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What a week!

Had a really memorable week this week. For several reasons. I ended up feeling really really really really really really happy, on Tuesday evening on my long journey down to Devon. Firstly something I’ve worked for a long time came to fruition, regarding my work as a director on my flats. (Regulars on  #thursdaybantz Facebook live will know more, as well as subscribers on my newsletter this week!)

But the second thing was this…

The Day I met The Queen, for 15th Anni of Medical Detection Dogs

Yes, the charity for which I’m an ambassador, is 15. For coming up nine of those years, (9 yrs this summer), I’ve been an ambassador; and for 10 of those years, Queen Camilla has been a patron. So it was with great pride that I went along to the super birthday event, (by private invitation, one of only about 80 people), to a special get-together inside Clarence House itself courtesy of Her Majesty.

The invite had the Buckingham Palace logo on and was very posh. The little slice of birthday cake was amazing and so was all the food inc wonderful mini cottage pies and other canapés, well it is Buckingham Palace food! Bit different from what I served my guests down at the retreat this week LOL, see below 🙂

It was a privilege to go behind-the-scenes to not only where a couple of the guards in their deerstalkers were guarding the entrance to the gardens, (one of them did a barely perceptible nod, when I asked if I could take a selfie with him in the background!), but inside the gardens and the house itself. One of the most privileged moments was looking around in the three reception rooms and seeing the equivalent of the family photographs on the side tables. Some were obviously in original frames and were original slightly aged photographs from decades ago,  including one of Princess Margaret and Princess Elizabeth when they were younger. Others were of the Queen Mother who of course inhabited this house for most of her long life. Many were of state occasions, and several of family weddings, grandchildren and great grandchildren. We were not allowed to take phones in, but see below for a very special video that gives you a flavour of the day.

It was lovely to catch up with lots of people I know, and to feel really honoured to be part of it all. I hadn’t expected to be so very impressed, and I came out beaming. 

I actually did get introduced to Her Majesty and shook hands and did a little bob. Gill Wright, the EastEnders actress who is also an ambassador, had just spoken to her, and Camilla then asked me how I got involved. I said I’d been asked after I attended a charity event with other people from my work, “I’m not ‘quite‘ as high profile as Gill, I work on QVC the shopping channel, so I won’t ask if you’ve seen me!“ And Camilla really laughed! I felt very proud :-). She was very gracious, a really lovely warm person, and made everyone feel very welcome.

She also said a few words about how proud she has been to be involved for so long, and Dr Clare Guest the co-founder of this inspirational charity, talked about how they are now helping so many people e.g. with diabetes, detecting high or low blood sugar spikes; people with Addisons, like lovely Michelle and her dog Spring who was there, or POTS disease where the sufferer suddenly blacks out — the dogs that live with them just detect that it’s going to happen, and signal for the person to sit down or make themselves safe before they fall to the floor. It means they can lead a more normal life whereas that was never possible before. Dogs are such amazing creatures aren’t they?

Here’s my own little summary of the day: See it here.

And here is The Royal Family page Facebook reel (I’m standing next to Gill Wright – my hand’s in shot – holding the posh teacup – at about 56 seconds in, lol, along with a glimpse of my lovely pink Ruth Langsford jacket with the leopard lining which I wore for the occasion!) This video couldn’t have summed it up more perfectly, including lots of things I didn’t even see myself on the day! (See it here).

What a lovely memory, and one I will look back on very fondly for years to come!

There’s a proper animal theme this week isn’t there! Enjoy the rest of the blog.


Never Seen That Before!

My regular visit to my lovely friend Alix in Belstone heralded another first involving animals — look at all of these! I also did a post on my socials with a video of them all. It was a grey day but they brightened it up hugely.

Rivers High!

