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A Word About my Charity – Medical Detection Dogs.

watch this video -

I first found out about Medical Detection Dogs at the Moonwalk charity event in May 2015. I was invited to be an ambassador after raising £5,500 in the summer, and have been working alongside them ever since. Their work involves some incredible life-saving relationships between canine and owner – some of whom have life-threatening conditions like brittle type 1 diabetes, Addison’s disease, POTS, and more. The canine partners alert the owners eg when blood sugar goes too low or too high and the transformation in their lives is incredible.

Other clever cancer detection dogs help with the research being carried out into early prostate cancer detection, which down the line should mean integrating the efficient accuracy of a dog’s nose into regular NHS screening, and the development of an electronic nose to cut waiting times and avoid false positives. Currently a PSA test can be up to 75% false positives and worse, up to a third false negatives. Biopsies are intrusive and stressful and costly. By 2018 MDD hope their studies will be published and the vital next steps can begin.

My work involves continual fund raising. My latest paperback version of my non-fiction work, Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 - tips and tales to inspire, is in aid of MDD. Last year's fundraising resulted in me donating enough to be able to name a little MDD trainee puppy – a golden Labrador called Derek! (After my late dad, I thought it was funny! Poor dog.) and another called Lesley after my mum! All the info, pics and videos, are in the archives below.

Do check out more information on the charity on their own website –  

And do donate on our ongong MDD page which will list the events you can attend to see some of these magical animals at work, plus support our endevours to raise funds for them.



Medical Detection Dogs Update

Malaria you won’t believe it but the latest research the clever canines will be helping with very soon is in fact, malaria detection. Apparently it can be done by dogs, and helps stop infecting since mosquitoes tend to go for people already infected, hence spreading it more. “Using medical detection dogs to identify people with malaria parasites.” Durham University will partner with Medical Detection Dogs, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the Medical Research Council Unit The Gambia on this project.” Loads more reasons to help me support them. Read about it here.

And if you missed what all the fuss is about – here’s the short video telling you all about the MDD’s amazing work, providing assistance alert dogs to smell human disease and prevent harm, plus their invaluable work in early cancer detection, and now malaria!

watch the video explaining about the work of Medical Detection Dogs, filmed in Milton Keynes - click here.


Deborah Meaden becomes an ambassador 

How lovely that such a high profile personality has joined forces with MDD to raise awareness. Here's the full announcement and I look forward to more news about the lovely lady and her activities - click here to find out more about the successful businesswoman from dragon's Den.

and what about the big summer Vintage Teas and fete I'm putting on in Wotton, Dorking? Well all the info is on my blog here. Do come find out more and do come join in!

Plus the big online Mega Draw where you can get a prize which you will be sent - and each one is over £50 value! Tickets via just giving, the page is here. raffle info here.

best wishes




WHy not come join us on June 12th at Wotton Hall, Wotton, Dorking, on the A25 just behind the Wotton Hatch for a super vintage teas and table top sale event?

12-5 ish.

Tombola, lucky dip

test your nose - sniffing table

meet QVC guests including - tbc - Tom from Alpha H, Adele from SBC, Abi from Ultrasun, Emma from Imedeen with her collagen analysis , possibly Lee Hohbein with a tech table, possibly Craig Rowe presenter, and Patrick from Quacker who will be doing a special ticket only supper Quiz afterwards, 630 onwards.

Vintage Teas provided by Hotch Potch.

Let us know if you'd like to come along!

Just put 'going' on the Facebook event page here. (link to follow)

any questions let me know This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




ps all in aid of Medical Detection Dogs.

Puppy Love – meeting trainee Derek with new trainee Lesley for the first time, with, er… human Lesley (my mum!)

Another lovely trip up to the MDD HQ near Milton Keynes this week, so here’s a round up of what’s coming up in the next couple of months if you’d like to contribute or take part at the events we’re planning!

First, how lovely it was to get up close with the furbabies again – lovely Derek who is now 7 months and doing really well with his training. He's getting a lot of new experiences with his socialiser foster home - Debra his temporary owner is helping to give him a taste of paddling in this warmer weather.

 And little Lesley, now 12 weeks and learning her name. Derek already knows his – it’s so amusing saying ‘Derek, derek,’ and a little Labrador pup responds! My late dad would have been so proud. Mum was too – Lesley is of course named after her too.

The pups are going through socialisation which means they’re taken to lots of different places to have tons of different experiences and to get used to animals, kids and noises. Then they go for training at MDD where they are introduced to different smells or sounds and using clicker training and rewards, whether food or games, to become attuned to the skills they’ll need for their new owners. They meet other trainee or alert dogs, or cancer detection dogs who play games (work) in the research area helping the research team. Here’s Judy, a black Labrador who’s being trained to help a young guy in his twenties who has problems during the night with low oxygen levels due to a heart condition – she will be trained to make sure he wakes up, or fetch someone if he doesn’t. Judy loves puppies and came sniffing out little Lesley for a quick game!

