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Hot on the Heels of chapter 20, the Complete Steamy Hawaiian Escape now Available by Demand! Plus Robert McKee's Oscar Nominees. And top Funny Book Titles!
27 February 2014

Steamy version of Hawaiian Escape, Book 1 in the Trilogy Steamy version of Hawaiian Escape, Book 1 in the Trilogy Angela Oltmann

What a lovely week! Have been away in Devon then at a spa/writing break, focussing on my writing. It included sorting out new covers for my novels, so they’re consistent – if you look on Amazon now, you’ll see that Hawaiian Escape (Book 1) steamy and PG versions and Hawaiian Affair (Book 2) steamy and PG versions have consistent house styles. The paperback covers on Createspace are also in the process of being matched up too! Yay! What a job THAT was! Anyone who self-publishes may know what a rigmarole it is to get the formatting right. But once you’ve done it, it’s so rewarding to see your work up there and available Especially when so many five star reviews start coming thru!

The links to all my work are below, but meanwhile, here is the latest one to be added to the list – I’ve also just uploaded the complete steamy version of Hawaiian Escape – the original was without the steamy chapter 20 – so that’s now been integrated because so many people asked for it to be! And the whole book can now be bought on Amazon. Do let me know if you enjoy it!


TIPS FOR SCRIPTS - Robert McKee’s Alumni Pepper the Oscar Nominees List

As a graduate of ‘Story’, Robert McKee’s superb script writing seminars, I was pleased to see this round up of some top names nominated for this year’s Oscars, all of whom have been along to his fabulous tips for scripts. This time last year I was over in LA and spent Oscar night in the house of my ex’s producer/manager, watching the ceremony on TV and listening to him swearing about the crappy host, amidst a blow by blow critique of each of the awards. Let’s hope this year’s is much better! And if you don’t know where to begin with scriptwriting, I’d just get McKee’s how-to book, by the same name. His plot tips will help any novelist work out a killer novel idea too. And go here to read more about his courses and seminars around the world – coming to London in the Spring! One day when I'm a grown up I still aspire to be a scriptwriter! 



Robert McKee Oscar Nominees



Final word on the Controversy over the recent Author Earnings Survey

One last piece on the now inflammatory but fascinating (and very clever) Hugh Howey Authors’ Earnings Report which created a storm in the self pub world this month. Click here for full report.  

Another contribution on digital book world site from Jack Perry just about sums it all up, so just in case you don’t want to wade through it all, check this post out, called ‘The Common Ground in the Debate of Self-Pub v Trad Pub’ Won’t win any snappy title competitions, but worth a read if you’re unaware so far of the whole furore.


Championing the Trad Publisher – The Flip Side

And for a view from the flip side – a successful self pub author who got a deal and says his publishers are brilliant, as featured on my main RiWiSi segment on the QVC Blog. (go to blogs tab at top to read it – it’s another fab success story, which of course we all get inspired by, don’t we, fellow self-publishers!) Or click here to read in full – Self Publishing Changed My Life But my Trad Publishing Deal Exceeded All Expectations. From a guy called Kerry Wilkinson who shifted 400,000 eBooks through self-publishing prior to 2012.




-          Net Galley’s top ten books coming out in April  Always nice to have a heads up as to which fiction is tipped for the top. Includes a really interesting book called ‘Sensation, the New Science of Physical Intelligence’ – roll on April for that one! More about it in my Monday Update on Back to You tab (Mon 3rd March)  click here for more.


-          Weirdest Book Titles of the Year How could I resist including this one? You’ve got to click on this link, just to gasp at some of the titles – some even having traditional publishers’ deals! Like ‘The Origin of Feces’ (sic) and ‘Are Trout South African’ - makes you wonder, doesn’t it!  More here.



Full info on my titles below, all on Amazon.

Have a great week! And don’t forget to check out the main RiWiSi on my new QVC UK blog out today. Click ‘blog’ tab at top for more info. – it includes another fab Lee Child Book of the Week – so I’m a Jack Reacher groupie, what can I say!

Best wishes



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Till the Fat Lady Slims is my 2002 weight loss book all about eating like slim people do, following Food Freedom technique.

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‘Diary of a Wannabe Shopping Channel Presenter’ – Bridget Jones meets Alan Partridge meets Eddie Murphy in Holy Man… coming Easter 2014

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