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He.. er, She’s done it again. J K Rowling writing as alias ‘Robert Galbraith’ goes from strength to strength with her latest flawed detective Cormoran Strike outing. And this one has got me gripped with another superb audiobook rendition from award-winning narrator Robert Glenister. This one is even more creepy and has superb narrative drive from the get-go, putting sidekick Robyn in jeopardy and creating a ‘can they do it in time’ crisis – I won’t give anything away. What I love best is not anything to do with Harry Potter – I liked the films more than the books, which I began reading to my kids, incidentally, long before they became huge. It’s more JK’s prudent turn of phrase, succinctly conjuring up an image or a smell or an emotion with few words and lots of impact. Highly recommended.

Go here to get it on Amazon incl in audiobook.

Ps If you haven’t read any yet, start with Cuckoo’s Calling, and then The Silkworm. All blooming brilliant.