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Anita Moorjani's 'Dying to Be Me', 'Watch Over Me', Costa Book comp closes soon, and how to win my novel!
5 July 2013

My weekly look at all things book...

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 So with the events of this week in mind, I’ve a special book recommendation – an extra one – for anyone going through any sort of bereavement and who is interested in other people’s experiences of something similar.





Anita Moorjani - Dying to be meA highly rated book – ‘Dying To Be Me’ – by Anita Moorjani – helped me to feel better about a loved one passing last year. It won’t be for everybody, and that’s ok, but if you like the things I like, do take a look.

It doesn’t matter if it’s true for everyone or not, it only matters that if it helps someone, then all well and good. Do go investigate if you can, and there are also some fascinating clips of Anita talking, on YouTube.

Go here to find out more about her




Bride and BookCompetition to Win Signed copy of my steamy paperback Hawaiian Affair!

Here it is finally! News of how to get my first novel on eBook from amazon, in its complete format. And how to enter a comp to win a signed paperback copy – all below. First, thanks to Kat and her hubby for facebooking me this pic, taken at Glastonbury with my sis Linda, with the caption ‘perfect reading material for first anniversary!’

Lol! Well whatever the occasion you would like to read my book, here’s your chance to win a signed copy! Closing Date is Thursday 11th July (11.59pm) and all you have to do is email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with your name and address, to say you’d like to enter, and who to sign it to, and you’ll be in the random draw. Winner announced next week!



In the meantime, if you’d like to read it on eBook, the great news is that finally the complete eBook is available in one title. But beware, it’s the steamy version! (PG complete version coming soon, with PG paperback out in time for xmas). (NB If you’d like to read Hawaiian Affair, but don’t like steamy bits, then the PG version is still available in instalments, just search my name on amazon and you’ll see it amongst the options.)

And click here if you’d like the steamy complete version.

Am really chuffed ‘cos you guys kindly keep leaving me some lovely reviews – the latest one is below - and thanks so much to those who keep asking me about book 2! Yes the ‘prequel’ is underway, where we find out how Sadie got to be in Monaco in the first place! And I already know what the ‘sequel’ will be about! In fact, I’m off for a writing holiday from end of next week, to get some serious scribbling done.

Review from Sarah on Amazon –

Really enjoyed reading Debbie's first novel, Hawaiian Affair. A true story with plenty of twists along the way that will keep you guessing. The characters are so believable and I really enjoyed the light hearted humour in parts. A perfect read to get lost in, plus the steamy nature will keep you reading! Well done and congrats Debbie x



Watch Over MeBook of the Week

Ooo a hard one this, since there’ve been so many lovely freebies available on amazon lately! Including Jane Wenham-Jones’ ‘One Glass is Never Enough’ and Mandy Baggott’s ‘Strings Attached’. But the one that I’ve just begun reading myself is at time of writing only 30p on the eBook amazon offer, and that’s a top-ten chart hit in the bestsellers list, ‘Watch Over Me’ by Daniela Sacerdoti. With over 700 five star reviews, it’s obviously got something going for it, so I downloaded it – which you can do here  

 I made it my book of the week because, when I began reading the ‘look inside’ segment, it almost immediately drew me in, making me want to read on – see if it does the same to you? Has anyone read it? Let me know what you thought below. I wouldn’t have picked it up from the product description alone, but the first few paragraphs enticed me to read on, and I liked her style. The story basically revolves around a broken hearted, broken woman with a broken marriage, and her unusual experience which changes forever the way she sees what awaits us after death, and about her second chances. Give it a go!

And if you’re a facebook friend, I give alerts when I see a new freebie promo eBook offer, so ‘friend’ me if you are interested! I am going to begin a book club for all such things on facebook, linked to the RiWiSi pages on my website, , so do go there to sign up for newsletter updates to keep informed when I launch it!



Costa Book AwardsShort Story Competition – Costa awards closing next month 

And just a quick extra here for you writers this week – go here (link already sent) to find out more about the annual famous Costa short story competition. And follow through the links to read about last year’s shortlist, as many of them include in their biog’s some of the other competitions they’ve entered, which is handy for writers wanting to discover other arenas to showcase their talent.

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