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The Trouble with Goats and Sheep - Jo Cannon's tip for the top launches soon!
21 January 2016

OK so I eventually finished ‘Just one Damned Thing after Another’ and I have to say in the end it was actually quite well written. I figured out what was the problem. The narrator reads it like it’s a YA book – perhaps it is, and that’s fine, but with major cussing outbursts and a couple of sex scenes I thought perhaps not.

She’s almost ok, but makes it into a much more lightweight offering than it could have been had it been read with a bit more gravitas and drama and suspense. Also kept mispronouncing a couple of key words (wandering read as wondering) – after a while it grated and didn’t keep me riveted. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the time travel story and it’s got enough going for it that I will try the next one – but mainly because on Audible I now get my credits for just £3.33 ish – meaning that it’s an easier decision – dear cappuccino pricing, really, instead of the £23 or so it comes up as if you don’t bulk buy credits. I highly recommend it!

Goats – the outsiders, and Sheep – the followers… So whilst I organise my own small one, what will it be like to be at a big publisher’s super-exciting book launch party - my writing pal Joanna Cannon and her Harper Collins book ‘the Trouble with Goats and Sheep’ – is finally out next week – but the

free sample is now available on Amazon here.

It’s a big sensation – one of Harper Collins’ big guns for 2016. A part-whodunnit, part-coming of age cosy crime set in the seventies. And the opening chapter is riveting and really witty.

Jo was recently named as one of the recent up and coming authors by the Observer for 2016 as you will know if you read my book blog RiWiSi regularly. Can’t wait to go! *

Do let me know what you think about it. I’ve pre-ordered the audiobook already and will report back next week on what it’s like to be at such a ‘do’ and how Jo’s coping now she’s living the dream.

Next week - Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 is out - here's the big cover reveal! More soon about how to get it, but it will be up on Amazon in eBook and paperback! More here.


Other news –

-          Romantic Novelists don’t forget to sign up for the RNA blog – here’s the latest from the talented Janet Glover about winning writing awards and  - Julia Roberts (QVC pal) has enlisted – she may accompany me to the Summer Party in May – that’ll be nice. I can introduce her to all my mates in the world of writing romance. Go here to read the blog by Janet.

-          My own little – emphasis on the word little! – book launch party is at the Chiswick Bookshop the week after on Feb 4th near Turnham Green tube – do email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to be sent an invite to the wine and nibbles and signing event near Chiswick, in the independent Chiswick Bookshop with lovely Emily and her dad who run the shop and own a publishing company too.

-          The Daily word counts of 39 famous authors – interesting to see how prolific they are. My record is about 14,000 words a day when I had a stupid deadline! – go here.



Have a lovely week.

Best wishes

Debs X

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