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Venturing out – and First Look QVC Deals 

Thank you for checking in on this blog – transferred to this website because all QVC presenter blogs are on a little hiatus for the summer.

If you missed the previous ones, I am now on a long summer holiday at a health retreat in Somerset. It involves being here most of the time, doing exercise and treatments and swimming and eating healthily and getting fully involved in the whole Chillaxing thing! I popped out last week to go to Okehampton and the cinema, and I did the same again this week! See below. Getting a little bit more back to normal, I took a trip out in the car to explore a little, and found a charming little village called Wiveliscombe. And found a friend – look what was on top of the postbox just outside the old courthouse. (See it in the top pic). I had a little wander and tried to buy some healthy snacks! Then I did a little vlog from there, go here to see it.

The trip to Okehampton was to see my friend Caitlynne and to go to the cinema (see the film review below). Afterwards we had a nice catch-up in Wetherspoons nearby. And I was a little hungry so decided to order something from the menu. But I wanted to stay in keeping with the health retreat ethos so I got a small portion of scampi, peas and mixed vegetables (instead of chips) and didn’t eat the crumb coating. Very satisfying still. Lovely to catch up with friends.

Back at the retreat, the daily swimming has continued, the Bodyblade-live has (mostly) continued and so have the walks. One of the best things has been the treatments though. Had a reflexology this week and also took part in what they call a sound bath. With the most amazing gong bowls and an all-encompassing, all-enveloping session where the sound waves penetrate your very soul. I fell asleep. Probably snored a bit as well :-). LOL.

It was a shorter week there, this week, because I popped over to Lauren in Wales on the way back to London. (Just needed to have a cuddle with the babies and my girl.)

And of course I’m back in London this weekend! I will see you on QVC Friday 29, Saturday 30 and Sunday 31st. Then I’m back for the last two weeks of my holiday! And finishing my book 🙂


How cute is this! My boy put his nearly 1-year-old son on his shoulders and lovely little Kaleb fell asleep right there! Had so much reaction to it on Facebook I thought I’d post it here! Yes he’s very handsome my son, very proud of him. I made him I did!

Had a lovely flying visit to my daughters including a film night! Nick has a projector device and they use their vast wall in the lounge to create a cinema like feel – this time for the film feeling red or red panda, or red something or other… But It was so lovely to play with Phoebe and to have some cuddles with five-month-old Jasper. Had a lovely morning with my girl on Friday before heading back to Qvc for my weekends shifts. Really wore me out though! Not surprising after doing not much for 2 1/2 weeks!

Did you see Christmas in July last weekend? Wasn’t it fun. Still lots of deals online, check them out here.

And thank you very much to the behind-the-scenes team who put together some fun Christmas poster mock ups for some of the presenters! My fave film featuring a Christmas Eve theme is Bridget Jones’s Diary so they did this for me! Me, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth – I wish! LOL

Watch – Where the Crawdads Sing at the cinema. Omg if you loved ‘normal people’, then catch Daisy Edgar Jones in this movie version of the bestselling novel by Delia Owens. The tale of an uneducated ‘Marsh girl’ in a southern US swamp town in the 50s and 60s. Beautiful cinematography, drama, excellent acting, and a wonderful plot. A really good movie adaptation of the book. Fabulous.
8.75 out of ten.


Podcast – Will’s latest
Here’s the latest missive from my lovely colleague Will about what he’s doing on his podcast!
“Hi Debbie’s blog clan! This week I talk to the founder of EX1 cosmetics, Farah Naz, about her training as a biochemist, the challenges of launching EX1 cosmetics and her incredible following of A-List stars. Plus her struggle to find the right shade of foundation.

Then on Monday 1st, it will be our very own Eilidh, chatting about her maternity leave and coming back to work.”
Go here for Inside QVC podcasts, or look on your podcast app.

Yes Our Eilidh is back! Now her little one, Skye, is a year old, my lovely fellow presenter has come back to work. So what has it been like for her, A rude awakening or a pleasant respite? Follow her social media to find out! Here’s one of her posts featuring her lovely offspring!


Book – if you’re not going to read Where the Crawdads Sing which was my book of the week a while back, maybe try the Flora Steele mysteries from my friend Merryn Allingham. ‘Murder at Primrose cottage’, the fourth in the series, is charming and quaint and very 1950s Set in Cornwall, SW. England. Love the developing relationship between the two main characters and the safe, ‘cosy crime’ feel of it all. If you want something easy to read this summer, give her series a go!


Friday (today) – go here to see and buy what’s left of the Korres 2pc White pine firming and nourishing skincare set. And at 9 pm I will be back on air and launching the…

Saturday – …Oppo 5G smartphone. It’s the A94 6.4” SIM free Android model. Don’t miss it!

Sunday – Time to sort out your mitts and trotters with Margaret Dabbs’ latest deal. We launch the 4 pc nourishing hands and feet set.

And to join me for Skechers at 8, and then two sale hours at 10 (accessories) and 11 (Beauty).

Big deals

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. New ones every Sunday night!

Current big deals:

– Davina fitness multifunction aerobics step
– Dannii Minogue perfection slogan jumper in two different lengths
– doll 10 eight piece ‘speak your truth’ lip crayon collection and tin
– prime 50 effervescent fruit or veg supplements, choice of super greens or super fruits, two lots of 28 days supply.

Now back to today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – it’s the Yard-X 5 in 1 Garden Multi Tool. Space saving and money saving!

Tuesday – exciting skincare offer ahoy! A rare NassifMD set – the 3 pc day routine. On auto delivery as well, watch out for it!

Wednesday – thinking about sorting out your shape and your diet? How about the ‘Jane plan’? New to QVC, some of our presenters have been trialling it, so give the new today’s special value a go. It’s the 20 day meal plan in the choice of meat or veg, working out at approximately £7.50 a day. Still with a 60 day trial, think about that! One of the best things is the amazing support that will go with it – a resource you can contact for support and back up, and access to Facebook groups et cetera, tutorials about different aspects of life – not solely all about dieting. Very interesting

Thursday – Tarte cosmetics bring us their new Reach for the Clouds 5 pc Colour Collection. Looks great!

Friday – White Stuff are here with the very affordable Iris Jersey Tunic.

Friday 9 pm – garden weekend time, when the Wet and Forget moss, mould, lichen and algae remover is back, in a bumper bundle!

And look out mid week for the ‘current body skin LED light therapy mask’ with five Hydro gel face masks to bring a bit of anti-aging into your routine! All next week.

Next week – my first weekend back at work for 2 1/2 weeks! But I will be back in the health retreat for my remaining long summer holiday break after that. Real first for me: putting me first! Loving it!

Best wishes


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