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Biology of Belief, Steamy Novelist Lynne Connelly and How Profitable is Self-Publishing?
22 March 2013

READ IT, WRITE IT, SELL IT! – my weekly look at all things book!


This week - can your beliefs really heal you? And steamy novels alert - focus on Lynne Connolly - one of the best! Plus a look at my short story Valentine's Surprise, now uploaded to amazon on eBook, including - how much can some people make by self-publishing to amazon?


The Biology of BeliefBook of the Week
This week, a very different type of book, which kept me intrigued all the way down to Devon on audio book, 'Biology of Belief' by Bruce Lipton.

If you didn’t know already, I’m a bit of a science geek and this utterly ground-breaking book deals with the power of social conditioning and how our resulting perceptions create our reality, like how one child may associate a harmless grass snake with fear ‘cos the mother runs away screaming, whereas another’s mum might be a snake expert and the same snake might be a subject of fascination. And also about how when we’re older, our powerful sub-conscious dictates almost all of our reactions to the life we live, based on the associations we learned growing up. Yet most of those reactions don’t serve us. That’s why we still eat rubbish when we know it’s not good for us. So how do we change it?

There are also some amazing insights into childhood learning, which may alter how you communicate with under sevens, and some inspirational ways of changing your own perceptions and changing your life. Fab. Click here for more info.

Focus on Lynne Connolly – successful eBook author
Lynne ConnollyI met Lynne at the recent Oxford Author Course (see last week’s blog). She is a highly successful  author of ‘sexy, sophisticated romance,’ mainly with Ellora’s Cave, one of the top  eBook publishers. She also writes paranormal and historical romances too.

Lynne told us it is amazing how huge the ‘romantica’ (romantic erotica) eBook industry is at the moment, on the back of E L James’ success and the growth of Kindle, and her tips for would-be authors include;

 • Be prolific – with eBooks, more than ever, happy readers will come back looking for more of your work, so always have some on offer

 • She writes 60-80,000 words per book, about 4-6 books per year (yes really) and a couple of novella’s

 • Social media is essential – pick two (eg facebook and Twitter) and build your brand by being as pro-active as possible, including having a website

 • She answers every comment on her blog or newsletter, the latter having 600 subscribers, issued once per month

 • Do your research - her current research includes vintage corsets for a character in her new book! I’ve put Lynne on my list for the next time I buy another new book to read!


Debbie’s First Novel – Update
For those that don’t know, it’s called 'Hawaiian Affair' and the plan to have it up for sale marches on apace. If you’ve been following my timeline, I’m currently looking at the other peripheral things you have to do before you get published, like applying for an ITIN (forms are on the website) so you don’t get stopped 30% tax on US royalties.

Val's surprise coverAn author I was interviewing recently for my new website (‘read it write it sell’ – coming soon) has only four books out but has already made £3,250 in April alone. I’ve also encountered the power of free promotions – remember that short story I published recently? 'Valentine’s Surprise'? Well I decided, on a whim, to do a free promotion, just clicked a few boxes on Amazon and then promptly forgot about it.

Well purely due to Amazon’s own internal promotions machine for free books, in just three days another 85 free copies were downloaded in the UK, (and I didn’t even tell anyone!) plus – wait for it – 295 in the US and India.

And I had another lovely critique on a US review on from a lady in Florida. She said;

"Adorable short story - I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet story. Gracie has several misconceptions concerning her next door neighbor. On Valentine's Day she babysits her young grandson so his parents can go out. The three year old gives her the slip when her back is turned. When her neighbor pitches in to help find him she begins to see the man he truly is versus who she thought he was. Dear author please write more like stories like this. It was truly refreshing and brought a smile to my face."

How lovely of her! (You can find more info on Valentine’s Surprise here).

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