Debbie Flint

Spa Break mishap! And sneaky peeks…

Also this week:

– upcoming offers from Radley, Skechers, and Clinique, amongst others

– backstage buddy pics

– and a boo-boo!

But first…

Off to Champneys for a belated Christmas treat.

On Wednesday, I had a lovely time at a spa. It was just a day visit, so I had to get up really early and meet my lovely close pal & ex-sister-in-law Nicky who was treating us both, for the hour drive down to Liphook in brilliant sunshine. 

I used to go there more frequently for short stays years ago when I was writing my first book because they had such good offers, so it was nice to return. Albeit for a day! We had a great catch-up and a coffee in the breakfast room, and did not even hit the swimming pool till 11 am!

Spent a long time in the massive pool tho. Regulars will know I love swimming so much! It is a gorgeous pool area, with lots of extra features, at Champneys, Forest Mere. Just google it and you will see, as I left my phone behind so did not get a pool pic this time, as I usually do. On the day, it was really quite busy there. They’ve revamped it since last time I stayed, so it reminds me a bit more of the aqua sana at Center Parcs – no wonder it’s a destination for so many people. In the old days there was just a spa and a hot tub!

After the swim, it was time to relax so having had lunch, we sat contentedly in the piano room looking over the gorgeous lake (where Craigie and I spent some time mucking about when we came here years ago, probably 2015! And it was boiling hot back then.) It was quite sunny when we sat down tho, enjoyed the ambience with some gentle piano tune playing in the background and relaaaaaaxed.

To be honest, that’s what the rest of the afternoon consisted of: sitting still… About time, I hear you say! But some slippery armchairs made it particularly tricky to stay static… (Take a look here).

But easy to slide into slumber 🙂 lol. I started a 20-minute meditation, and suddenly, two hours had passed, the sunshine had gone, but the view was still lovely, albeit covered in cloudy skies and drizzle. I experienced what could have been a very awkward boo-boo at one point tho, see below :-), but overall we had a great day.

I’ve bought a special return voucher to go again, possibly around about my birthday time in May. We have to give ourselves a bit of prioritising, sometimes, don’t we? Focus on what’s right for us individually, rather than worrying about the world the whole time, or what other people should be doing. Or fixing everyone else’s problems. (Note to self! LOL.) Roll on May. Actually, I’m off to Devon next week for hopefully a bit of relaxation, instead of what I usually do! More below.


Glenn’s new Friend

Mum was away when brother Glenn had a flying visit from Sweden this week, but she left him a companion… Not that Glenn was impressed! Anyone remember the collectable dolls we used to do on QVC in the old days? Still got any? I have Charlie bears more than dolls nowadays, but even back then I did have some! My sister has our oldest doll, she’s called Susie, from when we were kids, and the little girls’ dollies had moulded plastic curls flat to their heads! But we didn’t care, did we? Lovely memories 🙂 

Backstage Buddies

Lovely Gill Gauntlett and I wore the famous iconic denim and co jacket, 177 300, this week. It was a very special garden extravaganza on Sunday, and these beautiful colours, coral and honey gold, went really well with the spring set with its daffodils and begonias! Lee did not partake, although if there had been one of the right size, I’m sure he would! But in the next photo, one of our fellow presenters suddenly popped up behind us, and did an amazing photo bomb! Can you guess who it was? It’s the exclusive over on this week’s newsletter (**see below about signing up for the weekly emails so you never miss a blog!) and you will also see behind the scenes in the Guest Lounge and what happened in between shows with my Gatineau mates. (If you haven’t got this week’s newsletter just email me at the info@ email address on my homepage, and I will forward you a copy!)


Yes, although I look in the mirror nowadays and I’m definitely seeing the signs of a collapsing face (okay it’s not terrible but you know what it’s like as you hit 60, well, some of you will!). In my head I’m nowhere near as old as some people. Hugh Grant at the Oscars this week was a tragic reminder that we’re all getting on a bit. Today, it’s a bit of a leveller when I see the current appearance of some of my lifelong favourites (although Hugh’s star has definitely fallen!!) So I thought I’d post this picture to make you smile! At least we all remain young in our heads! LOL

Watch – well did you guess who the two finalists would be, Alexa play Nick Ferrari podcast latest Alexa add to my to do list things you forget – patches, spray for nose on the apprentice? Spoiler alert – if you have yet to watch it, skip this bit.

It was interviews week, my favourite part of the process. The thing is we get to know the candidates for weeks in the different tasks, before they then have their business plans blown to smithereens by Alan Sugar‘s team of experts. Who would have known that some of them would be so illiterate or unable to add up or not even know the basics of business definitions. One didn’t even know the difference between turnover and profit. !!!

The ultimate two finalists stood out from the start of this show, one with 14 years in a hairdressing business already, and the other who is at the top of her game in boxing and has premises and grants lined up already. Exactly who I thought he would pick, but of course we only see part of the interviews. 

