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Xmas Book of the week - the Art of Christmas; Plus audiobook Fall of Giants and TACOM spotted at heathrow!
18 December 2015

Take a Chance on Me update  - well I got a few shelfie’s this week – including this one from a lovely lady who said that she had found it in number 57 slot in WHS terminal 5 (on the right as you go thru the departure gates apparently) – if that’s not just by mistake it means it’s gone up from number 79! A lovely chap said he’d bought it at Waterstones in Warwick and they’d said they’ll stock it as he wants his local book group to use it – they’d better not mind 7 or 8 shades of gray! Lol. All in all, another reason for this week leaving me on top of the moon! Go here if you’re not sure where to get my book.

Pics of shelfies

Chiswick Buzz – Lorna Ko, my mate from QVC, reports for the local online video magazine Chiswick Buzz and asked to come interview me at the Chiswick Bookshop. Lovely Emily Crane and her father David own the store and she kindly immediately stocked some copies so they were ready to sign when I got there for my chat with Lorna! Here’s what happened


Go to the Chiswick Bookstore – turn left out of Turnham Green station and it’s five mins walk – to get one of the signed copies! And they’ve got that fabulous ‘old school books’ wrapping paper available there too – I bought three different ones for the wall of my writing room!

Review – on amazon -

 Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Needed a cold shower after reading some parts of this BUT was an excellent book. Didn't want to put it down so read it in a couple of sittings. Hope your future books are as good. Well done Debbie.


Book of the week – fellow Choc Lit author Jane Lovering’s The Art of Christmas – currently 99p. With 19 out of 22 five star reviews on Amazon and doing well in their charts -

WINNER - ROMANTIC NOVEL OF THE YEAR 2012 with PLEASE DON'T STOP THE MUSIC, Jane Lovering has done it again. This tale is a perfect NOVELLA for a speedy read to get you in a festive mood.

What if the memories of Christmas past were getting in the way of Christmas future? 
It’s been nearly two years since Harriet lost Jonno, but she’s finally decided that it’s time to celebrate Christmas again. Then she finds a stash of graphic novels belonging to her comic book-loving husband in the attic, and suddenly her world is turned upside down once more. With the help of eccentric comic book dealer Kell Foxton, she discovers that the comics collected by Jonno are not only extremely valuable, but also hold the key to his secret life – a life that throws Harriet’s entire marriage and every memory she has of her husband into question. As Harriet grows closer to Kell, she begins to feel like she could learn to love Christmas again – but first, she needs to know the truth.’

Sounds great eh? Get it on eBook from amazon here now whilst it’s still only 99p – currently doing well in the kindle charts. Click here




Audiobook of the weekFall of Giants Well I finally finished it! Haha! And it was good. It wasn’t fabulous but it was fascinating. I did it in stages – but after about a third of it, did start really wanting to find out about the characters. HOWEVER the era was fascinating. What Ken Follett does is manage to interweave real historical facts and settings into an intricately plotted tale. The voices are really well done on the audiobook too, by narrator John Lee, whose accents span the globe at the time of World War One. It’s the era I’m researching for my French or Dutch book, so very timely. Hear how working class pitch against upper class as the world changes forever. More here.


Other news –

-          Authors earnings – what should you expect to earn?

Pic of The Trouble with Goats and Sheep Signing of a different kind I’d like to alert you to a big noise coming up in January in the book world and proud to say Joanna Cannon is a fellow Julie Cohen alumni. Since we met at the writing course a few years ago, Jo has gone on to get a super deal with Harper Collins after winning a comp at the annual York Festival. Am so proud of my friend! Her book is getting lots of attention in the literary press, and she was one of my authors of the week at one point a while ago on my Read it Write it Sell it blog. I promise I will share the excitement as the release date gets nearer – have just been invited to her fabulous launch party at the end of January too. So proud of Jo. And how about these lovely cards she’d signing here too?! #Proud#2

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