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Spooky Question for You... Plus a Hallowe'en Freebie Update. New TTFLS is nearly Here! And The Paying Guests is Audiobook of the Week!
19 September 2014

i Opened a Book... i Opened a Book...

Hallowe’en Freebie Update It looks like we’ll have 13 short stories – ranging from 1500 to 14000 words, especially for our anthology due out mid October. Over Hallowe’en itself the ebook will be a free promotion on Amazon. We’ve found out that KDP’s new pre-order service is only available if you launch a book at a minimum cost, but you can begin the freebie the day after it goes live, as long as it’s got a cost to actually launch with. Good to know. Means our deadline is now around 22nd September! I’m thrilled with the way it’s shaping up – some of the stories are romantic but spine tingling, others are spooky and supernatural but none are horror, so don’t worry! But there’s room for one final chapter – and I’d like it to be half a dozen true stories – from you guys!

Spooky Question So I have a question for you – to tie in with our spooky Hocus Pocus anthology – have you ever had a spooky experience? Let me know (500 words or 50, up to you) by commenting below or emailing me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.! The best stories will see their name in a paperback and the top one will also get a signed paperback of the anthology!

Till the Fat Lady Slims. It’s nearly here! Another ten days (29th) and the update on my 2002 semi-autobiographical weight loss book will be out! Do check out this week’s Back to You blog (see tab above and go to the latest blog) for interesting info about the chat I had regarding emotional eating and how Freedom Eating TTFLS plan fits in.

The new updated version will be available in just over two weeks’ time.   Go here if you’d like to get the original whilst it’s 99p.


AudioBook of the Week – I thought it was a good top pic to feature this week – as it’s so evocative of what you feel when you get a reaaaally good book which just draws you in. Isn’t it? I’m feeling that right now, as I’m continually ‘with’ the characters of the current audible audiobook ‘The Paying Guests’ – my mind keeps travelling back to the 1920’s – an era I’m incredibly interested in for researching my next big novel. However, Sarah Waters’ characters are vivid and vibrant and compelling – even though the theme came out of the blue for me, once I’d begun reading it. I chose it for the era and her attention to detail does not let me down. Best of all though, is Juliet Stephenson’s superb narration. It’s going to get a 9 out of ten for me… Go here for more.


To see all my books – go to the links at the bottom – they’re all listed there – and can nearly all be bought via eBook or paperback. Or find my amazon page here.


Other news -


-          Self publishing answers – a fab blog – from finding your readers to simply getting it written , Roz Morris can help – see her guide for ‘freshers’ too! Read more here.


-          What does an agent do? What one typical week looks like at one literary agency. Interesting as much for what the don’t do as what they do do!  More here


-          Chilling Tales for Dark Nights Writing Competition and many other story competitions – all listed on this website. Some of the best writers began their journey by entering competitions to help hone their craft, so give it a go!  Go here



Beginners’ Guide And if you’re a complete beginner and want to self-publish, remember my basic guide published on here in the archives – click here for beginner's tips for self-publishing -  a summary of info, sites and links to help you on your way.

Archives Don’t forget to check out the other archives (to the left) for even more fabulous hints, tips, links and blogs. Plus - see below for my own list of books now available in paperback or eBook on Amazon!

Have a creative week!





As usual, here’s the round up of my own titles! Do give me feedback by tweeting or facebooking or just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Otherwise I’d appreciate a review on Amazon (go here) and Goodreads (go here)! Enjoy! x


eBooks  - all available on Amazon – paperback or eBook (kindle or kindle app or kindle on PC or Mac)

paperbacks – five titles all available in paperback – via Amazon – see below.

HAWAIIAN TRILOGY (2013/4) – romantic fiction in either steamy or PG options!

Book 1 Hawaiian Escape Steamy or Hawaiian Escape PG, the prequel to Hawaiian Affair - is now available on Amazon in eBook or paperback in both PG original and steamy (just released last week!).

Book 2 Hawaiian Affair Steamy or Hawaiian Affair PG versions are both available on Amazon in either eBook or paperback.

Book 3 Hawaiian Retreat - Helen's Story is now out - Just click this link to see steamy version. Paperback also now available

DIARY OF A WANNABE SHOPPING CHANNEL PRESENTER – a stand alone story – Bridget Jones meets Alan Partridge meets Eddie Murphy in ‘Holy Man’ – click here to buy Ebook on amazon, and click here to buy paperback.



‘When Dreams Return’ (2014) – spooky romantic short story – when Chelle’s pal Sara gets her to conjure up her ideal man with a full moon magic spell, she gets more than she bargained for…

The Valentine’s Surprise (2010) is a short story proving it’s never too late to find your Sir Galahad!

And coming for Xmas, a compendium in paperback of Dairy of a Wannabe plus the two short stories in one volume.

Also – coming for Hallowe’en – a free anthology of short spooky stories by 13 authors!



Till the Fat Lady Slims is my 2002 weight loss book all about eating like slim people do, following Food Freedom technique. As used and recommended on our Back to You QVC Facebook group! NB – Brand new revised version – TTFLS 2.0 – The When Diet, coming September 2014.


OTHER WORK IN PROGRESS (see my new Work In Progress tab for updates!)

‘Spooky Tales with a Twist – Volume 1’ – a Hallowe’en anthology FREEBIE – coming end October

‘The How to Find a Husband Manual’ – hehe – more info in the winter. A spin off from the Hawaiian trilogy’s character Kate, Helen’s friend in New York.

‘Diary of a Rookie Shopping Channel Presenter’ – sequel - early 2015

‘French or Dutch’ – a cross between Mr Selfridge, Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife, following life-changing adventures around Britain of early pioneers of birth control.


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