Click this link to watch Judy play with little 12 week old Lesley!

Matching takes place to ensure new owners are getting the best possible relationship with the companion who will come with them everywhere for many years. And further training and gradual introduction to their new home life are next, completing the procedure so they can receive their accreditation and earn the right to wear the famous jackets and accompany their ‘partners’ everywhere, like guide dogs do.

Pic of poster?

Little Lesley is settling in well and getting used to other creatures. Derek is learning the key basics – stay, leave, come, sit etc. They are not taught to beg or shake paws of course, and whilst independence is encouraged, they need to know their boundaries. Yes some dogs do occasionally drop out of the system and are found loving homes, but the vast majority are selected as pups for their suitability even at that early age. And what do they go on to do? Here’s a summary from when I went along recently…

Medical Detection Dogs - what they do and why. Debbie Flint goes along to the HQ near Milton Keynes to talk to the team and catch up with a very special pup.

Upcoming events

June 12th – Wotton Hall, RH56QQ 12-5pm – vintage teas, table top sale and craft, fun games including sniffing game, tombola, kids lucky dip and some fab QVC guests who can offer little mini-treatments to help fund-raising.

Same day – 6.30 – 9pm – tbc – Supper Quiz and surprise entertainment – Patrick Hoy from quacker fashions may be hosting an evening of food and fun, with one of his famous quizzes. To Be Confirmed. Tickets on sale mid May.

From June – till draw day on July 19th – online Megadraw! It’s back! Our fab summer online raffle via Just Giving where every prize is over £50! Take part online – to be drawn on July 19th. Donations already given include £100 Bare Minerals products!

July 8,9,10 – Kent County Show, Deitling, Kent. – MDD stand at Kent’s biggest summer county show. Sniffing table and tombola etc! Come meet some of the talented pooches.

Saturday July 9th – BODYBLADE sponsored wobble! Online and in person, weather-allowing, a new video of super6 variation around 10.45am at Rochester Castle followed by lunch and a trip to the Kent County show (tickets have to be purchased to go to Kent show) to support the MDD stall.

TBC – poss September 2016 / beg Oct – Cardiff get together with Julia Roberts and Jackie Kabler – an author’s tea party including a reading each and signed books on sale, plus a lunch quiz! Venue and date tbc. Deb’s profits to go to MDD.

Let us know if you can donate anything!

Or want to become a volunteer to help Medical Detection Dogs in your area. email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or you can give a kind donation right now if your mobile is handy – just text the amount eg

£10 MDDC14 to 70070.

thanks for helping





14 April 2016

Meet Lesley! With Lesley!

Written by

Ahhhh! Went to meet the second little puppy I've been allowed to name because of my fundraising - she's called Lesley - and she met my mu - Lesley! when we visited recently!

full blog here.

More soon! x



12TH jUNE - COME TO WOTTON HALL nr Dorking (RH56QQ) for another fab afternoon teas, MDD day with vintage stalls and fun


8,9,10 July - Kent County Show - MDD stand - we will be helping to man it and run the stand!


do come!


14 April 2016

Meet Lesley! With Lesley!

Written by

Ahhhh! Went to meet the second little puppy I've been allowed to name because of my fundraising - she's called Lesley - and she met my mu - Lesley! when we visited recently!

full blog here.

More soon! x

here's the little video we put together following our March 2016 visit to Medical Detection Dogs HQ near Milton Keynes. Enjoy!

click here for an introduction to MDD

also here is Rob the main trainer explaining all about the cancer detection training.

and here is Reuters new report and the cancer detection dogs hitting the headlines.

What a fabulous charity.



What an amazing afternoon. Medical Detection Dogs on stand 94, hall 3, drew in crowds interested in these amazing dogs and how they help people. Diabetic Alice was there with little brown and white spaniel Clive, as were cancer detection dog Teezel as well as my pal Jill Dowding Walker and her assistance dog Nesta.



The top cheque was from dog insurance company Agria (great deals here) thanks to lovely Lorraine and co! And MDD also received another big donation from one of their regular contributors, the Golden Retrievers Society. 

They stole the show! See top pic for the way they all laid down to be in the shot. Then they all waited patiently ready to perform in the arena, showing how well they walk to heel.

go here to see the video of some of the performance. Super control.

