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Free first chapter of Hawaiian Affair! Plus - Facebook Book Launch and 7 tips to help make yours a Best-Seller
29 August 2013

Book sniffer! Book sniffer!

Free this Sunday? Fancy an online book launch? With author Lynda Renham; Plus - My 'Hawaiian Affair' first chapter - it's free to Download - till Tuesday!!

Last week, my web-blog had the fab guide to self-publishing and a comp to win a signed paperback from one of my writing pals, (click here if you missed it). Well since it was so popular, I’m adding a few more guidelines in this week's RiWiSi/GoLarge!  


Apart from my little focus on eBooks on today’s new QVC blog (link below), I thought I’d bring you a couple of fab extras here on the weekly Read It Write It Sell it page.

This week  –
Facebook Open Day! A nice little bit of news about one of the ways of marketing your book using social media, once it’s published. Would you like to experience a writer’s online book launch this Sunday? Emily Harvale invited me, and I’m inviting you! Novelist Lynda Renham will be actively answering your questions on her facebook author page all day from 10am this Sunday (1st September), with other writers popping by, and competitions to win several fab novelists’ books. Leave her a message of congrats or join in the chat or just read it – it’s a public page. You’ll see tips on how she self-published her new title The Valentine Present and Other Diabolical Liberties and lots of other juicy tidbits! It’ll be great! Go here for more info.


My little Tuscany writers group (‘The Ladies of Posara Say’) are planning one of these events nearer Christmas, for our own titles – so this’ll give us an idea of what they’re all about! Course, you need to have built up a little following for it to be effective, joining in on various relevant group message boards etc (eg writers groups etc, to get yourself known a bit.)

The way to do your own event like this, when the time comes, is apparently to make sure you start the build up early, long before your book is launched. Build your ‘author platform’ as they call it, including on twitter, facebook, blogging and leaving comments on others’ blogs. But more importantly, building up genuine relationships with all those people online - ones whose work you like, who are the right sort of facebook friends, or people you’d ultimately like to inform about your work. Build up the banter with people but make it normal social stuff, not pitching your ideas to an agent, nor doing little more than plug after plug for your new book. It’ll bore people and they’ll skip by your posts! (note to self – take note! Lol).

Then in the run up to the ‘big day’, you can do what Lynda’s done – just flick down her posts, where she has included little extracts of her new novel, posted the cover, got other authors to comment on her page, etc. If you’ve done it right, and have a good group of people to rely on, the other kindly author pals should help to spread the word about your new book – and you’ll achieve a beautiful authentic buzz!

So do pop along this Sunday if you can – I’m sure Lynda will appreciate it! Full info about her other work is also on her page! And if you’ve done anything similar do let me know! Leave a comment on my home page.

 lynda renham page


- 7 Ways to Improve Your Odds.


 Next - On the back of last week’s popular guest blog on how to publish your own novel from a successful Amazon author, I have another blog to recommend – ‘7 ways to improve your odds for bestselling success’ – a must-read for anyone thinking of doing it! Including – hire professionals when necessary – more specifically, which ones you should hire. Also – write multiple titles (hear hear, Ed!).And schedule time for marketing – it’s a major part of being a self-published author!

The creator of this blog is Gary McLaren, owner of – another site worth signing up for, for updates on the publishing world not just writers’ tips. Go here to read the whole article, including a link to the story of Stephen Leather, the writer who sold 45,000 ebooks in one month! We love an inspiring story, don’t we?!



And finally – the first chapter of Hawaiian Affair is free! Till Tues 3rd

As promised, here’s the link to go take a better look at the start of my steamy romance novel! If you then want to get the rest, right now the PG eBook is only 99p! And the Steamy one is £2.02. Full info about the story and the amazing reviews – at time of writing 122 out of 135 are five stars!! Whoop Whoop! – is on my amazon page, or via my QVC Blog. Do let me know what you think via twitter @debbieflint or on facebook or via a comment on my QVC Blog on here on the home page of this website!


- Yet more book info on my latest QVC Blog out today – including Lee Child’s new book!.


(Next week in RiWiSi I’m doing a ‘focus on steamy’, considering 8 out of every 9 people buying Hawaiian Affair choose the raunchy version! And coming soon there will be a brilliant insight into what it takes to become a bestselling erotic novel writer, with another great author interview.)



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  • Comment Link Lynda Renham 3 November 2013 posted by Lynda Renham

    Thanks so much for your mention of the launch. I'm so grateful. Many apologies for not thanking sooner. I had no idea it was on here.
    Thank you again,

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