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My Charity

A Word About my Charity – Medical Detection Dogs.

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I first found out about Medical Detection Dogs at the Moonwalk charity event in May 2015. I was invited to be an ambassador after raising £5,500 in the summer, and have been working alongside them ever since. Their work involves some incredible life-saving relationships between canine and owner – some of whom have life-threatening conditions like brittle type 1 diabetes, Addison’s disease, POTS, and more. The canine partners alert the owners eg when blood sugar goes too low or too high and the transformation in their lives is incredible.

Other clever cancer detection dogs help with the research being carried out into early prostate cancer detection, which down the line should mean integrating the efficient accuracy of a dog’s nose into regular NHS screening, and the development of an electronic nose to cut waiting times and avoid false positives. Currently a PSA test can be up to 75% false positives and worse, up to a third false negatives. Biopsies are intrusive and stressful and costly. By 2018 MDD hope their studies will be published and the vital next steps can begin.

My work involves continual fund raising. My latest paperback version of my non-fiction work, Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 – tips and tales to inspire, is in aid of MDD. Last year’s fundraising resulted in me donating enough to be able to name a little MDD trainee puppy – a golden Labrador called Derek! (After my late dad, I thought it was funny! Poor dog.) and another called Lesley after my mum! All the info, pics and videos, are in the archives below.

Do check out more information on the charity on their own website –  

And do donate on our ongong MDD page which will list the events you can attend to see some of these magical animals at work, plus support our endevours to raise funds for them.



You know one of those moments when you meet up again with someone you’ve not seen for over a decade, and you just pick up where you left off? I have a couple of old boyfriends in that category who are dear to me. And also several female friends who have been pivotal in my life.

One of them is Shawn Goodman and she met me last week (early August 2017) after a gap of 15 years or so. The last time I met up with her, I believe I was in LA with the kids on one of our adventure hols I used to take them on, and she met us for a meal in Santa Monica. I think. Well all these years later, Shawn was over in the UK with her other half who is in the medical profession, and asked me to meet up for afternoon tea. So we did!

It was amazing to catch up with her, and it reminded me of those early days when Freedom Eating was an alien concept. Basically it’s all about listening to your body instead of overruling it with your brain.

Basics of Freedom Eating

If you can listen to your body it will tell you when to eat, WHEN being really important, plus how to eat and what food to choose. Usually it’s based on what we now know is messages from your gut, associated with your microbiome. In the old days, like with The Seven Secrets, they said listen to your body, they just didn’t know why. When I wrote my version, the original Til the Fat Lady Slims book in 2002 and it’s updated version 2.0 in 2014, I refined the guidelines into six principles, and explained all about the ‘When’ diet – and how it could work alongside any traditional diet plan – any. Also how to do it, but not really why it’s so successful where so many other pure diet plans fail. The facebook group kicked off, and the online support really made a difference to everyone in it, as we encouraged each other to remember things like ‘the wayside is part of the journey, just don’t set up camp there.’ And much discussion about NSV’s – non-scales victories – which help us avoid relying on the dreaded scales too much.

Then came a revolution in understanding the signalling from the body and the connection between that and the food we eat. So since the new technology allowed scientists to examine the gut in more detail, and its links to the whole of the rest of the body and the mind, I made the connection and put it in the book 3.0. – the companion to my original TTFLS book about Freedom Eating. It became a fascination to me also, to observe other people and their own diet habits – or non diet habits, as the case maybe. And from those observations, I created several ‘guises’ or types of Freedom Eater – gave them all a name, and described them in book 3.0. These six guises help you understand yourself and your own particular type of food prison, and how to get out of it using TTFLs principles. 

All of this was then incorporated into a newly updated version published by Choc Lit my publisher, in January 2017 – the end product is this one, and is available to order in good bookshops and of course online, eg on Amazon here.

It made me very proud this week to bring Shawn right up to speed and has reminded me how much this system helps people who could never manage their behaviour around food before. So hats off to you, Shawn Goodman and Vicky Hansen the original Freedom Eating founders, and thank you for giving me my life back!

Who knows, maybe come join our Facebook group (here) having read the books and found out more from the big TTFLS QVC blog i did when it sold there, perhaps you too will have an experience a bit like Penni Rowe –

Penni Rowe social media post


Till the Fat Lady Slims features the Freedom Eating system and includes – 

– A concise summary of the Supersix Principles of Freedom Eating – to guide you on your journey out of food prison.

– How the Super Six Principles of Freedom Eating can be used alongside ANY traditional diet and can save your anxiety and guilt if you get to the stage where you think you’re going to fail! 

– How it can change the bad habits of a lifetime around food – no more ‘starting again tomorrow’ and letting the scales make or break your day.

– And how it can help you become like a slim person around food, taking your body back to how it would have been if you’d never ever dieted.

– Plus updated info vital to listening to your body’s signals – – eg why toxic sugar affects your body’s ability to lose weight and determine what food it really needs.

Get TTFLS 2.0 in paperback or eBook on Amazon here – and read the first chapter free.

Get TTFLS 3.0 – Tips and Tales to Inspire in paperback or eBook on Amazon here – first chapter available free.

Get TTFLS – Break free from Food Prison (2017) on Amazon – or order from your local bookshop courtesy of publisher Choc Lit.

QVC Bonus – the hardback aqua version features another chapter in my own saga of losing weight, was only available on QVC version and not previously anywhere else. This info is now in the latest TTFLS (2017) book, along with many other autobiographical events to help you understand why this system revolutionised the way I treat food and why I stopped bingeing in 1999. (NB aqua one limited edition of 3000, sold out on QVC summer 2015. Contact me in case I still have some slightly damaged ones left to sell with proceeds going to Medical Detection Dogs charity.)

Book 4 – ‘Till the Fat Lady Slims – ‘break free from food prison’ (2017) – Jan 2017, to order in bookshops and online. 

The 4th book in the series, TTFLS (2017) – features more original chapters – including some never told before even to her friends – of Debbie’s story – and is now available to order in bookshops like Foyles, via Choc Lit  or on Amazon. It features the reaction in the wholesaler’s magazine that goes out to bookshops.


For newcomers who are curious to find out more, there is an associated TTFLS Facebook PAGE – click ‘like’ on this link here. A new ‘tip of the day’ goes up regularly. some of these will be found in the new COMPANION book 3.0 too.

And for seasoned Freedom Eaters who have begun losing weight, there’s a Facebook private group with an ever growing band of happy members who are leaving their own testimonials on the group pages – some are included in the new updated book. If you can’t wait, spin down this post and you’ll see some of them below. If you’ve discovered Freedom Eating definitely works for you too, and want to share your success story, just go join the TTFLS Facebook GROUP here – Or email me or @debbieflint on Twitter.


Bodyblade is an incredibly efficient H.I.I.T. fitness device previously sold on QVC. Find a full list of Bodyblade video clips here – incl original blog beach Super6 with Bruce in LA 

Join the Facebook support group Bodyblade QVC.

You can read about TOXIC SUGAR in Aids to cutting back on sugar – impactful videos, blogs and info to help mindset change.

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