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Meeting a Hero; and one Do after another, incl Media Girls!

This week I packed a lot in! Including organising a fab event in London, a conference in Taunton, a Saturday night out in Devon, a theatre night with my son, and I went to visit Jeffrey Archer.

Yes, one of my all-time writing heroes – one of my favourite writers, a true master storyteller and an inspiration (as far as books are concerned). Lord Archer, bestselling author, Sunday times best seller, politico and legend, lives in Vauxhall in a penthouse suite.

I had recently listened to one of his books on audio, and at the end in the short author interview, he mentioned that he sometimes talks to authors if they’ve got questions. Because the book I’m currently writing, is set in the 1920s and incorporates real people and real events woven into fiction, I wanted advice about interweaving the two. How did he handle his latest book, ‘Next in Line’, about a protection team looking after Princess Diana? In the book, Di happened to be having an alleged affair but with an exotic lover. The lover was all made up. But some of the events in the book were real. What he had to say about how to treat fact when writing fiction using the facts, was simple, and absolutely fascinating, and I reveal it in this week’s newsletter. (Please if you haven’t done so already, subscribe to my newsletter on the link at the bottom of the page, you get an email each week to say the new blog is out, plus exclusive content!)

The conference was really good, I enjoyed it, see below, then I came back and had the busiest week for ages!


Brad n me and Hamilton
What can I say, on my belated Christmas present treat from my lovely son Brad, we went to see one of the top theatre productions ever, Hamilton. It did not disappoint. Some of the performances were the best I’ve ever seen. Truly. Highly recommended and I mean highly. Always nice to be out with my boy as well.

Caitlynne n me go “out out”
After we had been to the cinema (see below), we continued the Saturday night ‘out out’, with a meal and a catch up at Wetherspoons in Okehampton. So nice to actually have a proper Saturday night out! Albeit after the conference.

Taunton Time Out
Had the Southwest conference, for my association, down in Taunton and it was so lovely, thoroughly enjoyable two days. Had some training sessions on different things like accounting systems which I need to know, with my role of deputy chair fundraising and membership. Catching up with lots of friends, & a great speaker on Friday night – who got promoted a couple of days later but I don’t think it was connected! Stayed overnight on the Friday in the castle hotel, absolutely gorgeous. Then, Because I was near home I stayed over at my place in Sheepwash after going out as above, and had a really lovely relaxing Sunday morning before driving back for a couple of days work! And a hectic week ahead 🙂

Patrons Do
I was very proud of myself with the conference, not only did Ingrid Tarrant and my friend Nana Akua and her producer Natalie, come (the picture at the top is at the end of the night when we were rationalising all the wine that was left LOL, then we shared it out!) Sir John Redwood did a really inspiring chat, followed by a Q&A. I was very proud of myself that there were over a quarter under 26s who attended too. Will definitely use that place again, the food was amazing!

Watch – WHERE ON EARTH do I begin? Apart from Hamilton! Firstly –
‘Funny Woman’. Gemma Arterton is a revelation. You must watch this if you can see it (Sky). I absolutely love the era it’s set in: madmen-esque, super fashions and old footage of the mid 60s. Gemma plays Barbara/Sophie, Blackpool wannabe, who gets spotted for a Lucille Ball type sitcom role & it charts her rise through the ranks to be a national sweetheart. It’s based on a biopic of a real person so I am absolutely loving it – period biopics are probably my favourite :-). Rags to riches, triumph over sexism, really funny, emotional & dramatic moments, brilliant turns from some star names. What’s not to love! Six episodes, really enjoying it.

‘Nolly’ – another star turn this time from Helena Bonham Carter following a real-life upset from tv history. The sudden unexpected demotion of seventies soap superstar Noelle Richardson in the long-running soap Crossroads.  Can’t wait to watch this one!

Cinema – ‘The Fabelmans’. Based on the story of Steven Spielberg’s early life, superbly acted and really emotional. Bit of an eye-opener, well worth watching, a love story between a son and his family, as young Sammy falls in love with making movies and splits his parents‘ loyalties as he fights his way through adolescence. Michelle Williams as the mother, is outstanding. Gave it 8.5 out of ten. Loved every minute, and so did Caitlynne.

Fun Fact – fishes…
Well I never, who knew that! Ko does that apply if you have different species of sheep?… Probably not 🙂

Go here to get the latest Inside QVC podcast from Will, and the current one if you haven’t listened yet :-). Don’t forget there’s a massive back list to catch up on, too! This week he catches up again with our lovely Katie Pullinger, talking about her life and the new season of clothes on QVC!

Vlog here is my weekly Facebook live – there have been 2 1/2 years of these weekly #Thursdaybantz since July 2020 – straight after the first lockdown, when I did 100 nights on the trot, of ‘kitchen karaoke’! This week a lovely lady told me that it means a lot to the people who watch every week and listen to the updates, so I thought I would mention that apparently you can follow the Facebook page and then get notifications when I go live each week – thanks to those who asked!
**Five weeks until the nightly singalong reminiscences begin!**

By the way follow the link to my Facebook page and scroll back a little and you will also see the three minute Vlog I did when I was up London on Tuesday!

Book of the Week
Have just started the third Harbinder Kaur novel from Elly Griffiths and very good it is too. However I would urge you, if you’re looking for a really engrossing read, to try the Harry Clifton Chronicles by Jeffrey Archer! Do read those first, before you start the William Warwick novels. When you read the book you’ll see why!


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Next week – Patrick comes over on Saturday! I meet up with my nieces on Sunday. Out at the theatre on Tuesday. I’m looking forward to the weekend after when the kids are down to help to celebrate Jasper’s birthday.

My little grandson is 12 months old this Sunday, but they’re coming down the weekend after. I sent a nice big parcel up to my daughter to help to celebrate in advance, and I had already ordered a Tonie box speaker/player with little characters you stand on top, which tell stories, just like his sister Phoebe has! I’m so glad they love listening to stories! Just like I did with my kids.

Back on QVC tonight, Friday 10th. Hope you enjoyed the blog. Don’t forget to subscribe, press the newsletter icon below 🙂 have a great week 🙂

Best wishes


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