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Debbie Flint

Debbie Flint - TV Presenter

Debbie Flint is the proud presenter of QVC Home Shopping Channel in the UK. But she's had her fair share of jobbing presenter work!

She was the first girl in the hot seat on children's BBC TV, replacing Phillip Schofield in the broom cupboard, ('86/87). Then she shared a couch with Eamon Holmes to help launch BBC Daytime TV, on Open Air ('86/87). Years later, she finally hosted her own BBC1 game show (Meet The Challenge, '98, see a clip here) and has co-presented and reported on numerous other live magazine and entertainment and news shows on Living, BSB, Telewest, SSVC Forces TV, and many radio shows, Piccadilly, LBC, Mercury, Eclipse, BFBS. She has clocked up over 20000 hours of live ad-lib presenting on shopping TV - QVC, Ideal World, Bid TV, HSE, Simply Television - and has been one of the country's foremost DRTV consultants, writing, producing and presenting infomercials, including two of the most successful shows in the UK in the early 2000's. Click here to watch her old showreel.

Click here to listen to an excellent podcast about Debbie's involvement with the infamous BSB DrWho weekend, created for the 50th anni of the Timelord by TV It also mentions the channel 4 behind the scenes documentary about the launch of another shopping channel in 2000. 

Ater nine years away Debbie returned to QVC in October 2009 and is currently one of the top UK shopping television presenters.

Click here to read her interview on OAPsChat blog with more info about her in general.

Read her regular QVC UK blog here and find out more on her IMDB page here -

for a selection of bloopers see below!

 Interviewing Mel C Xmas 2013 and soon after, with Mick Hucknell on QVC Saturday Night Gifts show

lee child video part 1   and    part 2 talking about The Affair Sept 2011

Shane Filan from Westlife goes solo - talking on QVC with Debs Nov 2013


Debbie Flint Debbie Flint Debbie Flint Debbie Flint Debbie Flint Debbie Flint Debbie Flint Debbie Flint Debbie Flint



Vintage - 1996 'Tart-en-khuman' blooper - the only time I've truly lost it on air!

Vintage - 1996 - me introducing clip reel from xmas 1996 - fabulous Joan Rivers outtake

Vintage - pre 2000 funnies clip reel of me

2014 - bottle cascade blooper - was on It'll be alright on the Night too!

2013 - Nono cream blooper - OMG!! - also bit hit on it'll be alright on the night!


Other shows/ performance

karaoke - You're my world, cruise hol July 2014 and doing Adele, Family Karaoke session - funny!


University Challenge - yes really - as part of a question! Xmas 2014

walk on cameo on Happy Days the Musical , Milton Keynes Summer 2014, rehearsal

Stars in their eyes 1991 - Debbie Does Sheena (does Eartha kitt!)

If anyone knows where there's a clip of Generation Game 1981 with my old dad I'd be grateful to hear of the link! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (it was removed from youtube)



CBBC April 1986 - broom cupboard link incl promos

1990 31 West - Guy Pearce - god I was so young! And a bit star struck! And part 2.



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  • Comment Link Gillian cook 31 October 2015 posted by Gillian cook

    Hello Debbie, I have been away from QVC for a few years. I have finished my Christmas shopping, having bought Loccitane, Molton Brown, for all my family. Grandchildren getting money. Today I have treated myself to TSV Dyson. Love watching you I think you could sell snow to the Inuits. Gill xx

  • Comment Link Mrs Finlay 9 September 2015 posted by Mrs Finlay

    Hi Debbie

    Have just purchased the BodyBlade and am finding it really difficult to do. Obviously I don't have much upper body strength.
    You mention several videos that you do with Bruce that are not on facebook; where can I locate them please?
    I thought they were on your website?
    With thanks

  • Comment Link jackie  Cartwright 15 August 2014 posted by jackie Cartwright

    I remember watching you right from the start of Qvc, all those years ago.. Having just watched your show reel, I can say you haven't changed a bit. Looking svelte these days though Debbie. Great website by the way. Xxx

  • Comment Link andrea taylor 31 March 2014 posted by andrea taylor

    oi oi Debs, just watched the above youtube, wow, fantastic!! The whole time I did not Pig on choccy, nor slurped a cuppa, and the real biggy....I never puffed on a was so interesting, I loved it. Hope you are keeping well. Best wishes to you ~ Andrea aka a4t4

  • Comment Link Carson Nebergall 11 October 2013 posted by Carson Nebergall

    I generally don't post in Blogs but your web log forced me to, awesome work.. gorgeous ...

  • Comment Link Debbie Flint 7 August 2013 posted by Debbie Flint

    John -
    My pleasure hon - and well done you!

  • Comment Link John Summers 4 August 2013 posted by John Summers

    Thanks for the corrected attribution to me on that Fifty Shades 'poem' Debbie :) !!

  • Comment Link Debbie Flint 8 July 2013 posted by Debbie Flint

    for those that asked. that ideal world doc from just after paul and I left is on youtube - really well made behind the scenes expose on how far behind the logistics and organisation were - scary! I was there just under a year. Went off to do training at Simply TV, (now shut down), HSE( now shut down) and BidUp (now bid). But my own importing company took over. Until that shut down. then I went back into finance (accounting degree! lol). until all of them, began to shut down! haha! maybe it was me... :-)

  • Comment Link Debbie Flint 5 July 2013 posted by Debbie Flint

    thanks Martin, glad you like it!

  • Comment Link martin forbes 29 June 2013 posted by martin forbes

    your website is brill

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