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Top togs, sneaky peeks and a 4 yr old dancing dalmatian…

Really enjoyed a super fashion show on QVC this week, with Julien Macdonald, fresh from his London Fashion Week catwalk successes. This kaftan is super comfortable and colourful as well – it goes with the Bzees shoes (check out the brand on our website, they have supportive insoles, a la Vionics.). It’s been my long week at work and I’ve had some great guests and lots of laughs this week. Not quite as much as Jackie and Ruth had tho’ – see this week’s blooper below!

I must say I needed a laugh after last week’s hard work.

As you may have read in the blog from last Friday, I had a pretty intensive Kondo-esque extravaganza, sorting and fixing and clearing out all the rubbish from my house in Devon, for three days! I ended up with a Mount Everest skip to show for it.

It was so full, I was charged extra! But at least everything is clean and tidy now, it was a job that has needed doing for a long time. On Thursday night I treated myself to the cinema and went with my friend Sheena (see last week’s ‘watch’ for a very disappointing review.)

Then I headed off to Wales for the weekend as usual, to see my daughter Lauren and her hubby and two children. I had a horrible Friday journey there, loads of rain and loads of Friday traffic as usual, bleurgh. At least I was listening to some good audiobooks. See below!

But Saturday was beautiful and we had a lovely walk, a shopping trip, and had movie night on Saturday night, and watched a pretty good Netflix cartoon film, called ‘The Magician’s Elephant’. Really well made, I thought.

It was lovely seeing the little ones over the weekend. Little Jasper made me laugh, as I had taken Lauren some lock n locks, and he was very interested to see if he could climb in the huge box alongside them!

On the Sunday morning, I went to see my lovely Phoebe in a little dance show. Two different towns, same dance school, coming together for their annual 90 minute show, at this school in Cardigan. Phoebe was going to be in it for about three minutes!

School trip

Lolly and I dropped her off early then had a cup of tea while we waited. It was so cute and delightful watching the little ones dance around with a kind of Dalmatians themed outfit, floppy little ears and spotty leotards. The show then consisted of a couple of dozen little performances by the different age groups. The older girls were very talented. Even some of the veteran dance teachers got in on the act. So impressive, I could never do what they do. Admirable. And lots of fun, I smiled lots!

Then it was straight back to work having had another lovely weekend in Wales. 


Garden Escape Art!

One of my favourite shows to present is the slightly more laid-back garden escape hours. On Tuesday it’s usually Mark Lane. This week, our expert gardener used a whiteboard to draw illustrations helping us understand where to plant our border plants that we featured in the show! Well, live ‘art’ in the studio- that was a first for me! I loved it! Check out the gardening shows weekdays 5-7 pm on Style channel, live!

Mum’s Surprise

My uncle Jeffery, mum’s closest remaining relative, who lives in Bath, and his lovely wife Christine, came down and gave mum a surprise visit this week at lunchtime. They only see each other once every one or two years so it was nice to help in the reunion. But it didn’t go entirely according to plan… (what happened? It’s this week’s exclusive, over on my newsletter. To subscribe, click here!)

Who Knew?!

We’ve had some gorgeous fashions lately, in fact I bought myself a fab dress from the Julien Macdonald show (198010), which has a mixture of animal print. Well, who knew a baby zebra could actually be spotty! This made me smile so I thought I’d share it this week.

Watch – ‘Daisy Jones and The Six’. Well, my daughter’s done it again, got me into a really rather good series. Following a 70s supergroup, this show charts their rise to success and the shenanigans that rock the band’s very existence, including a nice twist at the end.

Features tons of super 70s nostalgia. My daughter is absolutely obsessed! She’s always loved the 70s. (I suppose the same way I kind of love the 50s, being a 60s child.) Some outstanding songs as well. (Liked the last two episodes so much, I went off and bought the audiobook!) Well worth a watch!

Blooper – Trust these two. One of the funniest bloopers yet. Click here to watch a slip of the tongue from Ruth & Jackie Kabler!!


Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week, Will talks at last, to my lovely friend at work, fellow presenter, Charlie Brook, about his career before and after he joined QVC! Always fascinating to hear more about the presenters – and they are some of the most popular podcasts! Out Monday the third.

Vlog – This week’s is my #thursdaybantz, it was a late one, and features cheese! (See it here).

Book of the Week. Finished ‘Dark Dawn over Steep House’, and started ‘Betty Church and the Suffolk Vampire.’ Betty is the goddaughter of March Middleton, one of the main characters in the previous series, The Gower Street Detectives. Will be finishing it soon. Then on to the next one – three or four to go! This new series about a feisty female copper in the 30s is not quite as good as the one set in the 1880s, but I quite like the World World War II context.  Lots of contemporaneous references that make it really authentic. You’ve got to give it to the author, MRC Kasasian, he knows how to research!

Ps talking of new books, look at this send up – you’ve got to laugh… Well I did!


Friday (today) – Go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the mouse house six-piece choice of cheese truckle selection box. Utterly delicious specialist cheddar cheeses!

Saturday – Join me Friday night when I launch the HP Pavilion 15.6 inch Ryzen 5, laptop! 

Sunday – It’s going to be massive but will it still be there for my 10 pm show on Friday? The Elemis procollagen five-piece face and body collection on five easy payments, already online, selling thousands, item number 248243. Featuring the brand-new offering of the rose fragrance procollagen marine cream, £60 on its own! Over £200 worth, for under £72. Don’t miss it 🙂

Big deals ending Sunday night

Go to this section of our website each week to discover the current ones which often end on Sunday nights if there are any stocks left!

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. Occasionally they last a couple of weeks but there are new ones every Sunday night so come back again and see them on the link above. 

Next week should include:

– style – the highly successful set of three lace trim aah bras from Rhonda shear continue, while stocks last!

– extra – fitquest treadwell mini walking treadmill

– beauty – L’Occitane 4pc fragrance collection

– main – Kuhn Rikon set of 2, 3-in-1 kitchen and household shears.

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – A new teeth whitening kit activated by LED, in a very compact, affordable bundle. From smile science in Harley Street, it’s a 10-day course, and you have a 60-day moneyback guarantee! Go figure!

Tuesday – Another beautiful shirt dress, we seem to have done so many lately! This time from London based designer Helene Berman and it’s a tiered one.

Wednesday – Julien Macdonald is back this time with the four stem faux orchid in ceramic metallic vessel for decorating your home.

Thursday – Bobbi Brown cosmetics are back with a daily deluxe four-piece collection in different options, going on sale earlier in the week….

Friday – …as is the Gtech cordless lawnmower with one hour charger and wide 42 cm cutting width. It’s Good Friday and we have a mass of Easter offers throughout the whole weekend and a huge gardening event on the Friday itself. Fabulous!

Friday 9 pm – I will bring you the Margaret dabs today’s special value with a super-size heroes for hands and feet, it will be so popular!

Plus I will be launching the Saturday night ninja kitchen hour with the dual zone air fryer making its return. Can’t wait!

Btw, I was due to go to another outing up London this week with my lovely friend Gill but she’s quite poorly with a bad tooth. So get well soon my friend! She is so considerate, I found this card during my clear out last week – which she created for a birthday a couple of years ago! That’s in the old days Haha! 

Next week – Lunches with ladies I love! My school friends one day, and some lovely work colleagues the next! And time with my son and his kids, my London grandchildren! Plus, the electric vehicle project comes to its conclusion! I hope 🙂

Best wishes



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