Debbie Flint

Wedding fun, and off on holiday at last!

Me and my kids at wedding

As you may know there are no QVC presenter blogs on QVC website this summer, due to staff shortages, so they are taking a break. So I am now sending it out via my website and social media! I haven’t missed a week since 2009, and I didn’t want to start now. Also people rely on my blog for the sneaky peaks of the next seven days and I don’t want to disappoint everybody! Should still happen every Friday.

Weekend Wedding

So my niece Chloe finally got married last weekend and it was gorgeous. As you can see from the top picture, Lauren my girl was a bridesmaid and looked amazing, and Brad my boy was handsome as ever. The bride was beautiful, the dad (my bro Derek) was proud, and me and my siblings enjoyed it a lot.

Chloe & Gareth picked a beautiful venue, Silchester farm near Reading, and we stayed in a DeVere hotel nearby. So lovely to see everybody and what a fabulous group of guests all looking very glamorous! Including my brother Glen, his wife Boki and his daughter Izzy who is now taller than me! We had a lot of fun!

One of the best things was having time with the family including a breakfast at the hotel the morning after, and my goodness were they some amazing breakfasts! I must admit I overindulged a little, and honestly guv’nor, it wasn’t because I knew I was going on a juice fast two days later! LOL.

Longest Holiday Ever

I finally got to Amchara in Somerset, on Tuesday. Oh my goodness what bliss to be here, doing nothing for so long! Well you know me I will always be doing something… And the idea is I will finish my book finally.. Believe it or not I am now on a four week break – apart from a couple of days at QVC the last weekend in July.

The idea is that I will be able to just chill out and enjoy the break. As a result the blog may be slightly shorter, it just depends on what I’ve got to tell you! It may get quite samey after a while, talking about the venue and it’s many benefits!

Anyway, it’s basically a health retreat, with a juice fast to begin with, and then a clean eating menu, salmon stirfry , stuff like that. Yoga twice daily, walks, talks about interesting things, and general relaxation and getting my body in balance.

So far I have swum every day, and I mean every day, well the weather has been lovely hasn’t it! I mean it’s been warm enough in the evening – I can only go in the pool when the Sun’s gone over due to my skin condition. But the water was warm enough to make me so relaxed and I’ve slept and generally chilled. Gosh I needed it. Makes you realise how much you do, when you stop doing it. 

The room is lovely, and it has a gorgeous bath that fills up really quickly, these things matter to me! I brought all my little devices with me so I plan over the course of the four weeks to use the ones I’ve been meaning to do for ages – IPL laser,  tooth whitening, micro blading, micro needling, massage device, a couple of them actually, et cetera! And also the ones I use a lot like revitive and homedics yoga mat massage bed. 

Here’s a little look round – on my Facebook page. One of many updates I will be doing throughout the month so make sure you don’t miss them! Checking regularly 🙂

I’ve also been doing a Bodyblade session every day, Including a Live on Facebook – whether it’s in the Bodyblade Ohana Facebook group (why not join them if you’ve got your blade in your cupboard somewhere), or on my own Debbie flint author Facebook page. The main thing is I want to finally finish my fifth novel while I am here and I will resume it on Monday after I have completed the six days of juice fasting. It’s amazing, eg my breathing has got so much easier since I stopped having any dairy whatsoever. Anyway do join me for my daily updates, I’m even on TikTok now! And I will keep you informed what happens over the next few weeks.


About Dam Time/Hens!

This is the dance that lots of people have been doing and the hen party learned it whilst we were all away including my Lauren, she is the tallest one!

Do check out some of the sendups and alternatives on TikTok though including a James Corden special, and a woman who starts to do it but her son says no shouting over the banister! If anyone finds it let me know the link! And with that in mind…

Watch/Blooper – it’s not QVC but there are so many funnies on TikTok I had to start watching them in my downtime this week. Here’s one of my favourites. You can lose hours of your day so be warned!

Podcast – follow the latest podcasts on QVC here.

Vlog – did so many this week from the retreat, including my usual #Thursdaybantz, Facebook live chat, including a very knackered Debbie… See it here! And don’t forget to join me every Thursday, social media links are below

Book of the Week – loved loved loved Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score. She was one of the successful speakers at the self publishing show I went to a couple of weeks ago. Her story inspired me and she said this was the book that really took off so I thought I would give it a listen. Well, not only is it brilliantly narrated, with a hunky male voice and character, it’s a really good romp! A mixture of a thriller, a domestic drama, and a cop story, but mainly a hot romance! Highly recommended! I’m now reading her next one.

Also wanted to tell you that Merryn Allingham’s next book from her Flora Steele series is out: Murder at the Priory Hotel, book 4. But I haven’t yet read book 3 so that’s next on my list. It’s called Murder at Primrose cottage and they are off to Cornwall for their next adventure. I really love the way she writes about the period, the 40s/50s, and I love these characters. I will be listening to it as I swim up and down and up and down in that pool! Here is the link to book one and you can find the rest from there!

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Next week – Blog two from Somerset! Look out for it on my social media and please sign up for my newsletter here! You can also find me at and follow me on social media (links at the bottom).

Have a great week and please be careful in the sunshine!

Best wishes


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