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Raunchy Regency freebie! Self-publisher's news. And my PG paperback out next week!
11 October 2013

reluctant bride by claire firth reluctant bride by claire firth

Read it Write it Sell it – My Weekly Look at All Things Book!

See below for a fabulous freebie – steamy Regency romance novella The Reluctant Bride – free on amazon eBook till Monday 14th!

Plus tons of info for self-publishers!

And the Countdown continues to my PG paperback version of Hawaiian Affair – it’s next week!

And only 5 weeks to go until the prequel is released! End of November approaches – eeek!


ON AUDIOBOOK - The Litigators – easy reading for those on the go -   Firstly I have to say I’m absolutely loving audible right now! So many of my favourite authors offering their books on audiobook, and all downloadable instantly onto my app! Having someone read stories to me in my long journeys – sometimes I just can’t wait to get back in the car! And with Sat-nav, I’m rarely distracted from my route. The latest one to be finished is The Litigators by John Grisham. Loved the story and gave it five stars on amazon. Mainly for the characterisation. It’s not one of his suspense filled, tense page turners, so much as a good old personality based romp – bit more like a soap would be – bit like JK’s Casual Vacancy was, in fact, in my opinion. Well worth a download.


Five cures for Writer’s Block -  the ALLi (self-publishing Advice blog) offer some useful suggestions to overcome that bane of an author’s life – writer’s block! Click here for help!

Frankfurt Book Fair – Publishers Buoyed by Self-Pub Wave -  Very interesting news that the tide is turning in publishing, directly affected by self-publishing’s huge growth in the last year! One of the most important annual book fairs seems to be benefiting! How ironic! Interesting article! Click here.

For Self-Publishers – Case Story of a Blog Tour – how to do this virtual ‘tour’ around others’ blogs to help publicise your book – a must for many self-published authors. Here Gregory DeLaurentis describes how he did it. Click here.

Best Scriptwriting Seminar – STORY – by Robert McKee, comes to London. I’ve been twice, have loved it, and learned so much, from plot twists to dialogue to sub-text to show-don’t-tell. Try to go if you can , especially if you’re a novice to story writing. Click here for info.



Plus from my QVC Blog – RiWiSi segment –

The Reluctant BrideBook of the Week – Finally, as promised, it’s here! This weekend only – Fri 11th - Mon 12th – you can download to your Kindle for FREE, the fab raunchy regency novella – The Reluctant Bride by new author Claire Firth

The debut of another of our Tuscany posse, this is a really well-written ‘Regency Undone’ as they call them! A bit of steaminess from the 1700’s!

Claire’s been reluctant for ages to finally let it go and upload it, but she’s finally perfected it and it’s really rather raunchy! It’s the result of many years of writing many novels, as you may be able to tell from her very fluent writing style.

Having discovered she’s got quite a talent for raunch, she’s created a fab Novella (about half the length of a normal romance novel, so it’s a speedy read!) about a lord who takes a bride – literally – and how she gradually comes round to his needs… Good story behind it too tho’. Give it a go. I gave it a fab 5 stars!! Click here to get it on Amazon.

(nb you can get the kindle app for free if you don’t have an actual kindle, or buy one from us, item  504326

Hawaiian Countdown continues – the fab reviews continue for my own first novel on Amazon – thank HA PGyou so much! Currently 149 out of 171 are an amazing 5 stars (across all the options!). And here’s one of the latest -

Amazon Review –

Downloaded this to my IPad, (not done this before!) was going to take it on holiday with me later in the month, but curiosity got the better of me!! what a great read, like most other people I couldn't put it down, needed to know what was going to happen next!!

Thought I had the plot all sorted, and knew who the bad guys were, but how wrong could I have been, won't say anything in case others are reading reviews first before they commit to buying the book!! Get cracking with the next one Debbie........”

Go here to find out more on Amazon


**Countdown – Hawaiian Affair in Paperback, PG Version – 1 WEEK (MID OCT)

**Countdown – NEW NOVEL - Hawaiian Prize – paperback/eBook – 5 WEEKS (end Nov)

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