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eBook Facts and Figures - the Trend is Growing
31 May 2013


On 31st May, part 2 (of 4) of Hawaiian Affair my first novel, became available on amazon. As the instalments continued, I gave people their wish - and created a choice between two versions - 'close the bedroom door/ PG' version or the steamy version of part 2. As it turns out, the steamy version is more popular by 8:1! Go here to see it.

As you can imagine, I’ve been fascinated about this whole new world of book sales online.

Firstly, following the various plentiful charts, in all types of categories and sub-categories – tons, as you can imagine, with their 100 million plus books sold each year (depending on which google report you believe)!


ChartAt one stage, HA Pt 1 got to number 25 in one chart - how proud am I?!

If you’re thinking of self-publishing too, as the author, you can easily check how sales are progressing too – via Kindle Direct Publishing reports – mind you, by Monday I was bored of doing that, and decided to delve deeper into the world of eBook success.




One of the rules of sales on Amazon seems to be borne out by my experience - that having more on offer enhances sales. Do remember this if you’re thinking of self-publishing too. And it’s an exploding trend, because on big online sites at least, more people now buy eBooks than print books. But how many more, on a site like Amazon, for instance? I found some thoroughly riveting info – (go here to read the full article in the Guardian)

- As of August last year, more people were buying eBooks from Amazon, than paperbacks or hardbacks (aka print books, or PBooks) in the UK. More specifically, for every 100 P.Books, 114 eBooks were sold, and that did not include any on free promo.

- BUT – crucially, Kindle owners are nowadays buying four times more books than they did prior to owning a Kindle

- More than half a million Kindle eBooks are priced at £3.99 or less

- Adult fiction has given it a boost – eg 50 Shades of Grey sold 2m copies Apr-Aug 2012 They’re calling it the renaissance of reading, and can only be good news for authors long term.

Stephen KingSo I was very surprised to see what mega author Stephen King said this month. He’s actually initially only releasing his new book ‘Joyland’ in paperback, to encourage people back to bookstores.

And this from the man who wrote an eBook only story back in 2000 and was part of the launch of Kindle 2 in 2009! (full article here)

Nice to have a paperback, as I said, I’m all for it – I’m a ‘read the eBook and if I love it, I’ll buy the paperback too’ kind of girl. That’s why I’m making sure Hawaiian Affair is available in paperback soon.

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