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It’s not like work! Fab fun with QVC pals – & sneaky peeks!

This week we had lots of fun in the studio on the tech show, (seen here with hilarious behind the scenes cheeky double act Lee Hohbein & James Murden, plus lovely Ella Williamson) all together just before the show when I did the digital photo frame today’s special value (bought one for somebody special for later in the year, so no more!) And also when I did the menopause show… what a team!

On Tuesday at 8 pm, I did what was probably one of the best things I’ve done on QVC in ages — another ‘menopause your way’ show, my way! I always ask for the sofa set-up, spend loads of time with the ladies beforehand, gleaning their stories, connected to each product, and make sure it’s fast paced. We had a fabulous group, almost all with their own stories about symptoms et cetera, and a super expert guest on-set, called Henny Flynn, with whom I have just done a Facebook live on the QVC page. Do look up the item numbers of the products that were in the show as most of the videos online will still be taken from that hour. (Go to ‘recently on air’, and trace back to 8 pm on Tuesday night, the 19th, just in case you want to see what a banter we had!) Some fab products including the outstanding latest Tili beauty bag. Thanks to everybody in the studio that night, plus Andrew and Theresa, the superb gallery gang. If only you knew what was going on behind the scenes during shows like that, and in my head! LOL. Swans and paddling comes to mind. Check out loads of other blogs, videos, and features, on our QVC website, for more info and sharing secrets about menopause.

One of the themes was compassion for yourself, so how appropriate that immediately afterwards, I took myself off for a special break…

Champney’s Mini Escape

I realised with just three days to spare, that the six months voucher was going to run out, so fortunately I managed to fit in a four night getaway! 

Left late after work on Tuesday, and I’m staying till lunchtime on Saturday hopefully. Had a lovely relax, have been swimming loads, and had some super food. For the first morning I just sat in the main restaurant in the sofa area, looking out at the lovely lawn.

Then came the deluge. Incredible that the rain just did not let up however. The first day was like a torrential downpour, it may have been a deluge where you were, as well.

I will have a reflexology sesh, and hopefully write lots of my book by the time I go back on Friday night to do a QVC shift, then return for Friday night and leave lunchtime. Then it’s off for a busy weekend followed by my next retreat in Devon! At least the week after I booked myself to go to France, I really really really really really really really have to get this book written!


Bruvvas on Tour

Or rather, my Three Brothers, who were also away last week, unusually though, all on holiday together at once, in Cyprus, for the first time ever. They’re such a handsome bunch I think! They all looked so well, especially David who has lost 8 stone! Well done him! It would’ve been far too hot for me, with my dodgy skin, and I’m trying to convince them to come on a canal boat holiday with me one day. Well mum wants to go and let’s face it at the moment she’s a bit wary of flying because of her blood clot problem after she had a funny turn this time last year. Let’s see what happens 🙂 . But they all had a great time and sent lots of videos of their food, and the entertainment in the evenings! You can imagine…

Phoebe & Jasper

Wales got the rain first, didn’t it, whilst our hot spell was still continuing in the Southeast, however! My poor daughter and her two little ones, over on the west of the country, were already in a downpour. (Just like we had a few days later!) I loved this cute picture that lollipop my daughter, sent me. Look at big sis putting her arm around little bro. Awwwww. Phoebe is five at the beginning of October and I’ll be down there at the end of next week. Better get my thinking cap on as far as birthday presents are concerned!

Watch – Magpie Bath

Before all the rain, this is what happened on my balcony! What does a hot magpie do when it needs a bath! Bet it never reckoned on the onlookers though! I thought you might enjoy the ‘show,’ just like the pigeons!

Blooper – we were sharing some incredible bloopers last week, on the QVC Guest group, that James Murden started for his theatre trips. Some of the guests have some very funny ones!! Here was super guest Carla having fun with our lovely mate Miceal. (Great news on his health update, see last week’s blog for details if you missed it.) His reaction at the end…!!

And on my newsletter – that you would have got if you subscribe (comes out on a Friday once the new blog is posted here on my website, sign up by pressing the word newsletter below, and a link will pop up), four others to watch, including a couple with funny double entendres!


Hehehahaaaaa, this made me smile! Bless it. Thank goodness for hidden cameras! You never know what you’re going to say 🙂 (See it here).


Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week, it’s all about Katy Pullinger and Jackie Kabler, talking about and looking ahead to, the new clothes designs that four of us have done specially for the 30th birthday anniversary, starting next weekend! Julia Roberts is the fourth person. I’ll be fascinated to see what you think!

Vlog – See this week’s Vlog from Champneys here.

