaret dabbs 4pc heroes for hands collection, snap it up.

– main – elemis have a supersize superfood skincare three-piece collection, featuring their fabulous tonic, and cleansing balm, as well as a third full-size item in this amazingly priced set! I’ve been using this type of tonic (this and the Gatineau orange one as well), for quite a while and really love what it can do to my skin!

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday 8th Jan – first, just to say that ‘my garden escape’ gardening shows return to the style channel live weekdays, between 5 and 7 pm! Do join us if you can. Fabulous chats, more time to talk and get your messages, and tons of info about gardening topics

Monday TSV – clean up your pathways and pavements with the ‘block blitz’ original eight box with a watering Rose.

And on Monday at 9 pm, I launch…

Tuesday – the Ordo Sonic toothbrush bundle, massive in America and super affordable! Contains toothpaste, mouthwash and extra heads!

Wednesday – Cook’s Essentials with a 7.7 L dual air fryer and three easy payments and what a great price! Also look out for the Elemis 2 hour shows from 10 pm for three nights (I’ve got Friday’s 🙂

Thursday – the Vionics drift Tokyo Trainer is here, with its built-in orthotics, and such a good price!

Friday – time to talk collagen gummies with SkinSense, with a new 3×60 piece deal (three months supply), and offering subscribe and save as well, so stock up if you love this way of taking your collagen supplements!

Friday 9 pm – Ruth Langsford’s first of the year is a faux leather padded long line jacket!

Plus going on sale earlier in the week, Sunday’s TSV offer, the Dyson supersonic hairdryer, at ridiculous price, given how much this normally is!

Next week – catching up with my son and his kids, and three days off on the trot. You can bet your life I will be packing it full! Have a great week yourself. And take care, there’s a lot of sniffles around!

Best wishes



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