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Gyles’s Nostalgia for Elizabeth II, & Sneaky peeks!!

I’ve had such a good week for laughter this week. Lots with the kids, lots in Devon, and lots at work. But on Sunday last week, I was delighted to go to a lunch in Walton where Gyles Brandreth who is the speaker. He had such wonderful stories about the Queen, I’m going to get his book now if it’s on audio.

He penned her biography of course, at one stage. And it was lovely to have a get together and a catch up with some of my friends at the association as well. The ‘Blue Ball’ pub in Walton did a lovely dinner too. Must go there again sometime!

Devon Days

Then after a big weekend at QVC, see below, it was off to Devon for another retreat. A smaller group this week but some lovely ladies and we had some nice chats, and everything was so much easier obviously, catering for fewer people. Did some fabulous dinners even if I do say so myself LOL. And afternoon tea was a highlight. I can’t claim to have made the cake though, that was by a lovely lady called Sally Badman, and it was absolutely delicious! I have another retreat on the 30th of October, and one more on the 21st of November, then I’ve got a holiday let over Christmas. Then… there’s nothing until third week in February, I’m going to enjoy the rest I think! LOL. I’ve got three other dinner events to worry about in between now and the end of November as well. Lots of plates spinning, hopefully they don’t break!



Had a flying visit to see my two grandchildren in Fulham, played lots of ‘running around chasing them’ type games, with some books, showed them all about seahorses on YouTube. And bought Blake a book about autumn which they both liked, looking at the pictures. Look at my two little blondies! Bless. Meanwhile in Wales, Phoebe has learnt how to ride her bike! That was quick! Looking forward to seeing them soon too.

Get together with Devon Girls

Had a right laugh with the ladies when they visited for afternoon tea in Devon. Most of my Devon friends were there! Plus Penny who kindly brings Barbara, but minus Sheena who got foiled by roadblocks. Jennie made me cry with laughter with her impression of being a QVC model, the wrong way! It was lovely to see everybody again and everyone went away uplifted and happy having had a good laugh!

Green Room Antics

Even more fun behind the scenes at QVC though! Loved the little get together we had in the green room last week when Lee Hohbein and James Murden, two of the funniest people at QVC when they get together, made me howl with laughter. My tummy ached so much! They are so sarcastic. This is where the guests sit in between shows when they’re not in the dressing rooms, and it was during the big ninja weekend. They were admiring Gail’s cooking. Goodness me we sold a lot of ninjas, 55,000 in the end! Well done if you got yours. I used it a lot in Devon again this week. Would not be without it! If you missed out hopefully there’ll be another one soon. Lee got his 🙂

Watch – Managed to binge watch a series I’ve been meaning to see, ‘The Reckoning’, a four-part BBC series, traumatising the vile deeds of Jimmy Savile, with Steve Coogan starring. Absolutely fantastic production and well worth watching, as difficult as it may be to accept that he got away with it until he died. Galling when you realise the dramatised events were based upon interviews with victims. Hopefully it will help some people by realising they should speak up. Such a superb performance from Steve Coogan as well. Wouldn’t be surprised if he got some awards for that one. Highly recommended if you can stomach the subject matter.

Funny – Another trip to the hairdressers, what can I say! LOL

Podcast – Go here, to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week in advance of his big TSV Launch, see below, none other than Nicky Clark joins Will talking about his early years growing up in Southeast London, his career highlights throughout the decades and of course now working with QVC.

Vlog – Here’s a quick one with a bit of nostalgia for you, harkening back to the days when I used to walk the dogs in the nearby country lanes… Look how times change! (See it here).

Book of the Week – Have been loving the new Ken Follett, from his ‘Pillars of the Earth’ series, with a ridiculously hard title to remember! It’s ‘The Armour Of Light’. (I just had to look it up again!) I love how Ken Follett interweaves real events and characters into his novels, based 200 years apart, around the same towns and villages. This one is set in the late 1700s and early 1800s. The rest have been in the 1100s, 1300s, 1500s et cetera. Really ironic how some of the themes dealt with, are so relevant to now! It’s a long one so is very good value, for just one credit. And apparently concludes his long-running series. If he wrote another one about Kingsbridge, 200 years later would be in the 1900s, and he’s already written three books from that era. But I love the Kingsbridge ones the best. (It is not that far from me in Devon). One little irritation though, was how contorted the dialogue has become with this narrator, a caricature where every Earl or Viscount or bishop or baddie has the same pastiche accent. Have a listen and you’ll understand what I mean. But I still looked forward to each session on the audiobook, whilst looking after people in Devon this week and in the car. Another one highly recommended!


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the Kelly Hoppen Faux Fur Throw and cushions TSV.

Saturday – Tarte Amazonian clay party pallets nine-piece gift collection, super affordable. Look out for the Saturday night gift show with me plus Christmas grotto after that.

Sunday – Another big shock offer, the shock detect pro 1.3 L auto empty cordless vacuum, this looks really interesting! I will have the final airing at 10 pm on Sunday hopefully! And the 7 o’clock show too.

Big deals ending Sunday night

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Next week should include:

– style – Paul Costelloe Dressage was an unusual one, the wool mix blanket wrap

– extra – Hummingbird set a three blue light glitter readers (spectacles)

– beauty – L’Occitane decadent fragrance 4pc  gift set

– main – Securebrite set of four mini pop-up lanterns with spotlight

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Monday – Price’s Candles set of 10 jar candles in gift boxes, I feel a purchase coming on, so many Christmas presents sorted out instantly!

Tuesday – on Monday night at 9 pm I launch the centigrade 2-in-1 padded coat with something very unusual that comes off, detachable sleeves!

Wednesday – Nicky Clarke 2pc Set & Go Heated Rollers collection, and don’t forget Will Gowing chats to Nicky on this week’s podcast!

Thursday – Silentnight Dual Control heated quilted mattress topper with zonal heat, going on sale a couple of days early, looks good!

Friday – dune embellished biker boot

Friday 9 pm – Ruth Langsford is back with two different today’s special value offers. V-neck patterned jumper. And a pair of faux leather trousers in three different lengths! I’m looking forward to 11 pm on Saturday with Vionic footwear followed by Gatineau beauty gifts today’s special value! (which goes on sale early midweek, the luxury age benefit five-piece renewal collection with a brand-new once a week powerful peel! Watch out for lots of posts on my socials about it in the week to come!)

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Next week – hopefully, quite a relaxing week as for a change I don’t have much planned, yet!

Best wishes


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