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A publishing seminar by the Thames & sneaky peeks!

Lovely to take two days out of my busy schedule and different this week. The self publishing formula, self publishing show 2024, in London with my lovely friend Carolyn with whom I’ve been going to writing workshops since 2009! She’s successfully self published several novels, the main ones are a detective series, all on Amazon.

Been on the go so much, I was in two minds, but actually ended up being really glad I went, partly because of using a different part of my brain and also sitting down for most of the two days! (Albeit making 100 WhatsApp messages and emails in the breaks, but, hey, helping with my local association for the election will be over at the end of next week, whoop!) Plus on the first day I won a T-shirt for doing a post, and went up on the stage to collect it.

So you can guess what I asked the host, author James Blatch to let me do, can’t you!

One of the most enjoyable facets of #spslive2024 is that you hear several success stories from people who have self published. One is Steve Higgs who has several different book series online.

He turned over $1.7 million last year, yes really, spent about a third of it on advertising, but still took home 1 million. That’s my kind of job, isn’t it! Plus there are lots of different people involved in the industry outside in the foyer, to chat to in between talks. Watch my Vlog to find out more…

Vlog – See it here.

It was a thoroughly Inspirational two days. Plus met up with some other lovely authors at lunchtimes.

And of course the weather was fabulous. Hope your week was good too 🙂


Breezy in Wales

Just before the heatwave hit, I took a flying visit to see the kids in Wales. It was so lovely and I got some super shots of all four grandchildren and my two kids, with the valley behind them, and the grass in front, jumping up and smiling. It was a really whistlestop trip but if I had not gone I would not have seen them till the middle of July so it was worth it 🙂

Phoebe and Lolly draw each other

Is this cute or what! I’m not allowed to show you photographs, but apart from the fact that the one my daughter Lauren drew of her ginger haired 5 yr old Phoebe looks like Lauren, I think the one Phoebe drew of Lauren looks hilarious! Bless her! The kids sadly weren’t very well this week, and neither was Brad when he left them last weekend!

Family Do – and the sun came out!

Had a lovely get-together on Sunday lunchtime at my nieces house when Steph celebrated being 30! So many kids! 14 of the 21 great grandchildren were there. Shame mine were amongst those missing, as they’d already arranged that Brad would go down to Wales with his for the weekend whilst his wife Kari was away, but a good time was had by all, wherever they were. (The exclusive on my newsletter this week is a funny picture that sis in law Allison and I took, doing a sendup of a poster pinned up at the event! If you get my newsletters you’ll see it, if you don’t, sign up below by clicking on the Word newsletter)!

Watch – been having a nightly dose of Doomscrolling, but loving when my brain can just switch off and get some bubblegum for the eyes. This vid is quite educational though. Ever wondered how cherries are harvested? (See it here).

Blooper – some funny ones on QVC again this week.

Jackie was behind-the-scenes on her knees during a Ruth Langsford show, trying to see the monitors, but literally calling on the floor, it was really funny! 

But I’ll just give you one of my own very quickly, when my friend Carolyn and I went to lunch one of the days, and ordered a juice each, I chose a beetroot and she chose a power juice. As soon as it arrived I reached over and drank half of it straight away because I was really hungry. And then she drank hers, and we carried on eating our lunch. Towards the end she said to me, “what drink did you choose again?” And I looked down at my green one… And at the colour of hers… Purple, and in that moment we realised she had the beetroot and I had the green one. And I took it first so it it was obviously my fault! But neither of us had realised until that moment. Talk about menopause brain!

Here’s another one to make you chuckle, Greg Davies, one of the funniest guys I’ve ever seen live, and a real wit, on Graham Norton with Ryan (be still my beating heart) Gosling & co hearing him out… See it here.

Finally have a look at this funny, another one that caught my eye online, there’s one in the middle that made me really laugh out loud! See it here.

Book of the Week – One of my favourite series is a legal thriller starring a 1960s barrister / QC called Charles Holborne. ‘Death, adjourned’ is the ninth story and I’m really enjoying it again. It’s ever so well written, lots of very specific detail about the era, and procedures back then. Brings to life what prejudices people put up with then too. And since I’m writing a period book set in the 1920s, it’s food for thought! Highly recommended.

Also my friend Kate Baker was at the conference this week, and she has a book called Maid of Steel, about a would be suffragette, set just before the first world war. Do take a look! She was also very happy to be there, and talked about her time at my writing retreat down in Devon. Find out more here

And don’t forget to email me info @ retreatsforyou .co .uk or check out the website (here) if you’d like to find out about the events. If you’ve always wanted to write your life story there’s a way of getting a really important part of your memoir done, called Micro Memoirs, and I’ve got a space on August 5. Contact me soon. Four day break, being looked after in beautiful surroundings, nice company, with nothing to do but think about your writing, or even just sleep :-). Contact me.


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the super luxury Almond Oil L’occitane offer! 

Saturday – cordless Dyson vac time, with a great price on the V8 absolute. Looking forward to my shift that night including Kipling at eight and Liz Earle at 11!

Sunday – then it’s a UK lash serum, a big 3 mL version and I’ve got the last two hours of June with an exciting beauty month finale at 10 pm!

Big deals ending Sunday night

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Next week should include:

– style – Osprey Lindon have a nice backpack called the Oxford

– extra – silent night bring us a luxury air comfort pillow pair

– beauty – Gatineau DefiLift three-piece collection is here, their neck and the colour gel is the most amazing thing ever so look out for that in a big size as well this month!

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Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – it’s Diamonique time this time the Steel range, with the orb, bangle and chain-link bracelet set

Tuesday – Australian body care for peace collection. I hope they’ve got some blemish sticks in stock as well, I’m running low!

Wednesday – Kenwood revisit the duo prep two in one mini chopper and grinder

Thursday – Ultrasun have a sun protection four-piece holiday heroes collection

Friday – and cozee home bring us a silky soft lounge dress

Friday 9 pm – finally I will be launching the ninja wood fire max with additional wood pellets, just in time for summer! Plus going on sale earlier in the week, the new item I’m launching on Saturday at 9 o’clock which is the Liz Earle revitalise and glow skincare five-piece collection!

Next week – I can’t believe it will all be over, I’ll be doing my stint at the count in Devon on Thursday night to help out, and on Friday I get my life back ha ha ha. No seriously I will be down in Devon running another writing retreat with a very big group this week! I’ll have to make sure I get to bed early each night! Have a great week!

Best wishes



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