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One Day, an Excerpt from Hawaiian Affair and Ideal Heroes
10 May 2013

READ IT WRITE IT SELL IT- My weekly look at all things book.

Thought for the week - My book will be ready to upload on Amazon in two weeks - two! Eeeek!


One DayBook of the Week - I thought I'd do an occasional mention of some all time favourite books. This one has to be in my top twenty, if not top ten.

It had amazing word of mouth growth '09, '10, as it was just so good. And funny. The quirky story of two uk students who begin as lovers then go through various stages of their lives , followed by checking in on them on one particular day every year. It's not a diary style, tho, you're not limited to just that day's events.

And the characterisations and one liners left me laughing out loud on my sun bed in gran canaria where I read in one day in January 2011...

Highly recommended 5*


Update on Deb's book

I’ve been finalising front covers this week – and have to say it’s been an enjoyable process! We’re nearly there and the lovely designer Angie from Canada whom I’m using is just a delight!  

I’ve had some lovely feedback from even more readers now so I am very much looking forward to bank holiday weekend launch when it will be uploaded and available on eBook from Amazon. It’s confirmed the paperback will be available at the end of June, also online from Amazon, and I’m trying to get a phone number you can ring to order one alternatively by then. That’s why rather than wait till then to launch the eBook as well, I’m bringing out the eBook in instalments! Episode One will be on sale from Friday 24th! Yay! 

Meanwhile, here's an extract from part of the book where Sadie has just met Mac for the first time. Enjoy! 

ps - SHHHHHHH! Guess whom  I had a meeting with this week, about my second project? An agent! With a view to a proper publishing deal (rather than self-published!) Shhhh! Keeping it secret till it's all firmed up - if it happens I will let you know!


Sadie smiled. Time to say goodbye to Hot Boat Guy. Time to get back to real life.
          ‘Why leave so soon? Got more “boats” to see?’ he asked. ‘I guess you agents usually see several in one trip, don’t you?’
‘I’m not an agent,’ she replied. ‘Double, secret, provocateur or otherwise.’
‘Well then, a sales exec for his competition?’ he said, nodding towards the Nomusa. ‘Are you with Rigby’s?’
    ‘No,’ she hesitated. No point in explaining, she thought, where would I even begin? ‘Look, I really have to go. Nice to meet you. And don’t worry – someone else will be along in a while and you can eavesdrop on them, instead!’
He just grinned in reply.  Feeling the thrill of flirtation fluttering through her body, she gave a superior shrug, and swung her handbag slightly, trying her hardest to look confident. But the cobbles underfoot did their best to prove otherwise, toying with the high heels of the borrowed Jimmy Choos – they were her sister’s, and a redundancy money treat, so ‘scuff them and die’.  Sadie skipped a little, to avoid damaging them on the rounded stones. Again he looked amused. Or condescending, she couldn’t quite work out which.
‘Sorry – not the best choice of footwear is it.’
He looked down at her feet, thoughtfully. 
‘Oh I wouldn’t say that.’


The InvasionWho makes your toes tingle?

Big question of the week - which hero or heroine makes your toes tingle? And who would play them? It's a theme that often comes up when it's 'wine o'clock' on Twitter and the writing fraternity are sticking their heads over the parapet and having a banter.

Well Daniel Craig has got to be the closest to my hero Mac, a rugged, sporty but down to earth billionaire who is asked to approach our Sadie.

But who really rings your bells? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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