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A Word About my Charity – Medical Detection Dogs.

watch this video -

I first found out about Medical Detection Dogs at the Moonwalk charity event in May 2015. I was invited to be an ambassador after raising £5,500 in the summer, and have been working alongside them ever since. Their work involves some incredible life-saving relationships between canine and owner – some of whom have life-threatening conditions like brittle type 1 diabetes, Addison’s disease, POTS, and more. The canine partners alert the owners eg when blood sugar goes too low or too high and the transformation in their lives is incredible.

Other clever cancer detection dogs help with the research being carried out into early prostate cancer detection, which down the line should mean integrating the efficient accuracy of a dog’s nose into regular NHS screening, and the development of an electronic nose to cut waiting times and avoid false positives. Currently a PSA test can be up to 75% false positives and worse, up to a third false negatives. Biopsies are intrusive and stressful and costly. By 2018 MDD hope their studies will be published and the vital next steps can begin.

My work involves continual fund raising. My latest paperback version of my non-fiction work, Till the Fat Lady Slims 3.0 - tips and tales to inspire, is in aid of MDD. Last year's fundraising resulted in me donating enough to be able to name a little MDD trainee puppy – a golden Labrador called Derek! (After my late dad, I thought it was funny! Poor dog.) and another called Lesley after my mum! All the info, pics and videos, are in the archives below.

Do check out more information on the charity on their own website –  

And do donate on our ongong MDD page which will list the events you can attend to see some of these magical animals at work, plus support our endevours to raise funds for them.



29 November 2017

Festive Best Day for MDD!

Written by

hah! Watch this! The Medical Detection Dogs 'Festive Best' day - here's my effort, as posted on their Facebook page! x


click here to watch the video

Thanks to Claire Pearson, and her lovely dog Pal, had a fab time at the gorgeous surroundings of Leeds Castle in Kent on Wednesday 15th November.


My good pal Sheena drove me as my hand op was still healing (carpel tunnel) and we met the mayor and lady mayoress, Betsy Duncan Smith (patron) and many lovely medical detection dogs and their owners. 

Go here to see the pics from the night, on a Facebook post 

the choir sounded amazing

Founder Dr Claire Guest's explanation about these clever canines was fascinating as ever and the demo's included the latest - detecting specific bacterium on a swab. Go here to see it on the post I did on Facebook - you don't have to have a Facebook account to view it.

Claire Pearson's son gave a super account of what it was like to live with a mum who might collapse at any time, before MDD dog Pal arrived in their lives.

and claire's specialist describes his skepticism about dogs sniffing high or low blood sugar, before he encountered MDD


It was a super night and it was nice to catch up with so many of my MDD friends. The charity still needs much funding to continue their amazing work including into -

-prostate cancer detection

- malaria detection

- specific bacteria detection

- and parkinson's disease , early detection

and in the future even breast cancer, which ties in with Dr Claire's original experience with her dog Daisy. 'daisy's gift' is the book chronicling the events that led to a nodule of deep seated cancer being discovered in Claire's own breast and how Daisy's early detection saved Claire's life.

Much of their news is reported in the regular editions of their magazine,  'Sniff' magazine - read it all online here, including at some stage about Leeds Castle, no doubt.

Visit their site for xmas cards too - some lovely pics this year.

So proud to be involved with such an amazing charity.

Derek the Dog gets a match

At last, Derek the Dog has been matched with a diabetic owner in a new MDD partnership. Jason is a lovely chap and they are now going through their accreditation before they will be properly announced on the world. Since I donated enough funds to name a puppy, I have followed 'derek' - named after my late dad - and now two years later, he has finally attained his purpose. more soon...




I've been asked to help out lovely charity Good Grief Trust and sing at an event in Kingston on Saturday 9th. If you would like to find out more, please see below from Linda Magistris

Yay!! We have confirmed the date for our GOOD GRIEF CHRISTMAS PARTY!!

Join us to celebrate our 1st Anniversary and the launch of our new website.

SATURDAY 9TH DECEMBER- 7pm - Invitation only - £20 - to include; 
a delicious supper, dancing, entertainment and lots of fun! 
(& a fab Goody Bag!)

Football Club AFC Wimbledon

Hosted by the fabulous Denise Waterman
Featuring the beautiful soulful jazz voice of Debbie Flint
Posh Bingo! Raffle/Auction & Prizes galore!

TICKETS ON SALE NOW! email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve yours.

