Debbie Flint

Qwirkle, bed rest and sneaky peeks…

Playing Qwirkle

Have you ever played Qwirkle? A bit like a cross between Scrabble, dominoes and cards? We played it in Devon and it was such fun, I bought one for down here, in Surrey. So when I was finally off work, after a hectic few shifts over Christmas week, and New Year, I played with mum. She won, naturally! She is a bit of a quiz whiz, with crosswords and other puzzle games, so it did not surprise me 🙂 It’s quite addictive so I will no doubt play again. On my first day back at work I asked if anyone had discovered any new fabulous boardgames over Christmas and several were suggested so I bought Rummikub, Hurd Mentality and Bananagrams, (I got the children’s version) with some Christmas money. Little did I know that I would have ample time to explore them all and watch hours and hours of television over the next few days…

First Time in Five Years

The last time I was off ill was in 2017 (case of unplanned sickness, rather than operations for this that and the other LOL). So imagine my surprise when, having had one day off, just one, to myself at home, for New Year’s Day, I came down with the dreaded lurgy the day after my next shift. And yes okay, lack of sleep, eating rubbish, and being in contact with other people who had it, didn’t help. Everyone in my family has had it or something like it, runny nose and sneezes, sore throat, and a little achy. When I got to being a bit too cold for my liking, during my last shift, I knew something wasn’t right, and so did the gallery team as I had to keep fleeing off-set to blow my nose. 

I have not even gone out on New Year’s Eve after I finished my shift at 11 pm, just retreated at home to watch the fireworks. Mummy went out and looked amazing, so here’s a nice pic of someone who looks fab!

When it didn’t go away the next day, I realised it may be time to give in and take a break.  So ‘bang’ went any other arrangements I had for this week! Anyway, three days off at home, going virtually nowhere, apart from the pharmacy on the – hopefully – final day, meant I’m – hopefully – on the tail-end of it. It also meant watching hours and hours of television! See below. My sister and brother said it just keeps coming back for them, so we will see. But it won’t be for lack of battling it. I’ve had the full gamut of –

– steam inhalation

– saline sprays

– manuka honey and lemon

– tea tree stick

– two inhalers from the doctors

– cough sweets, cough medicines, and decongestant remedies

– green drink and supplements

– fresh oranges

– fresh lemons squeezed into hot water

– as much fresh green vegetables as I could eat

– and as much sleep as I could get.

– And about 4 giant boxes of aloe vera tissues!

No Antibiotics at the time of writing but you never know: I’m keeping an eye on it obvs.

And talking of sleep see our special upcoming Sealybed deal below.

I’m not usually one to make a fuss about being poorly, so if it’s another five years before I get this again, I’ll be very grateful!

Lauren could not come down because they all had it, and it’s just as well really, considering I was laid up in bed sleeping most of each day. Because I was up most of the night! But sometimes you just have to roll with it, don’t you. 

Mummy bought me in some soup she had made, over the balcony from where she lives next door (for those who don’t realise!), so, complete with her mask and ample distance, she delivered it and promptly did a video to show my family how ill I was, thanks mum! (That video actually is the exclusive on the newsletter this week LOL. It’s not a pretty sight so be warned! See below for how to get these newsletters and be sent the exclusive clips for subscribers only.) 

Kids on the floor

Still had FaceTime catch ups. Pops in Wales stuck at home with her two, who are starting to play really well now – even if it does involve a lot of mess! This was during my FaceTime call! Little Jasper was ‘chasing’ Phoebe up the corridor… sweeeeet.

Anyway, the enforced at-home time, reminded me of being inside for days during the first lockdown-Christmas. And I’ve made a decision – that is I will almost certainly never retire – they will have to come and drag me away screaming first! Assuming I’m not coughing my guts up into a mountain of tissues, under the blanket with my electric blanket (product of the year!) keeping me warm!