Book of the Week – ‘The Last Devil to Die’, part of the Richard Osman Thursday murder club series. I said I would report back this week and yes I finished it double sharpish. It really seriously is one of the best he’s ever done and one of my favourite sets of characters. This time the care home Cabal face emotional times, discussing relationships and facing some harrowing decisions. Some of the most gripping, amazing writing. He’s a genius. Highly recommended. Apparently his next book is not in this series but you never know, Joyce, Ron, Elizabeth and gang may return at some point in the future, I hope so.

In the meantime, I have found a series of legal thrillers, similar to the other series by Simon Michael, that I enjoyed recently – featuring again, a flawed legal eagle with a sidekick (think a barrister version of Robert Galbraith’s Cormoran Strike!) but coming good in a satisfying way in the courtroom. Mostly… 

It’s by Gary Bell, entitled ‘Beyond Reasonable Doubt’, again the first in a series, this time set more in the modern day, and is very entertaining! A little bit more unexpected and more down and dirty than the Charles Holborne series, and the hero is more flawed. Really enjoying it! I’ll keep you informed.

And by the way the new Robert Galbraith will actually be out at the end of September! Can’t wait!


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the long line padded gilet.

Saturday – includes a mini fashion event. Skechers – hot on the heels of the exciting news of their latest signing, I believe Harry Kane! – They bring us a water-resistant boot, the city boot at a very affordable price! (note to self – not a football boot tho’!) 

Sunday –  Skinsense bring us a brand-new range, the ceramide24 luxury 4 pc skincare collection. Some super reviews already online. Seems to be a real step up in intensity for skins in need. See more here, looks fabulous!

Big deals ending Sunday night

Go to this section of our website each week to discover the current ones which often end on Sunday nights if there are any stocks left!

Big deals are available on air for usually a week, they may be longer online if stocks last. Occasionally they last a couple of weeks but there are new ones every Sunday night so come back again and see them on the link above. 

Next week should include:

– style – White Stuff Maya tiered shirt dress, another one, this time from one of my favourite dress brands. (The one I wear the most is called the pearl and is back in stock in lots of colours!)

– extra – the Vionic Gemma slipper in a terry material – I will be interested in these since I lost my lovely fluffy mules, hopefully I find them.

– beauty – Alpha-H glow & go 3pc collection.

– main – Gatineau’s radiance enhancing skincare collection, for under £50, it will be a bumper bundle.

Also 3 pm Sunday – Check out this time-lapse video, behind-the-scenes with me and this new Dyson offer. Launching online on Friday, then on Sunday at 3 pm, I will be on with it – the long barrel new air wrap set, in a vibrant new electric blue and blush, colour scheme. Regulars will know I swear by the Airwrap and this one is the best of all I think!

Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – Kim & co ponte crepe relaxed fit blazer in 2 different lengths AND two options in matching trousers!

Tuesday – Silentnight ‘Wonder-full’ big anti-allergen pillow deal, 2 or 4 pack, two different prices! The fullest pillows they’ve ever brought to QVC!

Wednesday – Mally makeup is back, with the lady herself coming live down the line – you have been warned! With some fabulous beauty hours through the day including a big one with Ali Young at 6 pm which should be really good fun! It’s a six-piece eye collection at a great price.

Thursday – Denim & co bring us the Sherpa denim jacket! With a good price too! Should be interesting. 

Friday – time for our most premium, dermatologist-based brand, Perricone, with a three-piece indulgent neuropeptide night trio, going on sale earlier in the week. Best savings when it is a today’s special value.

Friday 9 pm – Cozee Home return with a luxury faux fur and velvet soft throw which is heated and includes nine heat settings! Can’t wait for this one. It will be so popular. I must remember to watch when I’m in Wales seeing Phoebe.

Also going on sale early in the week, the Christmas Molton Brown luxury collection, 11 pieces! It’s going to be a massive weekend special, celebrating our 30th anniversary from Saturday through to the following Monday, including… Some garment designs that four of us presenters have been asked to create! More news next week when all will be revealed!

Next week – seeing Brad and the kids this weekend, then down to Retreats For You in Devon to run another super Writing Retreat! Have a great week. And don’t forget to subscribe to my weekly email that comes out as soon as I have posted my Friday blog, to alert you, and also includes some exclusive footage!

Also next week – it’s revealed – what will be my garment design to help to celebrate our 30th anniversary? You will see Katy’s, Jackie‘s and Julia‘s designs – all revealed five days to a week before the 2nd of October, when on two special double hander shows,  we will actually be selling them for the first time. I’ll be wearing my designs over the weekend on Saturday and Sunday too. Be ready…

Watch out for a look at the designs I have created and news of the other three presenters’ choices too in next week’s blog!

Best wishes


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