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Nostalgia fest with friends of 50 years! And a week’s sneaky QVC peeks!

Had another lovely catch up with my school friends Sharon and Dawn this week, and my goodness me, did I enjoy it! Denise has squirreled away tons of pictures from when we were all at Willows High School in Morden in Surrey together in the mid to late 70s! Yes really that long ago. We’ve known each other for 50 years or more!

We met up in Banstead in Costa, for a lovely catch up. Denise (who I spoke about last time) came as well, we were all in the same year at Morden farm Middle school and Willows. A couple of the others from the same Morden farm middle school Facebook group, were due to come but my work hours changed, so apologies to Laura Holmes who then couldn’t make it. Next time hopefully! But Denise did bring a photograph of us all when we went to a place called Draveil just outside Paris, circa 1973 or four! I’m the one looking away somewhere in the middle!

Denise also reminded us of a geology field trip probably somewhere on the south coast when we were in the sixth form as well. A very arty black-and-white picture of me and Sharon! Those were unique days! 

I loved doing geology and geography, I ended up doing geography A-level and then 16 years later getting an A-level at evening class in archaeology! We’re going to meet up again in July.

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Meanwhile, I had one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in forever! I said last week about the nine people staying at my place in Devon and not having a fully-functioning dishwasher! Well I went to the cinema over the weekend to see ‘Back to Black’, had an executive meeting and an AGM where I was helping to provide the lunch and helping to host both – on the Saturday. Then on the Sunday also in Devon I hosted a Sunday lunch for 40 people, where a restaurant did all the hard work, well most of it! All for my Association and good fun and worthwhile but absolutely knackered! I went to see my friend Jenni and her lovely dog Gerald, as well on the Saturday before going to the cinema.

I drove back Monday and picked up my two grandchildren from school for a couple of hours before going to work in the evening! Tuesday afternoon I held a meeting in the afternoon at my place (which meant tidying up and buying snacks!) of the new property managing agents for my flats – where I am a board member, for those that don’t know. That group also came back along with new directors who are fellow residents, to meet the new agents team, all night on Thursday. Then I had Bantz, then wrote this blog.

Plus I worked on Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon, when I had a shoot much earlier than normal to help to publicise the Skechers sandals, with the promo team.

What with all of that and a couple of appointments, popping in to see mum to make sure she’s okay, and spending probably six hours a day on my phone doing emails and updates and WhatsApp, it’s been a pretty hectic week! Pictures below.


Skechers shoot for Socials

I wonder if you saw the promo (here) that was a result of this?

Well done Maya, and our lovely stylist Ines, for helping to make it happen, and I hope you got your Skechers if you wanted them!

Another weekend another ‘do’

I’ll definitely get someone else to share the workload next time on my hectic weekend with two lunches for 40 people! #AGM

Park Fun

Loved taking the kids exploring in the bushes and trees in the park near their house when I picked up Blake and little Kaleb after school. Blake looks so much like Bradley did at that age. I’m not allowed to show you photos of their faces but imagine this picture of Bradley only with blonde hair and it’s pretty much Kaleb!! 

Watch – ‘Back to Black’, oh my gosh it was brilliant. I would definitely see it again. The rise and fall of Amy Winehouse, her incredible talent, her turbulent relationships. She was a one off that’s for sure. With brilliant impressions and singing and everything including a lot of humour and period details, this was a fabulous film. Highly recommended, 9 out of 10.

Blooper – this never gets old. Was talking about this with friends at lunch! (See it here).

PodcastGo here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too!

This week, Will Gowing catches up with my old friend Shaun Ryan our new gardening guys, I love Shaun to bits. Find out more about his history by listening to the podcast!

Vlog – another Thursday, another #thursdaybantz! (See it here).

Book of the Week – Well my friend and mentor Julie Cohen’s book is now out in paperback, ‘Bad Men’ has become a BBC radio book of the week!

I really enjoyed it.

But the audiobook I’ve been reading is Marian Keyes ‘My Favourite Mistake’. Always enjoyable with her clever narration and funny funny delivery of some incredibly punchy dialogue from the famous Irish sisters.

However, I wanted to just give another shout out for the ‘Thursday Murder Club’, if you’ve never read it, Richard Osman‘s five book series is compelling beyond belief with some wonderful characters you just want to spend time with. I was really gutted when it ended. But now we get the chance to see it all over again because Netflix have cast Helen Mirren, Ben Kingsley and Pierce Brosnan as Elizabeth, Ibrahim, and Cockney left-winger Tom respectively. My bet is on Penelope Wilton to be Joyce, yet to be confirmed, shooting begins in England this summer. Cannot wait!


Friday (today) – go to and search ‘today’s special value’ to see and buy what’s left of the Julien MacDonald three stem orchid in a white glazed pot then we kickoff beauty weekend…

Saturday – Estee Lauder bring us a pure advance night repair special, with the three-piece essentials kit, on 5 easy pays and already online – one big one small one eye. Don’t miss it 🙂

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Next week should include:

– style – another Helene Bowman special, the V-neck dress with collar, very designer

– garden – smashing bird food from Copdock Mills with no grow formula

– extra – moda in Pele sliders sandals in suede called the Olayo

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Friday – and a Braun silk-expert pro 5 IPL hair remover set, a mid massive bank holiday lineup!

Friday 9 pm – Shark – the anti-hair wrap cordless vacuum for sub £200

Next week – a flying visit to Devon and the theatre with Patrick Hoy and Lorna Ko and more! Have a great week.

Best wishes



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