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More info for writers incl free sites to promote your work! Plus - another cover teaser of my upcoming romance novel! And National Novel Writing Month - NaNoWriMo.
8 November 2013

RiWiSi-Go-Large - As usual, here’s an extra helping of info – tips and advice for would be writers – and welcome if you’ve just joined me here from my RiWiSi segment on my QVC weekly blog.

The countdown continues!

-          3 weeks till my new novel is launched!  (28th November!)

Here’s another little teaser of the cover!


snippet of cover - Hawaiian Escape

-          2 weeks till the whole front cover reveal! (22nd November!)





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NaNoWriMo – It’s National Novel Writing Month again! Ever thought of writing one? Would having a one-month deadline make you finally do it? Or being in touch with hundreds of thousands of others worldwide doing the same thing? Go here to find out more!


Free Websites to promote your book

Believe it or not, there is a whole host of such sites and resources, but happily someone else has done the hard work and summarised them – go here to see galleycat’s summary of free websites to promote your book. And promote it! Oh, but don’t forget to write it first! Lol. If you want help, they mention an online course to help with the final steps of going self-published too! Whoop!



Other Interesting Articles –

-          Amazon to produce their first original TV shows for Prime streaming video service - five TV series  will be made, selected from the 14 most popular pilots posted on the company’s website a month earlier, viewed and rated by over a million people.One of the writers, Dan Mirk, says Amazon users provided valuable feedback; some said that the show was stuffed with too many jokes for something with the feel of a drama.

"When you go through the normal TV system, you're at the whim of a handful of network execs," he said. "To be able to put our show out there and have everyone see it and respond was great."

Netflix also has challenged Hollywood's traditional approach, and uses its trove of viewing data to help decide which new shows to bid on.

TV writers and producers say both Amazon and Netflix offer far more creative freedom than traditional network executives, who are known for requesting changes on everything from a joke's punch line to a scene that's too gory.

 Read more here.



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Hawaiian Affair30 Days to Seal the Deal and Stay Out of Love! – Sadie and Mac should never get together, but a mistaken steamy one-night stand sets them off on a life-changing adventure and the biggest challenge of their lives!

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