Debbie Flint

Hold the front page! QVC is 30 and check out what we’re doing!

Stop press! QVC powers that be were worried that the stock would not last for the show! So they may actually take the Debbie Flint pack of two tunics off the web again, therefore we’ve been asked not to promote them too much, believe it or not! Fingers crossed you get a set if you want it! I think the pictures of me wearing all the different ones in the different colours, came out quite well after the stress of being a model LOL!

Tune in on Monday at 4 pm to find out more or have a look online and you never know!

Please don’t forget that I’m recommending people go up not down if you’re not sure, because they are not quite as roomy around the tummy and hips! I would buy a large! (14 -16 High Street, bit of a pear-shape and bit of a tummy! I’m so pleased with the fabric though, and the Prince! Looking forward to launching it. Do join me :-).

Meanwhile, stop press, make sure you join me and Jilly for the 3TSV hour at nine and midnight tonight/Sunday! And through the day on Monday 🙂 ninja and shark, triple whammy, what more could you want!

Meanwhile I’m off to meet my friend Andrew Collins for supper, who works with me at QVC – he also attended the National Broadcasting School with me in 1983! We went on a 3 month radio broadcasting course in Soho! Yes imagine that anniversary!

Here are several firsts this week!

First, this is a placeholder blog because, for the first time in about 14 years, my full blog is not being issued on a Friday. Instead, the rest is coming out tomorrow, when all will be revealed about my new 30th anniversary garment design, which is going online imminently. On Monday the 2nd, watch out for the midday and 4 pm shows, put it in your diary! Two more firsts – in fact four of them – as Katie, Julia, Jackie and I, each design a garment for sale on QVC – the first time presenters have done that in 30 years!

Meanwhile go here for the sneakiest of sneaky peeks!

It should be on air on launch show on Monday, when we also have no less than three today’s special values, one for each decade… that’s also the day that Will Gowing’s Inside QVC podcast will be out, detailing mine and Julia’s design journeys. (Jackie’s and Katie’s podcast with Will is already out, see below).

Plus, see this week’s newsletter which will have gone out this afternoon, Friday onwards, (in batches in case you didn’t realise! Email me Info at my website address if you ever have a problem getting it) for some more sneaky pics!

Second, there is a massive 30th anniversary weekend ahead of us with a huge day on Sunday the first, our actual birthday, including a very special hour with my friend Julia looking back 30 years to when she kicked it all off. This is where it began.

And the Molton Brown annual massive Christmas today’s special value, is also on on Sunday – which I’m launching on Saturday night at 9 o’clock, don’t miss it, already online!

More about that and a big unboxing, when I update this blog tomorrow (Saturday the 30th).



Devon Cosiness

Had a super week this week with my lovely Devon ladies as I ran another retreat. Caught up with my girlies as well, had a massage with Jennie (leaving indentations on my forehead lol!) and met Gerald the dog again, lunch with Sheena, afternoon tea with Barb, Sheila and Penny; coffee with Caitlyn, and a lovely group of ladies all doing their writing, including a crime workshop. Exhausting but fun! Anyone you know who is a writer, of any kind, memoir, academic, or author, let them know I’ve got a retreat on October 16! (See a few pics here!) Plus if you/they have an interest in writing, you may also want to read this new blog post where I chat about publishing audiobooks with Neil Gardner from Ladbroke Audio. It’s packed with useful information!

Fab Foodi!

This made my life so much easier this week, did some incredibly delicious and succulent stuffed mushrooms with mozzarella cheese grilled to perfection, and these wonderful Mediterranean vegetables on another night. Absolutely loving the latest edition from the Ninja stable! Watch out for another Ninja product on Monday’s Triple TSV day! See below!

Car dash coincidence!

Look what mileage I reached at the very moment I parked my car outside my flat in Surrey last week. And I only bought it in March! I couldn’t have done that if I tried! LOL! Did a load more miles this weekend that’s for sure. Especially going off to see lovely little Phoebe for her fifth birthday. More next week.

