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Debbie Flint

Such a fab article - and a great photo!

NR Times, the magazine for brain and spinal patients, explore the work these clever canines are doing.

It starts like this -


Like most dedicated healthcare staff, Kim is up early on weekdays. After a healthy breakfast, she heads to work, ready for her shift.


She spends the day embroiled in ground-breaking disease research and is rewarded handsomely for her efforts.

Unusually for a health worker, however, she walks on all fours and wags her tail when she’s happy.

Kim is a black Labrador and her employer is Medical Detection Dogs – an organisation that looks certain to have a greater impact in neuro-rehab circles in future...

read the rest of the piece here, and pls check out MDD website here, including the latest products on sale and how to donate, sponsor a puppy and even name a puppy...



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Thanks to Claire Pearson, and her lovely dog Pal, had a fab time at the gorgeous surroundings of Leeds Castle in Kent on Wednesday 15th November.


My good pal Sheena drove me as my hand op was still healing (carpel tunnel) and we met the mayor and lady mayoress, Betsy Duncan Smith (patron) and many lovely medical detection dogs and their owners. 

Go here to see the pics from the night, on a Facebook post 

the choir sounded amazing

Founder Dr Claire Guest's explanation about these clever canines was fascinating as ever and the demo's included the latest - detecting specific bacterium on a swab. Go here to see it on the post I did on Facebook - you don't have to have a Facebook account to view it.

Claire Pearson's son gave a super account of what it was like to live with a mum who might collapse at any time, before MDD dog Pal arrived in their lives.

and claire's specialist describes his skepticism about dogs sniffing high or low blood sugar, before he encountered MDD


It was a super night and it was nice to catch up with so many of my MDD friends. The charity still needs much funding to continue their amazing work including into -

-prostate cancer detection

- malaria detection

- specific bacteria detection

- and parkinson's disease , early detection

and in the future even breast cancer, which ties in with Dr Claire's original experience with her dog Daisy. 'daisy's gift' is the book chronicling the events that led to a nodule of deep seated cancer being discovered in Claire's own breast and how Daisy's early detection saved Claire's life.

Much of their news is reported in the regular editions of their magazine,  'Sniff' magazine - read it all online here, including at some stage about Leeds Castle, no doubt.

Visit their site for xmas cards too - some lovely pics this year.

So proud to be involved with such an amazing charity.

Derek the Dog gets a match

At last, Derek the Dog has been matched with a diabetic owner in a new MDD partnership. Jason is a lovely chap and they are now going through their accreditation before they will be properly announced on the world. Since I donated enough funds to name a puppy, I have followed 'derek' - named after my late dad - and now two years later, he has finally attained his purpose. more soon...




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Beautiful little dog! She's such an adorable, loving animal, seriously one of the cutest ever and everyone's little star down at the research centre, where the bio detection dogs get to 'play games' all day when the 'go to work' - rather, doggy day care, where they help with early detection of human disease. 

This week Dr Claire Guest was in the news again - along with Carolyn and her Pal. Well done team!

Don't forget the Mega Draw is now on till Sunday 13th August - just a £5 donation buys you a ticket to our official MDD raffle - go here to get one soon and check out the impressive list of prizes - big bundles this time - worth a go!

And tickets are now available for the jazz concert in The Plough, torrington, Devon, on Saturday 16th September - go here to buy tickets - do come it'll be fun! more about it here on the Facebook event page.




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Medical Detection Dogs on This Morning Again! And more shaggy dog stories – amazing ones – including a dog helping alert a little girl’s parents to her illness. So many stories like this out there – must start compiling a list! Anyway Dr Claire Guest, founder of my fave charity Medical Detection Dogs, was at hand to once more lend credibility to the way these clever canines do it. Nice ciip – watch here –

Published in My Charity

This week's Book of the Week is a very special one to me - it's the story of how a red-ox labrador called Daisy helped to save Dr Claire Guest's life and give rise to the wonderful charity that is Medical Detection Dogs.

Dr Claire Guest was getting her dogs back in the car after a dog walk when Daisy, her fox red Labrador, nudged her breast insistently and stared up into her face with her big brown eyes. Sensing something was wrong, as this was unusual for Daisy, Claire visited her GP an. Soon after, she found out she had a very deep – and difficult to diagnose – form of breast cancer. Daisy had saved her life, simply by smelling her cancer. They told Claire if she hadn't discovered it this early it might have been too late by the time it had become a large enough lump to be noticed. She went through treatment and recovered, but the legacy of Daisy's skill led to one of the most ground-breaking charities the world has ever known.

With her scientific background and deep love of dogs, Claire set up the charity Medical Detection Dogs. Though faced with many challenges, Claire and her dogs have proven to be a remarkable asset to cancer detection,with ongoing studies currently underway which will lead to an active role in early prostate cancer detection in conjunction with the NHS using urine samples provided by the hospital. On top of that, Claire discovered that these clever canines can also detect other key stages of human illness, and the charity now provides diabetes alert dogs, for owners with Type 1 brittle diabetes, who need to be told when their blood sugar goes dangerously high or low. Along with other illnesses like Addisons and POTS syndrome, she and her team, both two and four legged, are now changing the lives of many seriously ill people and their families.

This is the story of how Daisy helped make that all happen, and why Daisy and other dogs, labradors, spaniels, vislas and others, and their life-saving talents are changing the medical world and the future of early detection.


Read the whole story now in Claire's fabulous new book.

get it on Amazon in kindle, paperback or hardback version here.


Second Book of the Week - Revenge is Sweet, by Berni Stevens (Choc Lit) - lush and sexy vampire fiction! Fellow Choc Lit author Berni Stevens has a new novel out - following the Immortals of London series, this is book 2 - "full of suspense, romance, twisted renegades, creepy vampire children and you name it. This sequel to "Dance until Dawn" doesn't let down," says one five star review. "This book can be read as a stand alone, but it helps to read the first one to get a stronger sense of character. And, since that's a 5* read too, it's no great task! ... This one is slightly darker ... Ellie is a very sympathetic vampire and retains a lot of her humanity. This is what makes the darker scenes so effective."

from my fellow Choc Lit author and also illustrator of my cover below, it's well worth a read! Get it here on amazon.


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And a lovely day was had by all! Thanks to everyone who made it possible. More info and pics and videos on my - 

newsletter here


and on my QVC blog here.

And thanks to Aimee, Lorri Vick's pal for making this amazing MDDD cake - with little 'derek' and 'lesley' (the pups I named) in marzipan, even the streaks in my hair were red and blonde marzipan! lol. It got divided up at another fundraiser the week after and brought in another £40! 

As reported on Facebook, the super Mega Draw- the online raffle - made a whopping £4,200, and the afternoon and evening events and auction etc took it up to over £7500!

Sara's Mega Draw page - £4273

Jan's auction and evening do page - £1418 (plus some separate cash)

plus cash at the afternoon fete.

A great time was had by all. Thanks again.


NEXT FUNDRAISER - we will be at the Kent County Show on 8,9,10 July - in Deitling. More here. Do come along! Preceded by a special Bodybladers get together at Rochester Castle - if you're a bodyblader and would love to go, make sure you also join the Bodyblade Ohana group and request info.



And yet more congratulations to the amazing founder of Medical Detection Dogs, Dr Claire Guest was invited to the First Women Awards last night (Tuesday) as she was nominated for the Science and Technology category and won!
Huge Congratulations Dr Claire!

Well done all



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