Debbie Flint

Out and about plus sneaky peeks, and a great theatre trip

Had my first really long walk for ages this week, and whilst we were out, sister Linda and I met a lovely local lady called Tina! Gosh that lady is dressed head to foot in QVC fashions it looks like, I thought, as she came into view. Then when she got near us she said Debi! Apparently she’s been waiting for ages to see if she bumped into me and lo and behold she did! It was very nice to have a chat about what she loves about QVC.

Also ventured into Banstead later that day and the tower of flowers was incredible! (See the main picture above). Very beautiful time of year isn’t it?

Someone who loves their plants is my mum, and the next-door balcony is like Kew Gardens at the moment. My niece Becky took this fab picture of my lovely mummy Lesley, and posted it with a very funny story. It took me back to my childhood when my mum first told me about these fantasy middle names! I even remember putting it on some homework when I was nine years old and we were asked to talk about our families. Along with a description of myself as having dark blonde hair (it was mousey brown by that stage LOL). It did make me smile!! 


Congratulations to my mate Rebecca!

Last weekend, Becca Paul became the candidate to be the next MP in Reigate And Banstead, when Crispin Blunt steps down at the next election. We had a little Patrons get together at the house of the chair, the lovely Ben Mearns. I admire anyone who wants to be an MP, especially in this day and age and I wish her all the best! She really deserves it as she works so hard for the local community and lives in Walton. Whatever you think of politicians, most of them work really hard and if people knew how many hours they do and that they are almost never off duty, maybe there would be a bit more appreciation. Shame about the bad cherries in the bunch, but good luck to my friend!

Weird Eye Thing

When I had my nails done last week I had the weirdest eye thing happen. Remember I told you ages ago I had a cataract operation (following a detached retina, which they heal using a gas bubble that unfortunately creates a cloudy lens, needing replacement six months later)? Well, I asked them to put a special lens in to help me see close up – which is great. However, I noticed something weird with ultraviolet light. With my right eye (with my natural lens), the nail varnish drying UV lamp looks like the one on the right. But when I closed my right eye and looked at the nail lamp with my replacement lens in my left, I saw a brighter, lighter, whiter light. How weird! Think about that, the next time we do an ultraviolet demo on QVC and I’m holding the black-light, which creates the ultraviolet rays – this is what I will be seeing even if everyone else sees it right! Anyone else ever had that?

Old School pal catch up

I had a smashing get-together with my lovely school friends Sharon and Dawn this week at Dobbies Garden Centre in Wellington and worked out we had known each other 52 years this year! We were reminiscing big-time. We managed to get in touch (via the Facebook group for Morden Farm middle school), with two others of our class as well, pictured here in Mrs Jones’ class in 1975 – 4J. 

Next time hopefully we can get together with Sharon English and Laura Holmes as well as Sharon Foreman and Dawn Hill (as we were anyway! I’m still… Debbie Flint LOL! Although I did have a ‘Debbie Carter‘ pop up on my #thursdaybantz this week on my weekly Facebook live (see it here) and that was my married name too! People are so hard to trace nowadays aren’t they? I always wondered what happened to the tallest girl in this picture, Lisa Dunn. If anyone knows where she went, she lived near Cannon Hill Lane back in the day, please let me know!

Watch – Theatre – Mark Rylance in Dr Semmelweis

Oh my goodness, the most amazing theatre production! What can I say?

Mark Rylance is one of my favourite actors and I have to say he was outstanding in this. If I could give 11 out of 10 I would. He was amazing amazing amazing. The woman who played opposite him was a B minus, but everyone else was brilliant. Catch it before October if you can. Based on the true story of the gynaecological doctor in Vienna in the mid-1800s, who first realised there could be something tiny no one could see, passing on disease (it turned out to be bacteria but it wasn’t acknowledged for another 20 years). Amazingly theatrical with the inclusion of elements of ballet and violins on the stage too, helping to mark his descent into craziness, very very well done. 9.5 out of 10!

Watch 2 – TV – on iPlayer, a complete antithesis to the above! This week I binge watched a period comedy, set in 1990, completely un-politically correct, fabulous music from back in the day (can’t believe it was 33 years ago), and have been recommending it ever since. If you liked Trollied on Sky, maybe crossed with the movie Anchorman,  you might like this. Set in Stockport, ‘The Power of Parker’, is six half-hour episodes following the fortunes of the hapless bouffant-bonced Martin Parker, who does TV ads for his three Manchester electrical stores in a really cheesy 1990s way, whilst navigating his way around being dangerously in debt, especially to local hoodlums, and through his tangled love life with two really funny women :-). Binge watched it in one night. Highly recommended! If you don’t want to be offended don’t watch it! On iPlayer catch up 🙂 8.75 out of 10.

Funny – something completely different but stupidly compelling to watch this week! Have found a really funny consumer-product-testing farmer-lady called Catherine Hampton! If you get a chance, if you like quirky clips, have a look at this :-). One day you will thank me for introducing you to a video where you can watch a Facebook-live review of the ‘happy watermelon cutting fork’ live from a cow pasture 🙂 LOL (See it here).


Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week (out Monday the seventh) it’s the turn of Beverley C MBE, hairdresser extraordinaire, talking about her love of the art, and working with big brand Babyliss.

Vlog check this one (here) out on my Instagram last week, with some very unusual visitors strolling along the pavement just outside my work!

Book of the Week – For the first time in ages I devoured an audiobook in three days. It’s my very first from Lisa Jewell, whose new novel ‘None of This Is True’ it’s not only genius, it’s compelling, a stunning plot, and superbly narrated inc by Nicola Walker. Follows the complicated tangled relationships of two women, one of whom does podcasts and the other who presents her with an offer to record her tale as she attempts to change her life, with scary consequences. It’s superb, dealing with issues of control, lies, passion and domestic disharmony. Mounting injustice keeps you avidly page-turning (or listening) and it’s one of the most highly reviewed books I’ve read in ages, which is what attracted me to it.

Starting a new one from her now. Very happy to have found a great new author! Highly highly recommended. A brilliant brilliant book.

Also – ‘The List’ by one of my former retreat guests Yomi Adegoke. This is one where I think the book would better read as a paperback or hardback, rather than narrated on audio, because there is a lot to get your head around.

But some very very witty turns of phrase and characterisations, and clever writing. Funny too. Dealing with a hot topic of Internet trolling, whether to take someone’s claims at face value: could a relationship be ruined just because of something posted online? Yomi is a very clever writer and a lovely lady, and if you like hot properties, or trending stars, this is a good one to go for! Already topping charts and another one I can see as a TV adaptation. Well done her! I love hearing a publishing success story, in fact that one and another from a second lovely guest from my retreat in Devon, Katy Brent (‘How to Kill Men and Get Away With It’), are both featured on my latest Retreats for You blog, on my social media and also via the Retreat website. So incredible how they are both becoming bestsellers! Inspirational. Fingers crossed I get my book finally written this year and the sky is the limit! (Okay, in my head it is!)

Next week, one of my favourite authors, Rowan Coleman’s latest, and another time travelling extravaganza, just out ’from now until forever!’


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Next week – get together with Brad and the kids after a big gap, catching up with Ali Keenan at an anniversary party for one of the guys at work, and a big return to the Amchara health retreat in Somerset for a few nights’ stay, to get me back in balance again! Can’t wait. Catch me this weekend, otherwise I’m not back on until Sunday the 20th.

Best wishes


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