Debbie Flint

The girls came back! And sneaky peeks :-)

It may have only been a flying visit, but it was lovely to see Lara and Izzy over from Sweden for a week. Went to dinner with mum and had a lovely time. They are so grown-up now. How small they used to be 🙂 and now Isabella is taller than mum! How time flies! 

Had a lovely time in Devon last week as well,  running the retreat as usual. I gave you some pictures already, but this one later in the week made me smile. My lovely friend Alix did not want to be on camera, so this is me having a cup of tea and a slice of something, with my friend Alex only without my friend Alex LOL. It was very nice though, and I had just finished the garden party which is always a little bit stressful so it’s nice to just kick back with an old buddy! Then it was back off to London because I was working quite early the next day.

Saw Mission: Impossible 7, with fab friend Jennie, too – obviously, as I mentioned it last week. Really great film! And managed to squeeze in lunch with Sheena on the Friday. What a week and a super group of writers to look after, as well. Living the dream as some might say – the relatively hectic dream, but the dream, nonetheless!


Bread Pud

Excelled myself at the end of the stay and made this very good looking bread pudding using leftover loaves. However… Didn’t quite put enough liquid in… Should have been more sludgy and left a bit longer. Hope my housekeeper liked it, as there was quite a lot left at the end! So I can’t really say I’m getting used to this cooking lark, can I! LOL. Well if your skills are the same as mine, I guess you can always order some of the readymade foodstuff from us… and get ready for a Hotel Chocolat today’s special value launching tonight Friday through Saturday (22nd) as part of a big Christmas shopping weekend (#ChristmasInJulyOnQVCEveryYear!)

Don’t Give Up the Day Job

Just in case you thought I didn’t have enough to do in my time, as a director of our flats in Surrey, I’m actually involved in trying to resolve several issues that have cropped up regarding leaking balconies and substandard paint work! Just wanted to park this here!! Took so many of these pictures this week, if I close my eyes all I can see are white door frames with peeling paint and uneven filler! LOL. Reminds me of the days when I used to go blackberrying and when I close my eyes all I could see was big purple fruits!

Stop me and buy one!

Said hello to a lovely lady who was serving at the garden party at the MPs house in Tavistock last weekend, from an ice cream van laden with goodies, dessert delivered by the kind hosts amidst on and off monsoon weather in Devon! It was nice in the breaks in between and thank goodness for a marquee! I don’t usually go to stuff like that very often and had a really nice time 🙂


Another big shout out for Mission: Impossible 7, and I have to say I would see it again in a heartbeat. However this week it’s Oppenheimer and Barbie! Can’t wait to see both of them! Meanwhile I have been finally able to watch the seventh season of Outlander. Just love Jamie and Claire and their travels and adventures. Having read the books I know what happens afterwards but I’m still enjoying the series. Whilst I am writing my own fifth novel, I see the scenes very much in a TV series format. You never know, one day – every author’s dream 🙂

Funny – If you can, look at some of the Barbara Edwards Diamonique Jewelry and choose recently on air. She and Charlie are having a whale of a time and it was a really funny show. I don’t know who I was envious of most – him being on with her or her being on with him! Anyway in the meantime here is a graphic that made me giggle 🙂


Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

And the new one this week is relatively new (but not the newest now,) QVC presenter, Victoria!

Vlog – a nice bit of behind the scenes at QVC! (See it here.)

Book of the Week

‘Bad Men’ by Julie Mae Cohen. It’s here, it’s here! I finally get to read the latest in a different genre, from my fabulous mentor, Julie. Just started listening to the audiobook and it really pulls you straight in. I absolutely love this woman’s writing. She is so inspiring. In this one, unlike anything else she’s ever written, a female serial killer goes around ridding society of… bad men. But why…?!  🙂 Well done Julie!

I’d also like to congratulate a former guest at my writing retreat in Devon –Yomi Adegoke, whose debut novel ‘The List’, is heading up the charts and has already got TV rights acquired! Following a soon-to-be husband and wife, who face a potential split unless the hubby can prove he should not have suddenly appeared on a trending list of philandering men, partly made famous by his reporter wife-to-be! Great stuff! 


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the K by Kelly Hoppen set of two indoor and outdoor pre-lit garden decor ideas! Then at 9 pm I launch through…

Saturday – …Hotel Chocolat #TSV. It’s called ‘the everything collection’ bundle, on four easy payments and already online, go and have a look. And we have a huge day absolutely packed full with lots of Christmas ideas and it extends through into Sunday. 

Sunday – I’m still away (see below) but you will be able to buy the Luxa set of two twinkling lamps!

Big deals ending Sunday night

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Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. Occasionally they last a couple of weeks but there are new ones every Sunday night so come back again and see them on the link above. 

Next week should include:

– style – Helene Berman brings us the cotton frill sleeve dress

– extra – spotlight ultimate whitening heroes double pack

– beauty – SBC 6 piece summer skincare saviours

– main – cooks essentials 3.8 L multifunctional pan set!

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – it is Estée Lauder time again with a three-piece summer holiday kit, also possibly already online with a huge huge saving!

Tuesday – Malissa J Kimono and Palazzo trousers in vibrant colourful summer shades

Wednesday – steel by Diamonique 5-carat total weight three-piece bracelet bangle set

Thursday – white stuff Jemima cotton top – makes a change from a dress!

Friday – must get some – UK brow eyebrow serum in a big duo

Friday 9 pm I look out next week for news about a way to get one of these machines and try within 60 days to clean all the carpets in your house on your trial, moneyback guarantee. It’s the VAX platinum smart wash with 1.5 L additional solution!

And keep them peeled for the Elemis five-piece procollagen today’s special value on Sunday 30th, including the marine cream!

Next week – a Kate Bush tribute act at Cardigan Castle in West Wales, a flying visit with my daughter at the weekend! More news about it next week or you may be able to follow me on social media and find out more before anyone else!

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Best wishes


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