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John Barrowman - Author! And Serialisation - Building Your Brand.
3 May 2013

Don't annoy the author! Don't annoy the author!

READ IT, WRITE IT, SELL IT! – my weekly look at all things book!

This week - one of my favourite QVC guests - John Barrowman, the Author of Young Adult fantasy novels, co-written with his sister Carole. And how serialisation can help launch yourself as a writer, a growing trend, according to the Oxford Authors Courses. 


 Bone Quill 

Book of the Week – our very own John Barrowman, and sister Carole!

This week, to mark the return of the fabulous guy to QVC (with his new haircare range, HER – did you see it?), I thought I’d give a mention the fact that John Barrowman is also an author!

 Yes amongst his long list of achievements he can also count novelist. His novels written with sister Carole have a YA (young adult) theme, set in a dystopian time when two twins have special powers to save the world!

I’ll not say anything else, but if you didn’t realise he writes, do find out more about each book – and if I get the chance at some stage I will see if I can ask him where his ideas for novels came from.

Click here for more info about Hollow Earth and its sequel, Bone Quill! 



SerialsFocus on Self-Publishing – Serials – publishing in parts

Another little snippet from the recent Oxford Authors Courses seminar was that to build a brand, many agents and publishers are using the power of digital publishing to issue eBooks of novels broken into parts.

These serials mean audiences can have a cheaper way of trialling a new author’s writing, plus it acts like a soap opera or drama serial in that it builds an audience along the way - if the writing is good!

And if you’re lucky, it makes each new part ‘long-awaited’.


Now I’ve no idea if my novel will be long-awaited, or even sell very many! But it’s an intriguing concept just the same. An 80000 word novel can be split into 8 different segments, for instance, and published in sequence - monthly or weekly - so leading the reader to (hopefully) come back for more! Considering a short story (c.5000 words) can be 99c (pricing just below a dollar in the US market is a crucial cut off apparently), it might seem a good move.

The final feather in a serial’s cap is that you can soon tell if an author’s work is keeping people interested, and even update it or change it if not! The magic of those Amazon reviews! And bearing in mind you can actually obtain a refund on an eBook within a day or so after buying it, if you don’t like it, well, it really is no risk. Especially if the Amazon ‘look inside’ is not long enough or not even offered. So maybe give yourself a TiFFT (Try it for The First Time Club) – and go to Amazon and see if you like a new writer by buying a serial (you can search ‘serial romance’ for example) and let me know below who you’ve discovered!

Click here for more info on serial publishing in the news and some interesting sales figures.


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