Debbie Flint

Sunset Surprises and sneaky peeks…

I had a really nice week in Devon, obviously the weather was boiling. But the memoirs group I was looking after at my writing retreat were an absolute dream. Marnie the tutor was wonderful, and Jennie joined in too, my yoga friend, to take part in the memoirs workshops. 

We also had some lovely sunset walks. Following the success of that wonderful photograph by the pool in France last week, one of my favourite pictures I’ve ever taken, I thought I’d have a go here. On an evening walk, the group did a little pose by a barn gate for me in front of a gorgeous sunset! Not quite as good as the one below but I was very pleased with it. Mind you, you should see what happened on one of our walks! (It’s the exclusive over on this week’s newsletter, which comes out by email every Friday; sign up below by pressing the newsletter icon!)

Tried some new dishes this week as well.

I don’t normally post the puddings, and this one was so simple but went down so well, I thought I’d show you.

A rich butter shortbread biscuit, with a massive dollop of wonderful lemon Greek EasiYo yoghurt, and a mini meringue on top – my version of a lemon meringue special – plus a big juicy strawberry. It went down a treat! I will definitely be doing that again! As did the ninja ice cream maker, see below!

Took time out to see my friends again, including Barbara and Sheila and Caitlyn popped over as well. Happy belated birthday to lovely Sheila, and also my wonderful pal Sheena who I took to lunch on Friday as a birthday treat. Saw Alix as well, who was also interested in the ninja, this time the original 15 in one. Had a lovely #thursdaybantz as well, including a little giggle or two, from the studio.

It was a lovely week in so many ways. More on next week’s blog as I’m down here till Sunday!


Ninja Ice Cream Churner is a Hit!

Two of my lovely guests this week, Pema and Hayley, loved tucking into some of the wonderful creations I made for my guests in Devon with the amazing ninja ice cream churner. It makes ice cream from ingredients that you leave frozen for 24 hours in the clever little containers, and the cans of pineapple made into sorbet went down a treat, as did the creamy vanilla made from custard, and the rose water ice/sorbet! It’s definitely a keeper!

Sunset nr Sheepwash

Kendall, a talented musician and writer, one of the guests this week, took this incredible shot. I have half a mind to get it made into a print to put up in my studio! It looks a bit like an oil painting doesn’t it! Isn’t it amazing how a sunset–lit scene can appear? Well done Kendall and thanks for some interesting chats this week 🙂

Blake and Kaleb

Had one of the hottest visits to my son and his little family last weekend, and the kids were playing in the tiny back garden where it was baking hot! Kaleb is starting to properly talk now, it’s that real turning point when they string words together and it’s adorable. Congratulations to Blake who won her running race at school this week on one of hottest days of the year. Looking forward to seeing them next week!

Watch – Getting back into ‘The Morning Show’ on Apple TV, season two, with Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell amongst others. It’s really flipping good! Nothing interesting enough at the cinema, I did have a look but it’s mostly kid’s stuff. Any recommendations let me know! PS other than that not much time to watch anything this week 🙂 although the funny below is worth a watch!

Blooper – Considering my flight back from France last week was nothing like this, I wish it was! I thought I’d mention this little funny that popped up on Instagram this week 🙂 funniest flight attendant safety demo ever! LOL. (See it here).


Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week it’s the turn of lovely presenter Laura Fleming, about leaving us soon to have her baby; singing on cruise ships, and her previous careers! Best wishes to lovely Laura.

Vlog – Taking a breather during a long hot week! (See it here).

Book of the Week – Well I’m going to mention ‘Winter’s Gifts’, a shorter than usual book from ‘Rivers of London’ author, Ben Aaronovitch. I love DCI Peter Grant, and all the Rivers of London tales so far. But I really like the main books. I thought I’d give the spinoff a go. It was released in June this year and is his attempt at introducing some new elements to the library of novels about the special department in the police that deals with supernatural incidents. Over in the USA, Kimberly Reynolds is the FBI equivalent of Peter Grant.

A tornado has threatened half a town and neighbours report unsettling sightings, key evidence goes missing, and the snow keeps rising. Something terrible is awakening. I’m finding it hard to get into I must say, but maybe I haven’t given it enough of a chance yet. Elements of the same vocabulary and a reference or two to London are the only things keeping me going at the moment. Hopefully will pick up soon! I’m not a massive fan either of the narrator, none of the highs and lows and intimate delivery of Kobna Holdbrook Smith. *sigh*. Will give it some attention and hopefully it will pick up.

Must mention Jane Lovering’s new book next week as well because probably I will be listening to it on the way back from Devon this weekend.

Meanwhile how about a tale of inspiration from our ex QVC presenter colleague, Anna Cookson’s new book, she says, “it’s about self-empowerment… and you being you! About finding your true self… hopefully a nice positive message for everyone with a twist of Spanish sunshine! xxx.” Called ‘Dancing out of Love’, it’s about Kezia who kicks the habits of a lifetime and goes off to learn flamenco dancing in Spain on a journey of self-discovery. But Darim and his enigmatic flamingo school may not be quite as idyllic as it seems. It’s with Pegasus, due out soon! Well done Anna, that’s another QVC Presenter who has published books! Yay for us! 


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Next week – back in the saddle, back in Surrey, after a big association meeting this weekend in Devon and seeing more friends and the kids of course! Have a great week.

Best wishes


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