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Yes it’s back, the jacket is back!

How pleased was I to see five new colours appear upon the return of THE denim and Co iconic denim jacket! It now has over 905 star reviews, that’s unheard of in fashion! People just love it and keep coming back for more. And there are five new colours… People have been saying what did you buy! Well here’s the answer…

The one I am wearing – called navy blue! There are so many reasons I love this jacket, where do I begin. It’s stretchy, it fits so well, it’s got pockets on the inside, it’s got elasticated cuffs, it’s a high low covering up the tushy at the back. What’s not to like! And it’s still under £50 on three instalments/EZ plan. It’s item 177 300, and that and the linen one are my favourites 🙂

By the way, our favourites get a mention on the new feature for presenters on the QVC website. See below or check it out at the bottom of the homepage.


Mum’s Got the Bird

I know I talk about my mum so much now I live next to her, but some people think they know her so here’s another instalment! When I went out to the garden centre with her this week she bought herself a pride and joy for her faux plant in her lounge – it’s a pheasant! And you wonder where I get it from? So funny! She gives them all names and laughs when her partner rolls his eyes :-). Well done mum, never change! The exclusive on my newsletter this week is what happened when sis, mum and I went out for lunch… (See below on how to sign up for the newsletter, which arrives to your inbox every Friday, alerting you to the brand-new blog!

Puzzling… still

Nearly done, nearly done (okay I know I’ve said that for a week and a half… But seriously this is one of the most difficult puzzles I’ve ever ever done because so much of the three areas that are left all look the same. At least I finished the snow (if you’ve not read my blog before look back to see the progress!) Seriously I have enjoyed it and it’s kind of therapeutic… Whether I’ll do it again in a hurry I don’t know. Maybe next year, I’ll put it away with Christmas stuff that’s in my spare room waiting to go into storage :-). But I’m down in Devon next week so I’ll see what I can take down to tidy up my place. I quite liked it when my place was fairly scant after the Christmas cleanup! Then came the Accounts… And everything got thrown about with invoices and receipts everywhere 🙂 


Sad boo Accounts, as you will have heard if you listened to my Thursdaybantz. I did 80% of my account document on my laptop and… It crashed! And because I thought I had autosave on and I didn’t, I lost everything until November 22 from the April… All those expenses all organised in cleverly inserted formula in the Excel cells… gone into the ether. He decided to tell me there was a problem, closed down and rebooted, twice. And when it came back on he had reset when I last saved. Fortunately I’d at least saved that bit! Note to self, continually press save whatever happens! Got to do it all again but at least I’m quick, I better be, the accountants appointment is looming!

157 Bus Nostalgia

I must say I love nostalgic cards, look at this one from Sutton in Surrey in the 1950s! Or 60s. I think :-). Weren’t the women dressed well back when and the colours were so beautiful, well in someone’s memory anyway who created this, it’s a birthday card but my lovely friend Denise Berry (who used to be called Barnhurst), my lovely friend from school, sent me this, after I sent my New Year’s cards (I didn’t do many Christmas cards but I did quite a few New Year’s ones when I eventually got time to write something! LOL.) She said she had to buy it because of the bus number. Of course! The 157 used to be one of our local buses! I think it’s by Saint Dunstan‘s Hill, bottom of Sutton High Street. I thought you might like it so I posted it here for you to see and enjoy 🙂 

Watch – I saw Saltburn, big film with lots of buzz at the moment. I think it was on Sky or Premier. And to be honest it was rather peculiar. Gripping, dark, really really funny in places, but frequently uncomfortable in a ‘can’t look away’ type fashion. I can see why the main actor got given an award recently for it (Golden Globe?) But some of the more risque scenes, I actually would have fast-forwarded through, and would recommend you do so too, if anything you’ve heard about the few odd scenes (and some were really odd!) puts you off, because the rest of it is really worth watching! I’m right on the cusp of whether I would see it again or not so for now I’m gonna give it an eight out of 10. I’d recommend it but bear in mind what I said above! You have been warned…

Plus… The Traitors, obviously! Have been loving this second BBC series, really into it. It was funny because on the Thursday Facebook live, I started talking about The Traitors and I said I haven’t seen tonight‘s one, so don’t say anything, and then I said I wonder what happened to Paul… And then somebody commented: Paul went out tonight. 🤪

I was like… Oh. My. God. Talk about spoiler alert! It was quite funny really and she didn’t mean it, poor Carol. Anyway, it’s got all the right ingredients for a proper gripping serial and is on every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday but not for much longer I’m sure. I’m really enjoying it are you? Who do you think will get through to the end? I think Harry has got a very good chance…

Also started The Diplomat with the excellent Rufus Sewell… will get back into that at some point 🙂 

