Debbie Flint

One more week to go, funnies, and keeping warm

It’s nearly here! And the weeks are whizzing by as usual. I think it just gets worse as you get older, don’t you? Like: it’s October with loads of time and then suddenly you wake up the next morning and it’s the middle of December! How did those weeks fly by so fast?

I’ve still got quite a few bits to get, as well, with only a few days left to get it, and a postal strike, to boot. Too much socialising… see below! Mind you, there is still time to buy almost-last-minute on QVC – strikes notwithstanding. In fact, they’ve asked me to do a little feature on the homepage, on, going live on the 17th and if you’d like to buy something like this vibrant lime green jumper, it’s from Julien Macdonald, who knows it might get there in time if you’re quick!

UPDATE – talking of the deadline, we’ve had to bring it forward, so now, you need to buy in time for Christmas by ordering before 8 pm on Saturday (the 17th). Fingers crossed you’re in time. (They have just announced that they have changed it, due to obvious delivery problems going on nationally at the moment.)

There was loads of snow fun this week with the little ones, see below. In the meantime I had lunch with pal Gill on Tuesday, and arranged to see ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ as a Christmas present. I know I’ve seen it already, but it was really good and it was one of her most favourite books/plays ever. 

Then on Wednesday I saw my school friends Sharon and Dawn, putting the world to rights and comparing notes on grandchildren, which we all have now. We’ve known each other since we were eight or nine years old, and it’s so lovely to still be in touch 🙂 

The other lunch with a couple of work pals on Thursday was postponed, so I ended up saying yes to taking Blake home for the evening – mainly so she could play in the snow the next morning. And boy did we have fun. The snow was too powdery to stay in snowman shape, the temperature was too cold I guess. But it was lovely for sledging! Thank you to Spartak, my neighbour at the flats, who lent us his sledge. Check out this little video I posted of Blake doing one of her longest runs! Only took a few practices, as well. I even had a go myself!

And after we had played for about an hour, we went inside to keep warm. She wrapped herself up in my cozee home robe, a little bubble hat, and electric footwarmer too. So funny, bless her little heart. She is such good company. She does such funny things – I came in to find my tiny Christmas cards all arranged in a long curving path from one end of the lounge carpet to the other, and she was pretending it was a magical stepping stones trail to some mysterious treasure. Plus we read her little school reading book, a clever one where the adult has one side of the page to read, and the child has words to read on the other side. (Story was about Chen and the pots or something.) Very nice tale. Then there was the snow. The sun even came out when we were outside, it was all very picturesque.

Once we’d warmed up, Blake and I went out shopping, and for lunch. I bought her some new wellies, then dropped her off home before zipping back to see my sis at the spa at teatime, and then ex sister-in-law and pal Alison in the evening, see below. 

Yes my two days off this week were proper “Debbie days“, in the old-fashioned way, ie packed! I do prefer a bit of peace and quiet in the mix, nowadays, too, though! And as a result, managed to watch a bit – see below. Hope you had a great week too 🙂


Lindy Lunch

Happy belated birthday to my sis Linda. Who despite feeling poorly, joined us on Sunday for a lovely lunch, siblings, mum and partners (delete where applicable!) This is the point of the year where she becomes just one year younger than me, now 59. Which means this time next year, we will all be celebrating HER 60th – like we did mine in May. Mind you, we took pictures of a roast dinner this year versus the same day in the same place last year, and there was no comparison. Definitely scaled down in size, (albeit the prices have not increased like they have in some places). Sign of the times. We all put together and got her the lovely kettle which she wanted, an expensive one. And I decorated it with some portable seed lights! So nice we have our get-together and a big family pic every year.

Meet ‘Anna in Boots!’

No it’s not a new fangled panto title, this was a lovely lady I said hello to when I went to get my sister some cough medicine in Sutton, and she started talking to me about QVC, how nice. She did check first, probably because I wasn’t wearing any makeup… It does make me wonder what people think sometimes LOL. But we had a nice chat, and I stocked up. 

Poor Linda has had the cough that has been definitely going round, and has had to go onto antibiotics. So has my daughter Lauren and her little boy Jasper. And Brad’s wife, my daughter-in-law Kari. I nearly came down with it but fortunately need to keep on top of it, mainly by not eating any rubbish whatsoever, loads of green vegetables, green drink, lots of water, manuka honey, steam inhalation et cetera et cetera, and a bit of cough medicine :-). Let’s hope this time next week everyone is recovered ready for the big day!

