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Venturing out – and First Look QVC Deals 

Thank you for checking in on this blog – transferred to this website because all QVC presenter blogs are on a little hiatus for the summer.

If you missed the previous ones, I am now on a long summer holiday at a health retreat in Somerset. It involves being here most of the time, doing exercise and treatments and swimming and eating healthily and getting fully involved in the whole Chillaxing thing! I popped out last week to go to Okehampton and the cinema, and I did the same again this week! See below. Getting a little bit more back to normal, I took a trip out in the car to explore a little, and found a charming little village called Wiveliscombe. And found a friend – look what was on top of the postbox just outside the old courthouse. (See it in the top pic). I had a little wander and tried to buy some healthy snacks! Then I did a little vlog from there, go here to see it.

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