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How to Self-Publish to amazon, a Top Cover Designer & Reviews for Hawaiian Affair!
24 May 2013

READ IT, WRITE IT, SELL IT!– my weekly look at all things book!

Including recommending a great eBook illustrator, and two free amazon kindle books to help you self publish.

Book of the Week – well, books – two free ones from kindle for anyone wanting to find out how to do what I’ve done and actually upload the books yourself to ‘self-publish’ them.


Book of the weekBook of the week 2

A lot of authors are now doing it – like Jessica Hart, one of my favourite Mills & Boon writers, who’s just launching her ‘vintage’ collection. Just download these two ‘how to’ books for free, as they have almost all you’ll want to know about how to do it – even including pictures of which buttons to press on Word, to format your work prior to uploading! Then you go to KDP – Kindle direct Publishing, and Amazon’s Author Central sites, to do the rest. Good luck! Let me know how you get on!


AngelaFocus on Angela Oltman – successful Canadian eBook illustrator

And of course you’ll need a cover – as they say, people really do judge a book by its cover! So I thought long and hard about mine. I have to say, a big thank you to a lovely helpful lady and superbly talented illustrator, Angela from Based in Canada, she offered me half a dozen options using my guidelines and synopsis, and we whittled it down to the final blue skirt and shoes cover above. I nearly chose another one with black shoes kicking heels in the air, laying on a jetty, but I think I may use that for a sequel!

I’d highly recommend her if you are thinking of creating an eBook. We’re now working on the wrap-around cover for the paperback which will be going up onto Amazon’s Createspace service at end June. (which is a ‘print on demand’ service – more news about that in a few week’s time.)

Alternatively, why don’t you just find some covers you love, and research who created them in your genre – lots of people are doing it now, and they’re very affordable. My whole lot including all the parts too, was very well priced and much less than I thought it’d be! I’m now recommending her to all my friends!


Debbie’s First Novel – thanks to my facebook group ‘Debbie’s Readers’

On May 24th, part one of Hawaiian Affair became available as an eBook on amazon! Exciting week!

I really don’t think I would have been as far along this year without the help and feedback of a lovely supportive group of about two dozen ladies on a facebook group run by lovely pal Sharon Harvey. They all helped me with comments, proofing and feedback. Here are a selection of comments from them about the book, which of course they’ve all read! (Well, it’s only been tweaked a bit since they read it so it’s nearly the same!).

And I had another lovely critique from fellow presenter Alison Young – she went out of her way to email it to me – yes, to email! (Ali emailing is no mean feat!). Now, for anyone reading this and downloading the book in instalments to read for the first time, I’d love to have your feedback too!

In fact, it’d be great if EVERYBODY who reads it could kindly leave me a comment below! I can dream, can’t I? It’ll help me with my next book, to know which bits you like and which you don’t! lol.#

Thanks again to all of you who’ve commented so far!

FROM QVC BEAUTY EXPERT ALISON YOUNG (a secret vacation romance reader!)

“In February I read Deb's book on holiday - what a fabulous day I had. I couldn't put it down! I read it in one day whilst hubby Simon sunbathed - he thought I was working!! Be warned it does have raunchy bits! And a romantic storyline that reads like a Danielle Steel. If I had purchased it at the airport I would have been pleased with my choice - pure escapism, not too taxing but thoroughly enjoyable. I look forward to her next book and another relaxing day!”

How lovely of Alison!

FROM MY BETA READERS GROUP – so grateful for the following feedback and comments on my novel Hawaiian Affair, which they all helped me proof read in the final stages.

Joy Shipley – “Very addictive reading, superb characters play the field in this romantic & highly humorous - and quite steamy! - book. Excellent read with great storyline, leaving you hooked.”

  Michelle Roberts – “This book got me hooked from the first page to the point I couldn't wait to read the next page, strong characters with a good plot, romance and passion set in a beautiful location the perfect book to chill out with and switch off from the world from a while. Would highly recommend!!!!”


NEXT WEEK – part two – and a choice of ‘adult content’ or ‘close the bedroom door’ versions!

Go here to get part one 

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