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Till the Fat Lady Slims - out now!
21 December 2016

Deb's new book is out! (Jan 6th) = Till the Fat Lady Slims - Break free from Food Prison (2017) - well it's out! And as promised, here's the cover reveal! This latest version has several chapters that have never been in any other version, about my own story - much more in depth than ever before. Most people who love it say that it's like reading their own journey, so this may resonate even more given what I reveal inside it! It'll be available to order in


bookshops and of course online.


Here's the interview I did for fun little website OAPs Chat - part one and part two of the interviews, explaining all about it.

And here's the link to Choc Lit, the publisher's TTFLS page, with links to all the different ways you can now order it - all platforms plus from all good bookstores.


I was delighted in December to read this super write up too, in the industry magazine that goes via wholesaler to booksellers.

"A title that many of your customers will be all too ready for (and me too if I keep scoffing the hummus) the in the New Year is Till the Fat Lady SlimsbyDebbie Flint(£7.99, pb, 978 178189333 3). I appreciate that there are an absolute deluge of diet titles competing for your bookshelves; but the USP of this one is that previously self-published this semi-autobiographical weight-loss and lifestyle book on Kindle with much success, and this new paperback edition includes many testimonials from her fans – the author is a very successful presenter on QVC. In 1998 Debbie found herself more than two stone overweight, under stress and in need of help. Enter Freedom Eating. This natural weight loss method helped Debbie break free from Food Prison and un-learn all the bad habits from a lifetime of 'starting again on Monday'. Till the Fat Lady Slimscontains some painful secrets which many readers will find familiar. The book also includes material covering the dangers of sugar, information on how to use Debbie's method alongside traditional dieting and endorsements from successful slimmers. “Debbie Flint’s honest account of what she went through will hit home to every yo-yo dieter out there. Life-changing and well-worth reading. Till the Fat Lady Slims is in my view absolutely BRILLIANT!” It’s published (rather ironically, I feel) by Choc Lit in January."

for the whole piece, click here.

Buy it now online or order from bookshops - you can actually order it in advance here on the Amazon website for kindle, or other platforms -

click here to get Till the Fat Lady Slims - break free from Food Prison (2017)

and of course there's a whole section about it on the TTFLS tab here.

Plus don't forget to join our Facebook Group Till the Fat Lady Slims or 'like' the page here!

lots always going on and a great group of girls to give support and galvanize people to abandon the wayside... read the book and you'll get what I mean! And keep in touch to let me know what you think - we love a personal story.



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