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Go here to watch on Youtube, the video interview Good Grief Trust are using, for the reasons why I think this charity is such an amazing idea. Well done my pal Linda Magistris for setting it up. It's in its infancy, but the website is underway now, and some very important people are getting involved.

more here.

Esther Rantzen on GGT

Greg Wise on GGT

I have to say also, kudos to Linda and her volunteers for going along to the Grenfell follow up procedures and helping there too.


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Well this week was a week full of highs and lows that's for sure!

One of the highs was being asked to help spread the word about my lovely mate Linda Magistris's new charity the Good Grief Trust.

I've written a whole blog about being asked to become a patron of the umbrella charity for people who are bereaved, and Linda's own story is a touching one - you can see her interview on BBC Breakfast here too - click here.

Plus this week as you may know if you're a regular, we said goodbye to lovely Patchy dog. It was time, as her body was giving out and it was just not fair any more to keep her anguished as she could no longer stand and kept falling over hitting herself, bless her. I've done a little tribut to my lovely old Grey dog and it's here on this website - do go hear about some of my favourite memories of this funny, loving, 15 year old labrador who I took care of her whole life. go here.

It's never nice when you say goodbye to anyone, so I guess it was ironic to be asked to help a bereavement charity in the same week as I lost poor Patchy dog. But Gracie and Daisy are as mischievous as ever and keeping me company. I was a bit zonked to be honest, on the day it happened and slept from 11.30pm till 9.30am - if you know me, you'll know how unusual that is! Still she's with her mummy Holly now, and out of pain, so I'm glad for the tim I had with dear Patch.

other news -

Book of the week - my book blog is all about the Day of Second Chances audiobook and how you can get tips from some top authors here.

Do remember to watch BBC1 at 4pm this Sunday for the Kate humble Medical Detection Dogs #lifeline appeal - more about it here.

A special Till the Fat Lady Slims update - how June M lost 2 stone since May using Freedom Eating system and how she avoided diabetes - more here.

And do go to my QVC blog which will appear here on Friday pm for more about the latest trip to Devon and more about the new 'project' - but never fear - all will be revealed on the next newsletter on this page of my website next week! Exciting!

have a great week!



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How amazing and how thrilled was I to be asked to help spread the word about this new support system for the bereaved.

The Good Grief Trust has some superb aims, and my pal Linda Magistris, who you may remember from the vintage tea rooms/supper/fete we did in the summer, says the following -

"The Good Grief Trust Fundraising update: We are delighted to say that at 6pm today our National Fundraising Campaign will be going LIVE. If you are able to make a donation, no matter how small and join us in this ambitious project to work towards our goals, we would be very grateful.

This initiative to change the face of bereavement in the UK is on a National scale and it will therefore need significant funding, so we are able to set up this new Charity, ensure it reaches everyone across the whole of the country and we are able to achieve our objectives; These are our main aims;

1) To develop The Good Grief Guide .com - a new fully comprehensive Support Website for the UK.

2) To develop a strategy (i.e. new Bereavement 'Pack') to find every person in the UK, via hospitals, hospices, Police, Funeral Directors, Care Homes & Clergy, who is bereaved and signpost them to targeted help and support as quickly as possible.

3) To work with Health professionals to bring together best practice across the country, sharing successful, innovative projects so that both the health service and the public can benefit from a fresh new approach to bereavement services.

4) To bring all bereavement charities, services and organisations under the one umbrella, for simple, easy access, providing practical help, advice and support in the early days, through to offering hope for the future with a wealth of inspiring ideas, services and ongoing support.

We intend for our virtual hand of friendship to reach those who need it most, whether the loss was a friend, sibling, partner, grandparent or child and no matter when the loss happened, grief is something we take with us for always.
Thank you so much. Linda x

Linda sadly lost her soulmate Graham and found herself bereft of support. She says it made her realise how needed an umbrella group was. Read her story on the Go fund Me page below - where you'll also see her launch video on BBC Breakfast from September 2016.


 The Good Grief Trust was recently launched on BBC Breakfast on Graham's 2nd anniversary - we aim to be the UK's 1st National Charity to bring all bereavement services under the one umbrella.

Over the coming months I will feature updates here on my charity page about the Good Grief Trust too.

Links below to start reading what they say and how you can join in - 


twitter - @goodgrieftrust

Go Fund Me page - and Linda's video from TV appeal Sept 2016 -

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