I’ve always watched this program with interest because 20 years ago I thought to myself I’d like to be on it! But instead I launched my own business, did my own business plan, cash flow projections, investment plans, got £500,000 worth of investment in my own business which sadly ultimately failed. But not for lack of a good business plan! Me and my business partners had an amazing time over the few years we ran it (my first book was based partly on that journey! ‘Take a chance on me,’ still on Amazon!) and it takes hours and hours and hours of work. Maybe they should make it clear to people at the start. Maybe they should have the interviews and business plan section at the beginning, then offer them some kind of mentorship to get it shipshape, to not waste their time during the whole process only to fail at one of the last hurdles. After all, someone else’s business plans might have been better but they fell foul of being project manager one week and were ejected. Maybe Lord Sugar’s team earmark the most appropriate business plans right at the beginning and steel of sugar through who he fires. Who knows. I really enjoyed this series, but my money is on the boxing girl. I can’t see Alan Sugar favouring a chain of hairdressers over getting involved in the boxing game. Let’s see next week 🙂 

Blooper – It’s one to tell you about rather than have a picture of, for reasons that will become obvious! On the Champneys day, late afternoon, having drunk lots of water et cetera, I found myself needing a speedy bathroom break. But I realised I had made a boo-boo, when, having wrapped myself up warm for lunch, (with my leggings, a vest top, a T-shirt, my Skechers gilet, and a jacket on top), almost too late I remembered I had put my other dry costume on earlier! Underneath all of that… with no quick escape! Well, we had only intended to go for a quick coffee afterwards then back to the spa area.  I do wonder what the lady outside of the cubicle thought, a particularly small cubicle I have to say, as the sounds of grunting and groaning filtered through, as I had to remove absolutely everything in the confines of a 2 1/2 foot wide space, to… achieve my objective, if you see what I mean! And I mean everything! Funny!! I won’t do that again in a hurry…


Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week, Will talks to Judith Williams, about how she is mentoring young entrepreneurs, how her new products come about with a focus on formulation and also a look ahead to the future!


Another week another weird place to do my #thursdaybantz! Watch this to find out what happened this week, and also for my usual ramblings on a Thursday evening on Facebook live! (See it here).

Ps I’m down in Devon next week so please make sure you watch out for some good vlogs on countryside walks, I’m determined to get some done, since I’m not actually running a retreat next week!

Book of the Week

Loooooving the latest from the Gower Street Detective. Pernickety, superior but highly functioning Sidney Grice and his young Ward, the feisty, plain, but highly opinionated March Middleton, come across yet another colourful crime to investigate. I really giggle at some of the interactions between the characters and their Victorian turns of phrase. I do think this guy is a bit of a genius! The author is M.R.C. Kasasian, he’s very clever, and as I have said previously, the female narrator is absolutely genius: one of the best at accents, I’ve ever known. (This may sound like last week’s, but I’m now on book four, with book 5 still to go, all set in the quirky Victorian era which is depicted so well with the authors little interjections describing the sights and sounds and habits of the times.)  I’m loving it!


Friday (today) – Go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the Tempur ease comfort multiposition pillow in our mini sleep event. Sleeping is the most important thing in my life at the moment which I don’t normally get, if you feel the same watch this!

Saturday – It’s Skechers time! The ‘summit slip-ins’ trainer is here. In a choice of lovely colours including navy, rose, etc. A great opportunity to get yourself one of the lowest prices for a new pair of trainers for the spring and summer, don’t miss it!

This features a brand-new innovation from Skechers called “slip ins” – a new technology, which should help with putting the shoes on easily, without having to bend down! Looking forward to seeing it 🙂

Sunday – Plants2Gardens bring us 5X9CM Granvia collection, and another lovely gardening day full of hours and hours of some of your favourites. And watch out for my launch of this wonderful Radley bag in the evening!

Big deals ending Sunday night

Go to this section of our website each week to discover the current ones which often end on Sunday nights if there are any stocks left!

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. Occasionally they last a couple of weeks but there are new ones every Sunday night so come back again and see them on the link above. 

Next week should include:

– style- elbow sleeve faux wrap knit dress with tie belt by Nina Leonard.

– extra – Silk’n LED Mirror w Bluetooth Speaker, no less!

– beauty – Clinique 3pc Cleanse & Makeup set

– main – Periea set of 4 Patterned Collapsible Storage Boxes in different sizes

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – Radley are launching this stylish Lloyd Ave Medium Flapover leather crossbody, in super colours. Plus a separate leather strap quartz watch!

Tuesday – Prime Fifty skin, hair and nails anti-aging supplements – an eight weeks supply, so it is time to catch up.

Wednesday – Save money on washing powder with the eco-egg, it does 750 washes, & the laundry kit includes two dryer balls and six detox tablets and it will be a brilliant price!

Thursday – The interviewee on Will Gowing’s latest Inside QVC podcast, Judith Williams, is here with lifelong beauty, her category for more mature skins, in a super-affordable four-piece collection, on Thursday.

Friday – Tech time, and it’s the hi-sense 50-inch smart 4K ultra HDQLEDTV with Amazon Alexa built-in!

Friday 9 pm – Launching in the evening, a wonderful padded large garden rocking chair, going on sale earlier in the week! Called the Oslo.

Plus make sure if you need your Liz Earle and you love SuperSkin, you don’t miss Sunday’s deal, launching mid week!

Next week – Clearing out down in Devon! A lot of appointments to catch up on, meetings and get-togethers, and a week without a retreat! But there will be a skip or two involved…

And of course it’s Mother’s Day which I will be spending with my son Brad and his kids on Sunday lunchtime, looking forward to having lunch cooked for me and playing with my grandchildren, and hopefully having a catch up with my son when the others are busy… or asleep. If I’m not asleep by then!

Best wishes


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