Debbie Flint

Queen of Craft, Sara Davies on QVC! Plus catch ups and sneaky peeks!

What an amazing show we had this week, as Doyen of Dragons’ Den, star of the Wedding Show, and Queen of Craft, Sara Davies returned to QVC with a super Xmas crafting compendium TSV. What a nice lady! She is every bit as lovely as she appears on the screen and so intelligent and switched on. No wonder she has grown her empire over the last 18 years or so, starting from scratch with a crafting show on shopping telly! Delighted to have been on with her and hope I get the chance to do it again. There’s something very therapeutic about crafting, and this was about making cards but also decorating them with lots of different extras that are also available. Check out the whole range on QVC just by searching her name 🙂 and crafters companion. More soon.


Colourful Clan

Got together with my UK siblings and mum last weekend, and got her partner David to position the camera phone when he took the photo, so that it took in some of the foreground floral delights. Plus sister’s cobalt top, completed this tableau. Lovely seeing them again, and what a nice pic! 

Kim n co

Caught up with Carla in a fashion extravaganza on style. Two hours where it’s not like you are at work, it’s more like you’re having a chat with a friend! Girly gossip style! Always lovely to see her. Did she mention she is going on a cruise?!…

Marking Dad’s BD with Mum

On Tuesday my dad would have been 84, so as usual we commemorated it with a lunch. We had had our big siblings get together on Sunday (minus Glenn bob, who lives in Sweden now), so just Mum and I went to our favourite café in Tottenham corner. I had fun making her smile with a picture of dad as Ken on! Pic was from when he was younger, bless! 

And I had a long list of to-dos, mostly online, to help her out – before rushing off to work. No rest for the wicked!

Watch – Lovely Ali K was back on Instagram live this week! Do follow her and catch up with her, can’t wait to go for our lunch middle of September :-). Here’s her latest! (See it here).

And of course this week we said goodbye to the inimitable Michael Parkinson. Sad loss, we will grow up watching his wonderful interviews, where the interviewer‘s job was to get the best out of the interviewee – rather than anything else.

Here are some best bits and rest in peace Michael Parkinson 🙂 (See it here).

Funny – pretend it’s 1995.

This one made me laugh this week considering how much time I spent on the phone every day, I just can’t own up to it so don’t ask! Considering how many get-togethers with friends and people I’ve met up with this week I thought it was appropriate!

And have a look on my newsletter that is just going out to everybody. This week’s exclusive is a very funny picture that made Gill Gauntlett and co howl! 

Podcast Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week it’s the turn of Cozee Home’s very own Debra Leigh. Talks about the early years of her performing career, the fascinating world of neurolinguistic, programming, and Cozee home at QVC!

Vlog – #Thursdaybantz this week was very jolly with a couple of stories for you! Watch it here. And on my Facebook page every Thursday night at some stage. This was a late one (here)…

Book of the Week – I found another new author! I’ve really been enjoying the Charles Holborne legal thrillers book one, ‘The Brief’. Partly because of such a good narrator, partly because to be honest, the period fascinates me. The early 60s, when people could get away with so much more… A successful lawyer in London, an underground community bent on revenge. A desk, a stitch up… will Charlie get justice in the end? It’s a series and I can’t wait to read more!


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Sunday – Our own brand, Tili (try it love it), presents a six-piece complete skincare collection.

Big deals ending Sunday night

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Next week should include:

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Wednesday – wrap It, the 85-piece home storage and tidy kit returns.

Thursday – Judith Williams appears on our screens once more this time with a four piece derma perfect collection.

Friday – and the centigrade raincoat with hood and contrast lining,  is going to debut on Friday night.

Friday 9 pm – a super Skechers trainer!

Next week – don’t miss the blog because there will be the first of the holiday pics in Devon! Yay! Off to finish the rest of my packing :-). X

Best wishes


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