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Time in France with the new Rory and Co!

France continued… Guess what happened last week! We fell in love with the new puppy who is only about six months old. If that. They got him as a rescue this year and he’s very intelligent. Doesn’t quite know everybody yet, so can be shy especially with experiences he obviously anchors into something from his past but apart from that he is really lovely.

Janie did some amazing food as usual and she and Mike, the hosts at the writing retreat holiday I had in a place called Chez Castillon, were really good company, as were all the others there. Julie had some lovely sessions in the cool dining room because it was rather hot on some of the days, talking about books and I had a little breakthrough on my own at last! I wrote a scene I called the end. Now I’ve just got to fill in the middle!

And here’s a little atmosphere – walking down the French street on market day! Another fabulous trip!

I came back feeling a sense for achievement I haven’t had in ages with my writing, fingers crossed it bodes well for the rest of the year, and I must get something in the diary for my next trip out there, it’s been almost annual since 2015. I love it!


Me n shelves don’t mix!

Nearly brought two bookshelves crashing down this week in France – my bottom decided to nudge one of them and in slow motion I watched it falling towards the floor. Managed to grab it in time and it was rescued by three others in the Association as well. Close call! Note to self, keep my bottom away from bookshelves! LOL.

Pub Supper Pow-wow

After a day of sorting out leaflets and envelopes and postcodes and destinations et cetera, for my local Association, I went out to dinner with my super friends and fellow offices to talk shop. We went to the village inn, in nearby Ashwater. And very nice it was too!

Bee Bath

Well really it’s a bee fountain, where they can drink without fear of falling in the water. The trouble is I’m sure they will evaporate very quickly. But every little helps right? Just got them in a cheap pack from Amazon. Very colourful too! Will keep you informed.

Watch – One of the authors I was away with, Rowan Coleman, had been running daily instalments, reading a by classic novel thing, and last week she asked me to do one! Listen to me reading a bit of persuasion and having a chat with this lovely clever talented author, on Instagram here. Check out one a few days earlier for Janie who runs the retreat, and my lovely mentor and award-winning author Julie Cohen doing readings too – and check out Rowan’s books online.

If you’re looking for a great summer read, I recommend ‘The Summer of Impossible Things,’ one of my favourite books ever.

Funny – Is Catherine Tate the worst countdown guest ever! LOL. (See her here).

Vlog – Defo look at my Thursday catch up on Facebook page #thursdaybantz, where I give you a rundown of my week! But I thought I did something a bit bit more unusual here, it’s a Vlog from a bee… sort of! Watch this (here)! Fascinating 🙂

Book of the Week – ‘One of a Kind’ by Jane Lovering, due out imminently. 

Although their upbringings were different, Ivo has held Cress’s heart ever since she clapped eyes on him at university. The trouble is – she has never told him, partly because of their rags and riches backgrounds. So, when a mystery and a baffling crime throw Cress and Ivo together, she can’t help but wonder if fate is telling her something.

Jane is one of my favourite writers for quirky characters and laugh out loud moments, looking forward to this one!


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Next week – more from Devon and back to London with a bump! Have a great week 🙂

Best wishes



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