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Nostalgic babysitting weekend; chance to be looked after by me at upcoming Writing Retreat; and sneaky peeks!

Look at this gorgeous gorgeous picture. What a lovely memory, sitting with my two grandchildren Blake and Kaleb, when I took a day off on Saturday to look after them whilst parents, Kari and my son Brad, went away overnight to a wedding. In the afternoon having done lots of playing already, we went to the local park and after they’d exhausted themselves on the playground for a while, we got out our picnic and sat watching the cricket. I was explaining it all to them and they were more fascinated than I thought they would be! They were also quite tired and for the first time in ages I took a really deep breath and felt all the stress and tension in my stomach just float away! 

I guess because in the depths of my early memories I remember being relaxed going to watch my dad play cricket every weekend – it was part of the fabric of our childhood. See the vlog below for more.

They also had a great time in the heat, in the back garden playing water games. We read, we played trains, we went to the shops and bought magazines and played dinosaurs, read some more, had some food, watched a little bit of telly and funny videos on YouTube like goats that sound like humans which cracked Blake up! And the silent Dancing in the Street video which is hilarious and cracked us all up!

And I tried my best to be ‘craft earthmother,‘ and tried to copy something I had seen on YouTube. It was where somebody got tissues, rolled them up, decorated them and then squeezed them together… then put water on them so they expanded like a little worm. Didn’t quite work out that way! Blake thought it was very funny though. Oh well at least I tried. It was very full on all day.

I was actually exhausted by the time their parents came home Sunday lunchtime, but I enjoyed every minute! That’s what life is all about isn’t it? PS very glad I’m a grandmother and not a mother though, I left them in capable hands, and went to work for a break! LOL 

Actually I went via the swimming pool. And if you subscribe to my newsletter (go to the newsletter icon at the bottom of this page), you will have seen in my regular Friday newsletter, what I looked like when I came out of it! Thought it was a good choice for the exclusive newsletter picture this week, given the comments I got after posting last week’s crazy hair ones! 


Happy 34th Lollipop!

A massive happy birthday to my gorgeous daughter, for Wednesday just gone. I’m so so proud.

Just off to her’s tomorrow, at time of writing. To spend a few days till the weekend helping out with the kids and celebrating her birthday. Can’t wait. Look at my little girl all growed up! And I think she was just four on my first day at QVC! 

Devon time

Hot hot hot in Devon this week, really loved spending two nights at my place before heading to Wales to daughter’s. So cool inside during that sudden heat wave. And no one else to worry about. Really enjoyed some quiet time all to myself after having a hectic period lately – especially having a break from worrying about leaking balconies which is mostly what I’ve been doing in my spare time lately! I can see an end in sight though and it looks pretty 🙂

Can you come?

Have you always wanted to write the best seller or find out more? Even if you’ve never written but have an idea, come join me in my retreat, with fabulous workshops run by an experienced tutor — for four nights from the 25th of September. I’ve had two ladies had to postpone till the next one and I have two spaces I need to fill urgently! Please let someone know if it’s not you, as I’d love to welcome them here. You get looked after by me, doing all the food, and talking to people about your favourite genre of books. It’s certainly mine at the moment! Rachel Ward is an excellent tutor as well, find out more about it here and get in touch with me soon as you can! Just think, no chores, or meals on the table, all day snack/afternoon tea/coffee/cake, own cosy room, beautiful North Devon countryside and like-minded company to talk about books and learn how to write. Join us! (More details here).

Massive Tomato!

My lovely Facebook friend Ann Taylor-Turton may be one of the new flower power stories used by Richard Jackson next year! Look what she sent me this week. Wow impressive! His plant food is still coming up trumps – it’s still growing season for a while longer so give it a go. If you’ve been using it, how are yours doing? This is what Ann said.

“Hello Debbie… just thought you might like to see a tomato I have grown with the help of Richard Jackson’s flower power – this is a normal bog standard money maker plant and it is full of large toms and this one I have just picked and it weights 454g (16oz) or 1 lb. These toms are so juicy and delicious and I am definitely sure it is all down to Richard Jackson and his wonderful flower power. Ann xxx”

Watch – the moment Alan the mudlarker (who I follow and went out on the Thames with once), found a 9000 to 5000 BC Mesolithic adze whilst out on the foreshore. Imagine that, people who lived thousands of years ago actually held that and used it. I will never cease to be fascinated. Follow him for more fabulous finds (here).

@mudlark_thames_larker on Instagram.

Funny – 😂😂 and it makes you think. (See it here).


Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week it’s a proper in-depth chat with my lovely friend Gill Gauntlett. The broadcasting work she has done elsewhere, and how else she spends her time, whereas her previous ones have been about products, this one is all about Gill! Proper fascinating 🙂 . I love these behind-the-scenes getting to know sessions with the excellent Will Gowing interviews. 

Vlog – it’s just a quick one, but a moment captured forever, making memories with my Blake and my Kaleb and harkening back to when I was a child 🙂 (See it here).

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Book of the Week – More from Simon Michael, in the Charles Holborne legal thrillers series, set in the 1960s gangster world. Well you can tell I’m loving this series can’t you! I love the atmospherics of the era, I love that some of the flashbacks are from the war time. I love the authenticity of the settings and how the dialogue echoes the mores of the day. Plus contemporaneous references to what was in the news, music, dress et cetera. I loved ‘The Corrupted’ then I read ‘The Waxwork Corpse’. Which was excellent. Then I started ‘Force of Evil’, the 6th in the series! Very clever. You can imagine it as a TV series no problem. In the latest one Charles, the barrister with everything going against him because he is a lapsed Jew and East End boy, is up against a corrupt policeman and the trial of an innocent, the girlfriend of one of his best friends. Plus problems with his family. I’m really loving spending time with these characters. In particular I am gripped by the courtroom scenes! More of the same I’m sure next week, sorry if you’re bored with it but I’m loving it! Highly recommended, but start with book one!


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the Tili velvet makeup organiser vanity case at a great price.

Saturday – already online and selling well at an unbelievable price because it features the matrix, and £90 products as well as others – the three-piece procollagen day tonight collection. Available now!

Sunday – here’s what we really need at the flats where there are leaking balconies! A super price for a new dehumidifier that will collect water extracted from any damp atmosphere into a big 2 L water tank, it’s got a timer as well! I’m going to be telling everyone at my flats in Surrey about it! Plus it’s brilliant for drying washing faster if you do that indoors and you don’t want to use the electricity on your tumble dryer because that’s the most expensive device in the house apparently! Don’t miss it

Big deals ending Sunday night

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Next week should include:

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– extra – it’s only a KitchenAid! At a great price! The 125 artisan 4.8 L stand mixer

– beauty – tarte bring us the four-piece face tape smooth and lift collection

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Now back to the today’s special values for the rest of the week –

Monday – denim and co with a mock neck jumper – love how we’ve got a heat wave when we’re doing a jumper, just our luck!

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Friday – Calico Confectionery bring us a set of four assorted chocolate box collection again super affordable. And at 9 pm I will be launching…

Friday 9 pm – the bell and Howell 10 inch Wi-Fi photo and video sharing smart photo frame!

Next week – a super few days in Wales celebrating my daughter’s birthday and looking after the kids, and the weather promises to be excellent! Hope you enjoy it too 🙂

Best wishes


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