Bring a few friends to join your table. Great start to the Christmas festivities and you will be helping us to raise funds to signpost all those suffering grief to support across the UK. The Good Grief Trust

I've been told there are 


It all went really well, when, on September 16th at a concert at The Plough Arts Centre, Torrington, Devon, the Eric Gilchrist Jazz Trio and I raised over £1000 for Medical Detection Dogs - what a wonderful way to have fun and also to raise money. We were joined by local dignitary and celeb Barry 'the Singing Councillor' Parsons who sang songs from the musicals too, and he was fab. Thanks to Sheena Ryder co-organiser too for her stellar work including with the raffle on the night. I loved having my daughter Lauren there also, with her new hubby Nick - they came for a break and it was my pleasure to look after her and the band as guests at Retreats for You my writing retreat/guest house - including making full cooked breakfast and homemade bread as I normally would for my regular guests. But the band performed for free and the venue just took a contribution towards their fundraising too and all in all it was a great night. (I'm glad it's over now though I must admit - 'cos I'm knackered!! lol.) Plus we had the tea rooms event the day after ... thanks to everyone who came along.

Go here to watch the live Facebook video of the rehearsal - basically all of the first half of my performances.

Go here to watch the videos of the performances - i can dream can't I? - and a little bit of My Baby Just Cares for Me ! lol.

Plus we did Cheek to Cheek and You can always Count on Me and I only have eyes for you. And a duet - kind of - Something Stupid.

Go here to read the local press review afterwards - Crediton Chronicle


Go here to  read more about MDD.

The next big event for MDD will be in November, when I attend the big Leeds Castle fundraising dinner.



We also then had a tea rooms event again at my place on the Sunday - it's all go! It was the best-attended, yet - with a total of over £1000 raised for Medical Detection Dogs. 

Go here to see a short video - we were packed!


Thanks to everyone who came and made it possible to raise so much again, over such a short space of time.

Very grateful

So are Medical Detection Dogs!





Go here to watch on Youtube, the video interview Good Grief Trust are using, for the reasons why I think this charity is such an amazing idea. Well done my pal Linda Magistris for setting it up. It's in its infancy, but the website is underway now, and some very important people are getting involved.

more here.

Esther Rantzen on GGT

Greg Wise on GGT

I have to say also, kudos to Linda and her volunteers for going along to the Grenfell follow up procedures and helping there too.


What a super trip I had down to see the MDD gang again last week. They are powering ahead with so many new areas of research including Zika virus/malaria, Parkinsons and of course the original Prostate Cancer studies - in conjunction with the NHS - so they will be an official part of the screening in years to come. 

I caught up with Dr Claire Guest and heard some of the latest plans - but they really need funding to make it all happen.

And met some new puppies - little Ilsa and Banjo were just two of the newcomers. I love them!


I predict that in ten years time, THIS will be THE charity everyone is talking about, maybe including early breast cancer detection, who knows. But for now, it's a pleasure and a great source of pride to be an ambassador.

Do contribute if you can - eg text a donation - text 'SNIF11 £5' to 70070 in order to donate £5, for instance 

or Host Your Own Bake Off - download the free kit here.

more soon




Beautiful little dog! She's such an adorable, loving animal, seriously one of the cutest ever and everyone's little star down at the research centre, where the bio detection dogs get to 'play games' all day when the 'go to work' - rather, doggy day care, where they help with early detection of human disease. 

This week Dr Claire Guest was in the news again - along with Carolyn and her Pal. Well done team!

Don't forget the Mega Draw is now on till Sunday 13th August - just a £5 donation buys you a ticket to our official MDD raffle - go here to get one soon and check out the impressive list of prizes - big bundles this time - worth a go!

And tickets are now available for the jazz concert in The Plough, torrington, Devon, on Saturday 16th September - go here to buy tickets - do come it'll be fun! more about it here on the Facebook event page.




It's here! The brand-new raffle in aid of medical detection dogs is now active on JustGiving. There are some amazing prizes -

see the full donation page here

and check out the amazing value of first prize! All you have to do is buy a ticket for 5 pounds and Just Giving will do the rest, as will Sara the lovely lady who always organises these fundraisers. There are some massive prizes this time as you can see, it is on until Sunday 13th August - full Q&A on the page too, just scroll down, along with pics of prizes. The winners will be notified straight after. All the info you need is on the page. Thank you in advance for helping.

We have raised some wonderful money in the past, I do hope we are able to do so again now, especially considering how Dr Claire has been doing the rounds on various TV news interview programs recently following the announcement that the medical detection dogs team will before long be able to help detect Parkinson's disease apparently (see last post on this tab.) That's on top of their work with the NHS in a trial to detect prostate cancer in urine samples provided by the hospital. Plus maybe even breast cancer one day.

That's half of what they do. The other half is that they provide individual dogs to owners who have illnesses, eg diabetes (type one brittle) plus they even cover the cost of the upkeep and everything for the poor patient. It really is a worthy cause and I do hope you are lucky! Fingers crossed for you!




to come

So proud to be an ambassador for this charity. One day it will be one of the biggest charities in the country, mark my words. Well done Dr Claire, again. X #Parkinsons


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