Watch – QVC this weekend, and Monday, of course!

Blooper – Found you some new bloopers from years gone by! Some of these I’ve never seen! Some I particularly enjoyed! Very appropriate for this week’s blog.


Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one featuring the reasons behind Jackie and Katie’s fashion design choices, if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive backlist to catch up on, too!

Vlog – check out my #Thursdaybantz this week which gives you more of an insight into what’s in store with the fashions, and a quick tour around my place in Devon! (See it here).

Book of the Week – Well how delighted am I that there is a triple whammy this week! Plus I am still devouring the John Fairfax stories about the renegade QC, ex-con Will Benson! I just finished Forced Confessions, book 3 in the Benson and DeVere series and it was the best yet. Truly gripping. I’ve been reading/listening during most of my chores down in Devon this week!

Then my next three books are already lined up and what a trio they are!

– ‘The Running Grave’ by Robert Galbraith (aka JK!), Cormoran Strike and Robyn are back! And they head off on an investigation that may be Robyn’s most precarious yet… CANNOT WAIT!!

– ‘Traitors’ Gate’ by Jeffrey Archer. It’s the next instalment in the life of William Warwick as he rises up the ranks in the Met and meets yet more obstacles and old faces reappear… He really is a master storyteller, Jeffrey Archer – really looking forward to this one!

– And to complete the set, another of my favourites, Ken Follett brings us the next instalment in his Kingsbridge timeline, this time taking us to the 1700s. I love how he weaves real history into fiction. And references to the characters previously mentioned in earlier books as he skips two centuries with each new tome. ‘The Armour of Light’ is 21 hours long!! That lot will keep me busy over the next few weeks! I hope I get some writing done of my own next week in France! But these will help on the journeys…

On QVC this weekend:

Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the Perricone 3 pc indulgent Neuropeptide Night Trio skincare collection, if there’s any left! And watch out tonight at 9 pm for the launch of “it’s our 30th with cozee home“ which Jilly is presenting, ft a lovely warm faux fur heated throw!

Sunday – the Molton brown 11-piece luxury collection on five easy pays, as is everything else on until midnight! Check it out online, I launched it last night at 9 pm and 4500 went from that one hour so alone! I hope it’s left by the time you watch!

Monday – three, yes three, today’s special values, as mentioned.
From shark, not only the three in one air purifier/heater and fan HC450 at an incredible price, but the new shock stain-striker spot-cleaner! Plus Gail will be here with a Ninja – this time the five-piece stackable pan set. But also join me at midnight Sunday because the knife set is back!

Also launching Sunday the new big deals.
– Beauty channel – Dimitri’s SKINN brand, with the non-negotiables daily cleansing three-piece set in gift pouch.

  • Extra channel – cello electric melt burner with wax melts
  • Style channel Carole Hochman shaggy wide colour rap robe
  • main – a new Kipling for you, the Ruiz premium triple compartment small cross body bag! Enjoy.

And obviously don’t forget to join me for my 4 pm show to see how long my pack of two tunics lasts at under £37.

Tuesday – SFIXX returned with a set of two indoor/outdoor rechargeable touch table lamps, I feel another purchase coming on lol.

Wednesday – Moda in Pelle zipster ankle boots

Thursday – Clinique! Yay! With a three piece moisture surge hydration kit!

Friday – K by Kelly Hoppen pre-lit Kensington greenery Christmas decorations, choose either the Ruth or the Garland or the table tree.

Friday at 9 pm – Neom oh back with the POD aromatherapy diffuser, with exclusive oil duo, going on sale earlier in the week.

And I will be in France! Leaving on Tuesday. That’s after a busy weekend.

I’m off to my daughter’s to help celebrate little Phoebe‘s fifth birthday and will be back on the telly box with the amazing Molton Brown set Saturday night at 9 o’clock. It’s online already so do go and have a look! 



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