Debbie and Litty

Me n Litty

One of my bestest writing friends, Litty Williams, invited me out for supper in Orpington. It was a splendid place and I really enjoyed looking round her little haven in the middle of suburbia. Having found out she’s only 36 minutes away from me in no traffic I’m sure we will be doing it again. We found common ground (seriously!) Over ‘The Traitors’! And our audiobooks, I recommended one for her – see below. You know the sort of friend you can sit and talk to and you don’t even have to think about what to say next. That’s Litty and me. Little did I know it was not long before I came down with the virus so I’m glad she survived it! I hope you did too and it won’t be long before you’re out celebrating. Like a certain friend Ms Cork will be, after this week’s announcements about…


New Year’s Honours Glee!

… who’s been given an MBE! OMG my lovely mate Alison Cork has only gone n been awarded an MBE! For services to entrepreneurialism. What an amazing honour, and we are all so proud of her. We will look forward to pictures at ‘the Palace’ later this year, I’m sure! If you want to know more about her background and how she got to be a Doyenne of home Decor, check out what she says on her post about how it all began, and her inspirational story of how she found a business idea that worked better than she could’ve hoped at the right time, and thrust her up the ladder at a young age. (See her post here).

Sharon Harvey

Congrats on Your Decade Sharon!

And talking of celebrations, just a little word to say congrats to this lovely lady who champions QVC products on social media. Regulars with long memories will remember when I first started being really active on Facebook, this fab friend helped me set up a great group, which is still going really strong. She posted this, this week – so I just wanted to say congratulations on everything you’ve achieved and here’s to the next 10 years!

Watch – Wellllll where do I start?!!! Because of my enforced rest I have watched film after film after catch up series, including:

– ‘Burnt’, fab Netflix movie with Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, as a touching bad-boy chef’s comeback as a top Michelin chef, depends on his erratic team and his dangerous moods.

Worth a watch, after all, it’s Bradley Cooper!

– ‘Marie Antoinette’, superb biopic mini-series, fab actors and dramatisation, amazing period sets and costumes and drama!! Had me googling history so I found out what happened to the characters who were portrayed superbly well. Don’t miss it on iplayer.

– on ITV, smashing dramatisations  ‘Stonehouse’, then ‘Litvinenko’. So shocking and well-made. Have now begun ‘Above Suspicion’, a current-day police-procedural from Lynda La Plante. Always good value.

– films include ‘My Policeman’ with Harry Styles, as a wayward 1950s copper facing marital problems and disgrace, in an intense post-war emotional ride. He was a bit plodding in places, got to say, but overall it worked. 

– ‘Deep Water’ with Ben Affleck – was typical ‘Gone Girl’ fodder. 

– and a funny time travel film with Ryan Reynolds, Thandie Newton, and Mark Ruffalo on Netflix I think, but I cannot think what it’s called! Down menopause. And talking of watching things, hopefully I will be well enough to be back on your screens on Friday night for the first time since I was ill, straight into the ‘menopause your way’ show at 8 pm with a Facebook live straight afterwards, join me! At 11 fun hour of Diamonique outlet. Should ease me back in nicely. I’m also very much looking forward to a Frank Usher hour at 7 pm on Saturday night, it’s my most worn 2022 fashion range, and doesn’t everybody love the guest June? I will be talking to her about the following…

Plus I finally got to catch up with something I’ve been longing to see for ages, having missed it at the cinema, by renting it on Amazon: ‘Mrs Harris goes To Paris’. It’s a glamorous period romp, and a super vehicle for Lesley Manville who excels as the main character in this ‘1950s cleaning woman with a dream to wear a Christian Dior dress and how she gets one’ flick. Thoroughly enjoyable and relatively emotional too!

There were others as well!! Like ‘Dead to Me’, series 3, which I have just started watching, but more about that another week. I think that’s quite enough to be going on with, don’t you!!!

Funny – in this case, funny peculiar!! During my enforced rest, I found myself doing this… and being amazed when it happens – are you?!

plates trick

Podcast – 

Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on too!

On Monday 9th, the first one for 2023 is with Ali Young, ft new year beauty tips and more!