Had a lovely retreat this week, this was my favourite meal, local bangers, onions and two mash. Some lovely ladies, but some horrible weather! Apparently the Torridge flooded down by the Sheepwash bridge just before I arrived. This was the residue! Watch this video about how high the water level was, never seen it that high before! But from snow, to floods, to the beast from the east, I’ve never been in town for most of the bad weather events in the seven years I’ve owned the place!

11 Years Ago – And Then There Were Four.

What a lovely memory popped up on my Facebook. Considering one of my “watch“ videos, listed below, I thought I’d include this here! Lovely choccie labradors Daisy and Gracie, and Patch and Holly the black ones, back when I lived in Wotton near Dorking. More lovely animal memories 🙂

Watch – Sticking with a doggy theme this week, it was national pet day, and QVC decided to share some of the presenter videos with our own ‘tails’ of having pets! Enjoy. (See it here).

Blooper – Trust Kabler! She never lets me down when I need a funny! (See it here).

PodcastGo here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week the topic is sleep, if you’re not getting enough of it, and how the menopause affects it. I sleep so much better now I take HRT patches (I know some people just can’t, but for those that can, it works really well). I get myself lovely and warm in bed knowing I won’t have hot flashes anymore. They’ve made a lot of difference.

Vlog – had to be this week’s one where I recount my visit to Clarence house, didn’t it! #thursdaybantz (See it here).

Book(s) of the Week

Book One – My lovely mate Merryn Allingham has the latest in her fabulous bookshop murder series, set in the 1950s. ‘The Library Murders’ went straight into the top 100! Well done Merryn! I wonder where Flora and Company will end up! Check it out 🙂 I’ll report back when I’ve read it.

Book Two – Well, immediately after finishing the excellent ‘How to Kill Men and Get Away with It’, (I told Katy it has to be a TV series at some stage, it’s just got to!) I started her latest. It’s not a sequel. But it is a blooming fabulous follow up. Called ‘The Murder After the Night Before’, it wouldn’t surprise me if word-of-mouth makes this one a top seller! It hovered just outside the Sunday times top 10 just after it launched, so fingers crossed it goes even higher. Katy was too poorly to come to my retreat this week which is a real shame, because she is now working on a sequel to her first book, including the same characters I think. So I will look forward to hearing all about it when I see her next. However, I have to say this is one of the most brilliant openings I think I’ve ever read, because it’s so funny. And very compelling. I really want to find out what happens which is most of the battle to make a book successful! Well done Katy! Highly recommended, and I think, since some of it was written when she was at my retreat last year, it would be lovely to have a copy on my authors bookshelves at some stage!

This is it, watch out for it in a good bookshop or supermarket where you are! A really romping read!! 


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Saturday – two gardening deals for you, firstly the grumpy gardener set of two geometric planters, secondly the Thompson and Morgan Dahlia collection with a little sachet of plant food. Six of the 9 cm dahlia labella grande collection! Exciting.

Sunday – One I’ve been waiting for! The neon exclusive well-being pod mini 4pc collection. Goodness me it’s good value, oh my goodness the little pod is incredible, it’s battery operated, Small, easy not to spill stuff out of it, and last stages. And works really well! It infuses the essential oil with the Neom fragrance we have come to know and love. And lots of extras. Looking forward to seeing this one on error. (On a very very special day! You’ll see why when it’s launched but don’t miss it if if you love a good deal. I’ve got the 9 pm launched of a new centigrade coat, when I get back from my week in Devon. 

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Next week– my son is 37 and will be getting together for a nice lunch to celebrate. Can’t believe he’s that old and will be 40 in three years time! My goodness me. And someone I’ve known since long before Brad was even born, my friend of 40 years, Andy Hollins is over from LA and has asked me to lunch. It will be lovely to have a catch up! Another busy week ahead! Make sure you sign up for the newsletter by the way because there are always exclusives (just click on the link at the bottom of this page). 

I will be having a little CULL of anyone who hasn’t opened a newsletter for the last three months, because of limited numbers. So sign up now!

Best wishes



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