Plus the stand itself got lots of visitors - if you are due to go there, on the final day, Sunday (13th March) make sure you enter the competitions to win something cuddly in the tombola, or a few days holiday at a super dog-friendly woodfarmsbarn in Suffolk or a wonderful little collectable mohair Bones Charlie Bear dog donated by the lovely Charlie and Will Morris who visited recently (see other blog in archives.) He costs £90 and you can buy your own collectable Bones here direct from Charlie Bears. 

Plus Dr Claire Guest got to be interviewed and feature on the televised coverage on Crufts 2016 on channel 4 Saturday night. Pic below is of the crew in action.

Go here to see Dr Claire on the telly on Crufts 2016 



And a final look around from me - click here.

If you'd like to contribute, you can either donate by texting an amount to MDDC14 or go here to help fund a £5000 training cost for a new cancer detection dog.

Lovely day and I hope next year to go for longer!

other news - 

- diabetes alert dogs boost quality of life - official - go here to read it on diabetes times online mag.





To find out what MDD do, watch this and for the main website go here.


11 March 2016

Alice and Holly's Story

Written by

Alice's story. This is why i support this charity x

"Almost 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes, a condition that not only changed my life but that of my whole family...forever! Hospital became home, no home comforts, no socialising with family and friends, my peers lives unfolding and a family both geographically and emotionally torn! A condition that required invasive treatment to stabilise, requires regularly finger pricks to test my blood sugar levels, insulin being a way of keeping alive and a three and a half year continuous stay in hospital! A condition that is notoriously difficult, sometimes demoralising and carries a relentless burden of responsibility that is thrown upon Type One Diabetics through no fault of their own; attempting to be 'normal,' carrying on with life and telling people you are 'fine' even though fine is far from fine.

Then along came Holly in October 2011 and completely transformed my life with her life saving nose and has enabled me to manage my condition better than ever before! Medical Detection Dogs have given me the greatest gift of all and something no one else could ever give me! Holly is a dream come true; she has given me confidence, independence, companionship, friendship and a purpose in life.

Since getting Holly, I am no longer known as the girl that lives in hospital. We are a very special partnership that grows stronger every day! She has taught me so much and has given me a better quality of life both in my health and well being! She has made me realise that life is for living and that is what we are going to do, even if we don't do things the conventional way!! We are different and always will be but I'm proud of who I have become by being diagnosed, the different opportunities we have had and of course the difference Holly has made to my life! Anything is possible with the courage and inspiration to pursue it and actually...together we CAN do lots of things!!

Happy 6th Birthday Holly"

Bears Meet MDD Dogs Lovely pals and ‘ambassadets’ Charlie and Will from Charlie Bears visited my charity this week – here they are with a selection of the pooches. They were overwhelmed with emotion seeing what these clever dogs can do, in early cancer detection studies and also by helping owners with serious diseases like diabetes type 1. Will and Charlie said –

that link for more about Will and Charlie’s little Bones dog here – hope it comes to QVC! 

If you’d like to donate you can help out with a contribution to another cancer detection dog here



Trip to Milton Keynes HQ for Medical Detection Dogs

Biggest news this week was that I got to meet up with the lovely little MDD trainee assistance alert dog, Derek. I love this little pooch soooo much. Yes, ok I’m a bit broody when it comes to puppies. And hasn’t he grown since our New Year Back to You shows when I saw him last – he’s now 20 weeks old and doing really well. Click the link to my blog for a video chat with his trainer to find out what he beat 7 other dogs at.

So my little sponsored dog is doing very well - here he is in the fabulous video that was created by my lovely mate Mark at our monthly trip to the MDD HQ end of Feb. It tells you more about the charity itself too! click here

Doggy Pup-date 2 I’m so excited to be seeing Derek the Medical Detection Dogs Trainee whom I named, after raising funds for the charity for which I’m an ambassador. He will be at my next visit to the MDD HQ near Milton Keynes and I’m going again on Tuesday with a few more VIPs. More next week. For now, here’s his Oxford TV debut – what a lovely look at the little lad and how he’s progressing! I feel like a proud auntie! Lol.

And don't forget Derek will be with me at Crufts on Friday next week - 11th March in the afternoon! Plus put 10th April in your diary for the Dogs Day Out if you are near Swanbourne in Bucks - more here

exciting news

So it seems the other puppy I'm able to name, will be arriving at the end of March! It may be a little girl. question is, what should I name her?! Let me have your suggestions on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.... I may do a raffle/competition to let someone else choose, and raise some more funds - what do you think?

more soon!




Received this update about my little trainee Medical Detection Dogs alert pup whom I named Derek, having raised enough funding last summer!

how sweet is he! And how lovely to get this update on his progress! He's 'socialising' for many more months, then will go meet his potential new owner.



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