And talking of Jasper, the exclusive this week on my newsletter, for people who subscribe to it and only them, is a funny, adorable, cutest little pic of him having conked out halfway down my daughter’s corridor, just shows what happens when you’ve got an active, crawling baby, combined with underfloor heating. He obviously found the floor the most comfortable! Mind you I know how you feel sometimes. As soon as I get lovely and warm, I start nodding off! Another sign of the times 🙂

Christmas tree of the week – popped in to see my lovely ex sister-in-law and good friend Alison to have a quick catch-up with some pressies and sort this delightful tree. We’ve had some really big ones lately, so here is a little one but so perfectly formed LOL. She said this year’s theme is Xmas/Santa gonks and trolls, and this is exactly what I was saying, when we have been doing them on QVC. Some people are living in this year especially! And Alison is no exception!

Watch – ‘To Olivia’, Strike, The Morning Show.

I do like me a bit of Keeley Hawes, and Hugh Bonneville, well they combine in this bio pic based around the first marriage of Roald Dahl to a movie star called Pat Neal. Lovely period film, very very emotional though, make sure you’re in the mood for it! It’s a story of their relationship under stress, really, and their relationship with the other children when they lose their eldest. Based on real life. Very interesting, probably 8 out of 10.

The Morning Show, back for a second season after its highly critically acclaimed first series. Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell all acting their hearts out in this story of conflict at work in a #MeToo era. Very good, very powerful; on Apple TV catch up.

Watch 3 – Strike.

Talk about a guilty pleasure. I told you last week that Strike returned for another TV adaptation of yet another multimillion-selling book from J. K. Rowling’s alter ego Robert Galbraith. Troubled blood sees Cormoran Strike, the private detective with a military past and a feisty female sidekick, return to investigate a cold case. Riveting as ever. Especially when Strike and Robin’s relationship starts to intensify…

See also below for what would’ve been a fourth one had it not been a funny!

Funny – Jasper’s Sweet Spot. For people in my subscriber list over on my newsletter signup section (go to the newsletter tab below) and you’ll see the cutest photo!

Funny 2 – this is crossed with a ‘watch‘ recommendation – if you missed the Facebook post that Micheál and I did last week, and the funny game we played and some of the Christmas Frank Usher,secrets that came out during the course of a half an hour podcast, go here to watch it! Really really enjoyable it was. Hope there will be more like this in the future!

Podcast – this week (out Monday 19th) on inside QVC podcast, Will chats to Lucy Piper about her TV career before QVC, and what she’s looking forward to this Christmas!

Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on too!

Vlog – near where we used to live in lower Morden, there is a famous road locally which lights up at Christmas time. I revisited it this week! #LowerMordenLane. HaveYouGotOneNearYou? See it here.

Book of the Week

David Jason’s the ‘Twelve Dels of Christmas’. We were a family who grew up watching Only Fools and Horses, well this is a bit of a behind-the-scenes confessions book looking at some of the famous moments. Well worth a watch! Apart from that, I have several on the go so will let you know what I’ve chosen for my Christmas read, next week.


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the Cozee Home velvet soft one side and ultra fluffy the other side, field bedspread, unbelievably affordable. I wonder if there will be much left for my shows? Join me if you can at 2 pm with Frank Usher, I have not been on with Frank for ages, then Margaret dubs at three, and a wonderful hour of fashion at five on style.

Saturday – it’s one of the most prestigious of the season as Estee Lauder bring us a four-piece collection with some of their greats.

Sunday – launching hopefully with me on Saturday night at 9 pm, the rush charge trident portable charger. Already online, it’s just £27 or so and it’s already online.

Big deals ending Sunday night

Go to this section of our website each week to discover the current ones which often end on Sunday nights if there are any stocks left!

This week it includes:

Big deals

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. Occasionally they last a couple of weeks but there are new ones every Sunday night so come back again and see them on the link above. 

Next week should include:

– Percy and Reed 4 pc give me strength complete hair regime including a super-size shampoo conditioner and styling and products too.

– On extra channel is the prices candles 66p spring Candle-set with lovely new fragrances for the New Year.

– If you have lots of knots from Christmas tension in your shoulders, the Lola four-speed handheld massager gun is about half price and super affordable

– and on QVC style, amongst other things, the Kim and co teddy fleece zipfront jacket with pockets is here.

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – the finishing touch flawless shaver with replacement head, already online

Tuesday – Philip Kingsley Egyptian Jasmine and wild mandarin four-piece collection, also already online

Wednesday – the SBC, 4pc arnica heroes collection, already online!

Thursday – super long-lasting gloss nail file set in a three-piece bundle, a really lovely present idea

Friday – the silent night all season three in one duvet 18 tog or 15 tog to properly revamp your bedroom

Friday 9 pm – quite exciting, and very practical. Set of two radiator thermostats with E1 smart hub. And then it will be Christmas day the day after!

Next week – shopping with Brad on Monday, last minute shopping on QVC, and fab films at the cinema! Including the new Avatar! Stay warm, and wrap up in this horrible cold weather and remember all the deals online that will help you do so.

Best wishes