Vlog – had my regular #thursdaybantz despite it being a shorter one, just prior to ‘The Apprentice’ new series, kicking off on Thursday. Told them all a funny tale about what I resorted to putting in my Baileys – instead of ice – on New Year’s Eve! Have a listen here.

Book of the Week – I make no excuses, even tho’ there’s a certain new biography almost out, I chose to opt instead for a completely different genre for my next audiobook-read, last week. Cristin Harber is a prolific action/adventure/hot romance writer, with a hot hero always guaranteed. ‘Under Locke and Key’ is about the latest hunky ex-marine to join the Titan group of international mercenaries-for-hire. Her books always focus on one of the characters and the relationship they develop but always amidst an outstanding adventure. This story follows Locke’s challenges when he encounters his arch-nemesis, a fallen-from-grace reporter who he blames for one of the worst tragedies of his life. But was it really her fault…? And once tempers cool, passions rise… This is a really skilfully written novel, Cristin has excelled herself again with some surprising twists and unexpected turns, culminating with a very exciting finale, as the Titan team swoop in to save the day once more, this time giving some evil Russian people-traffickers what-for. Clever use of peripheral characters, their own tale interwoven into the ultimate outcome. So good, my friend Litty immediately ordered it too! Am looking out for the next one now (having read most of the first ones a few years back.). Fab!


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the superb provocative essential leg massager device at a great price. This often sells out so don’t miss it including hopefully in my 8 pm menopause your way show where it will make its last appearance.

There is also a Gatineau hour at 10pm with Jackie, one of my top brands for Solutions. Do look out for the new super size of the month to help you exfoliate easily without particles and in just two minutes! #RadianceGommage

Saturday – it’s a lovely Ruth Langsford v neck cable top at a great price.

Sunday – here it is the long-awaited return of the Sealy advantage deluxe gel memory pillow-top mattress, or mattress and divan, at a time-limited price. Already online now so don’t miss it in the size you need!

Big deals ending Sunday night

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Next week should include:

– style – Moda in Pelle Enleena Tassle Loafers in two width fittings

– extra – Easiyo money-saving, good for you yogurt sachets, greek style

– beauty – Liz Earle are here with a chance to spend your Christmas money, with a fab affordable, five piece botanical face and hand care beauty collection

– main channel – cooks essentials bring a set of four turntable storage organisers

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – it is a bit of a kitchen day actually with your chance to get a rare Le Creuset cast iron 3.3 L oval casserole dish!

Tuesday – denim and co or black with a padded Quilter quilted bomber jacket.

Look out at 9 pm for the Jane plan Launch…

Wednesday – it’s a 20 day meal plan choice of meat or veg with the mains provided for each meal, just add fresh vegetables (I would say add lots). I tried this one and it is definitely my favourite! Chicken in Turmeric! And unbelievably all with a 60 day moneyback guarantee. Worth a look maybe?

Jane Plan

Thursday – Babyliss return with a diamond heated smoothing and straightening brush at a really low price.

Friday – then it’s time for the hummingbird set of four readers including 2 anti-blue light readers. (A spectacle bundle and they only usually happen around this time of year).

Friday 9 pm – if you love Perricone skincare, almost premium range, now is the time to stock up with a five piece intensive hydrating collection. 

I’m looking forward to the launch of a weekend of gardening as well! Assuming I’m okay!

Next week – hopefully! – meeting with my pal Shyama for lunch. I’m also delighted with myself that I finally walked away from the enormous challenge that being Patrons’ chair of Reigate and Banstead was becoming, (no, not for the reasons you, or some of the patrons, would think! But don’t worry, I’m not going to do a Harry ha ha.) So I’m focusing on getting the next event sorted out, a big dinner with a nice speaker in London in February. Managed to feel okay enough to talk to somebody on the phone about finalising the venue, as much as I kept coughing in between sentences, so maybe I’ll pop along there next week as well just to doublecheck the venue before I book it and announce it! Back to business and welcome 2023!

Best wishes


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