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Dan Brown's latest - Inferno!
21 June 2013

Dan Brown's audiobook of Inferno Dan Brown's audiobook of Inferno

This week’s feature is a book of the week - well, audio book! It takes me an hour to drive to work, so for me they’re a boon. I’ve got to give a quick mention to the novel I’m listening to avidly on my long car journeys at the moment – the full unabridged (14 cd’s!) version of Dan Brown’s new one (he wrote Da Vinci code). ‘Inferno’ is such an edge of the seat page turner, or (next-cd-listener) - I’ve even finished a journey and stayed sitting there just so I could listen to the next bit! Hehe! Gripping. BUT at the same time, it’s so peppered with unlikely chases and coincidental discoveries, I hate to think what the film will be like!

HOWEVER I do like history and it’s full of references to real art, artefacts and architecture - in Florence and Venice and the like - so for me it’s gripping! Well I’m a bit of a geek as you may know! Lol. Highly recommended, if you loved his first few books. I really loved the last one too - The Lost Symbol - anyone know if it too is being made into a film?

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