Plus ‘The Apprentice’ is back at the beginning of February, looking forward to it, and at the end of January I’m supposed to be going to see a recording of ‘The Apprentice, You’re Fired,’ run by a company called Lost In TV, with my lovely friend Alison Keenan, and a couple of others 🙂

Blooper – Not really a blooper, so much as some funnies for you and our new presenter ‘getting to know’ videos that are now back online! (See them here). They’ve all been uploaded, cleverly recorded and edited by the promo team, well done guys! All done in a ‘strictly introducing the contestants,’ style. And some are really funny! Watch Anne Dawson, Charlie, and Jackie’s in particular! I’ve got to watch the rest and then I’ll keep you informed 🙂 Mine is on there too with what happened when I was on the Stars in their Eyes…

PodcastGo here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week Will gets the chance to find out more about Sophie Batsford, the Alpha guest, just in time for their big today special value on Monday!

Vlog – in the absence of some long winter walks videos, (blame every second being used up this week including for zoom meetings for my Association in Devon, and board meetings for the directors in my flats in Surrey and Accounts, and… It goes on!), here’s my first proper Reel on Instagram. (See it here). There are some mistakes but I was quite proud of my effort, when we were doing the Dyson supersonic hairdryer recently! And it still stands the test of time, just look at how quick it is to get my hair from wet to dry enough to go out the door, styled and everything! Check out the time at the end! Look up some offers on our website!

There’s also a new Dyson product called the air strait, for which the publicity machine is just gearing up, launching early Feb. I hope we get it on QVC, watch out for it!

Book of the Week – ‘A Midwinter Match’ by Jane Lovering. 

One of my regular reliable authors that I always read, Jane Lovering has brought us two flawed but interesting characters gradually falling for each other in a very unusual context. I finished it this week! Well done her! I’ve now gone back to Katy Brent Book, ‘How to Kill Men and Get Away with It’ so I finish it in time for her new one coming out on the 1st of February! It’s called ‘The Murder after the Night Before’! Or something like that, but it looks really good! She’s doing a book tour at the moment so watch out for ads in your local bookshop! 

And I’ve actually started a Patricia Cornwell, based ages and ages ago, before computers! (Well she is on book 27 in the series now) and it’s called Post Mortem. Again, I’ll keep you informed. Considering I’ve got a long journey down to Devon next week I should be able to get quite a lot of listening hours done!


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of what I launched last night, the Kenwood multiPro Go compact food processor, it’s really good!

Saturday – time for a Shark, this time a corded (plug in with cable) stick vacuum cleaner called the Stratos…

Sunday – on Saturday night I get to launch the next big one from Tweak’d – lookout for the cleansing treatment 16 ounce and a lovely body rescue cream 16 ounce size as well. They’re not cheap but these are super sizes and they do some really interesting things to your hair.

Big deals ending Sunday night

Go to this section of our website each week to discover the current ones which often end on Sunday nights if there are any stocks left!

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. Occasionally they last a couple of weeks but there are new ones every Sunday night so come back again and see them on the link above. 

Next week should include:

– style – Dune embellished leather boot

– extra – Spinmop is back! 

– beauty – Oo oo my number one product and QVC ever, lip lift from Gale Hayman is back with a four piece Pucker up lip collection!

– main – hair are with Nicky Clarke, the Frizz Control hot air styler

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – when I’m away in Devon running another retreat for writers, cooking home-made dinners and cakes!, We will have the Alpha H three-piece glow and hydrate collection new today’s special value. Sophie the guest is also on Will‘s podcast this week 🙂

Tuesday – Denim & Co’s newest offering is a suede Shacket, a shirt jacket!

Wednesday – Waltham Cook essentials with a set of two stackable storage boxes with dividers, it means we have lots from the kitchen range probably!

Thursday – Gill Gauntlett returns with a new set of four spectacles, they are Readers with a blue light filter, four of them from hummingbird with a very low price tag!

Friday – Then at the other end of the scale for a Samsung galaxy phone, the S 22 with 128gb storage!

Friday 9 pm – launching a super lash and brow combination, from specialists Grande cosmetics, the 2 mL lash and the 3 mL brow serum, and you can get them on subscribe and save too!

Also, guess what. Sunday Riley comes to QVC with their new today special value for Sunday the 28th, going on sale earlier in the week. It’s called the three-piece icons skincare set. And I’ve been given to super bundles, they are pictured here but you’ll have to wait and see what’s in the actual today’s special value. I’ll be going to see my lollipop and her family in Wales that weekend after I finish in Devon on the Friday, but I’ll be back in time for a new day special value on Sunday night!

Next week – It’s Blake’s 6th so I’ll be at my son Brad’s this Saturday babysitting Kaleb while they take Blake out for her birthday to the Theatre. Then I get together with the Surrey Association at lunchtime on Sunday, work, and a trip down to Devon for my next retreat. Have a great week! And don’t forget the bargains coming up 🙂

Best wishes



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