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book of the week - Lizzie Lamb's Girl in the Castle
20 April 2017


book of the week this week is from my RNA pal, romaniac Lizzie Lamb. She's a great writer, why not give her latest a go?

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Plus see bottom for a reminder of all my own books or go to amazon here.

Well done Lizzie by the way - I admire your productiveness!




from Lizzie -

I am really thrilled to be able to share my new novel - GIRL IN THE CASTLE - with you. I adore the front cover and I hope you will soon feel the same way about my heroine, Dr Henriette Bruar, my hero Keir MacKenzie, Master of Mountagarrie and the story I have woven around them. 

Castle Stalker - Argyll and Bute
Castle Stalker which was the inspiration for Castle Tearmannaire in my novel. 
The idea for Girl in the Castle came to me whilst touring Scotland in 2015. One of our trips took us to Castle Stalker where we were shown round by the owner. Standing on the battlements and inspired by the setting, I started wondering what would bring my heroine all the way to Argyllshire, Scotland. What was she running away from? What did she have to hide? From there, the novel started to form, I had a heroine. All I needed was a hero and then I was off . . . . 
Book Trailer for Girl in the Castle - I hope you like it
I have some prizes to give away - a tin of Lindt chocolate truffles, a magnetic bookmark featuring Castle Stalker, and a notelet for TWO subscribers.

you can read the opening chapter by following this link over to my blog 
Good luck. 
If you would like to pre-order a download or purchase a paperback of GIRL IN THE CASTLE, here's the link - 
Publication date is Tuesday 25th April
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