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Debbie Flint

Such a fab article - and a great photo!

NR Times, the magazine for brain and spinal patients, explore the work these clever canines are doing.

It starts like this -


Like most dedicated healthcare staff, Kim is up early on weekdays. After a healthy breakfast, she heads to work, ready for her shift.


She spends the day embroiled in ground-breaking disease research and is rewarded handsomely for her efforts.

Unusually for a health worker, however, she walks on all fours and wags her tail when she’s happy.

Kim is a black Labrador and her employer is Medical Detection Dogs – an organisation that looks certain to have a greater impact in neuro-rehab circles in future...

read the rest of the piece here, and pls check out MDD website here, including the latest products on sale and how to donate, sponsor a puppy and even name a puppy...



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